Why We Include FREE Workout Tracks

A huge motivating factor to workout for many people is having someone to do it with. A running buddy, a swim team, a personal trainer, these are all ways you can have someone cheering you on as you exercise and work towards your goals. But what if your schedule doesn’t quite match that of your buddy who runs? What if you’re not working on a team right now or have the money to put into a personal trainer? What if you actually like working out by yourself, but feel like you’re missing that motivating aspect of another person there with you?
Some of you may already know that we include various free workout tracks with any purchase of a music device on our website. We want you to be able take advantage of those workout plans from our team and professional triathlete, Michael Poole. We’ll explain the workouts a little more thoroughly so you know what to expect!

Swim with Confidence

This 30-minute audio training session covers alignment, efficiency, timing, and techniques to help you reach your maximum swimming speed. Learn through a warm-up with a series of technical drills, ending with a series of increasingly intense intervals. If you don't want a full workout, intersperse our 5-second swim technique throughout your playlist to improve your form.

Equipment needed: Goggles, kickboard, & pool buoy.

Michael Poole Workouts

If you’re thinking about doing a triathlon, the Michael Poole workouts are a great option to help. You can be at any skill level to do the workouts. The training just assumes you can do freestyle, run and bike. The workout is split up in a few different sections for swimming (27 minutes), biking (27 minutes) and running (14 minutes).
So now that you know what the workouts entail, we want you to be able to incorporate them into your life! Here are some reasons to go with the free workout tracks.

Flexible Schedule

You don’t have to worry about waking up late for a class at the gym or being tied down to a weekly session with a trainer. These trainings are super flexible since you can add the files to your waterproof iPodor SYRYN and go!

Help with Perfecting Technique

Sometimes when an athlete gets in a routine, technique starts to get forgotten and that can really affect efficiency of your movement and speed. The free workout tracks we include have little tips to keep your form up to par. This is like having a coach with you right there in the water!

Motivation During Workout

Ever have an off day for your workout? It just seems like your dragging and can’t wait to be done. The trainers in these workouts are awesome at giving motivation right when it’s needed! Words can be very powerful when we need to push forward during a workout.
If you haven’t already, try out the workout tracks with Michael Poole! It’s a free, convenient way to help improve your workouts. Whether you’re just beginning or just want a refresher or new perspective, give it a try and let us know what you think.

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