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Beet Juice is Great For Cardio!

See how beet juice can enhance athletic performance.


There are so many athletic enhancing supplements to take these days to try to beat that last record. The problem is that these supplements could potentially be detrimental to your health. These “enhancers” aren’t even regulated by the FDA. The company that is selling the product decides if the product is safe enough to consume. This can be dangerous when the companies goal making money not necessarily to promote health.






That’s why I found it interesting to hear that beet juice, yep, that super-staining purple root vegetable, has incredible (and immediate) benefits for athletes. The nitrates in beets enable them to increase the oxygen levels in your body.

The Studies show has a video you can access here about the research done on the subject.
Before this study there was no known way to increase energy extraction. Basically the study shows two groups of people doing the same exercise. The first group was given 2 cups of beet juice and the second a placebo. The first group could do the same work with 19% less oxygen than the placebo group!



Beets & Beats, Beat

Long story short, energy production was more efficient when the endurance athletes drank beet juice. No need to take a risk on artificial supplements. If you don’t like the taste, try adding your favorite fruits and berries into a mixer. Smoothies often have vegetable juice in them, but you would never know because the fruit provides the flavor.
So there you have it. Juiced beets and the beat of the music of your Underwater Audio iPod are all you need to win against your opponents in the next race!

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