How to Get Scuba Certified (From Someone With Padi Certification)

Lets get to the point, there is a huge difference between snorkeling and scuba diving. While both are loads of fun and highly recommended, the amount of training and over all experience is quite distinct.

Any hobo off the street can strap on some fins, masks and snorkel but it takes a higher level of training to get scuba certified. The good news is, with a little studying and practice, you too can be ready for the underwater wonderland.

There are a few different levels of diving certification, Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, and Master Diver. I personally have a Rescue Diver Padi Certification. For most recreational divers, an Open Water Certification is all that is needed. Here are the steps for open water training:

The Right Shop

It is important to find a dive shop in your area that has friendly staff and good deals.
Most shops provide classes, but think of this shop as your ‘’home base’.
Likely, over your diving careers, having this familiar shop will be vital for future equipment and trip purchases.

Taking the Class.

Open water training involves academic classes and pool sessions.
Diving can be dangerous for those who don’t know the basics and safety procedures. These in-class courses are where you will learn all you need to know. And they will also prepare you for the pool.

First time breathing underwater.

The pool sessions help you practice techniques learned in the classroom.
This is a relaxed environment. You are given plenty of time to get used to operating underwater. Instructors are right there in the pool with you and often other dive masters come to help.

Out in the Wild.

After you finish passing the classroom and pool tests, the final step is an open water dive.
This means proving to the teachers that you can dive in an open body of water, i.e. ocean, or lake. With all of the practice you had in the class and in the pool, this test is quite simple, and super fun.

There you have it.

With a little time and effort, you too can get certified.
Now the WORLD OF DIVING is at your fingertips.
Whenever I take a charted boat dive, I make sure I bring my Underwater iPod. This way, I can listen to my music on the boat without having to worry about it getting wet.

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