A Guide to Swimbuds MP3

A Guide to Swimbuds MP3

The first Swimbuds headphones, released in 2011, were created to fulfill a need - headphones that could be used by swimmers, whether they were swimming laps, participating in water sports, or simply wanted hardier headphones for use in wet environments. Swimbuds SYRYN, the popular waterproof MP3 player, was introduced in 2015 to fulfill a similar need - a music player for swimmers that was simple, attractive, affordable, and completely waterproof. Now, after eight series of Swimbuds-branded headphones and three series of Underwater Audio music players, another need is being fulfilled - a waterproof MP3 player for swimmers, runners, and athletes, that exists completely on its own, with no external headphones needed. The resulting innovation is a fusion of waterproof headphone and music player technology that will change industry-wide expectations of how one can listen to music in the water.

Swimbuds MP3

Swimbuds MP3 has been in development for as long as Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones (two years), and there are some evident similarities between the two devices. They were both created to exist in a wraparound design that contained all necessary working parts in the headphones. Flexible ear hooks and an adjustable around-the-back cord fit any neck size and ear shape, and the strong wire is reinforced by a thick casing that would weather the elements, as well as long, sustained immersion. Both Swimbuds MP3 and Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones also feature dedicated buttons for increasing volume, decreasing volume, skipping to the next track, and skipping back to the previous track, allowing for more immediate control of your music listening experience.


At this point, however, the devices diverge. Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones play music wirelessly from other devices, such as a Delphin or a smartphone, and do not have their own onboard memory. Swimbuds MP3 doesn't connect to other devices to play music; everything you'll hear will be stored right next to your ears, with no wireless signals or external devices needed.

If it doesn't have a jack or plug... how does it charge or sync with my computer?

You might be wondering this after your first glance at the Swimbuds MP3's uniform construction and lack of onboard 3.5mm jack or USB plug. Well, those of you familiar with the Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones' method of charging would be able to answer this question. Swimbuds MP3 features four golden charging points on the inside of the right ear's controls. The clamp-style connector that comes with Swimbuds MP3 is designed to clamp shut around the right side of the player and charge the player or sync data through those charging points. The clamp-style connector features a USB 2.0 plug on the other end, fit for plugging into just about any computer. This connector is what you will use to download files from your computer to your Swimbuds MP3 player. Instructions for transferring files from either a PC or Mac can be found in the Swimbuds MP3's instruction booklet.

Does Swimbuds MP3 come with a shuffle mode?

Yes, it does - there's even a dedicated shuffle mode button! It's the circular button that you'll find behind your left ear when you're wearing the player. Simply press this button to switch between shuffled music and music played in order.

What other button functions are there?

On the left ear, you'll find the Shuffle button and the volume buttons. We already mentioned the Shuffle button's main function, but you can also press and hold it for 2 seconds to check battery life (the more chimes you hear, the more battery you've got). Press either Volume Up or Volume Down once to change volume a bit, or hold either button down to change volume a lot.

On the right ear, you'll see Play/Pause and the track buttons. Press and hold Play/Pause to turn the player off or on, or just press it briefly to pause or play music. Press the Next Track button (the middle one) to skip to the next track, or hold it to fast forward through the current track. Press the Previous Track button (the bottom one) to skip back to the previous track, or to return to the beginning of the track after five or more seconds of playtime; you can also press and hold Previous Track to rewind the current track.

Tech Specs

Swimbuds MP3 is one of the most versatile players we've created. Like SYRYN, Swimbuds MP3 features eight gigabytes of onboard memory and boasts IPX8 waterproof construction that can be safely used at depths of up to 10 feet (3 meters) for extended periods of time. Up to seven hours of audio playback can be expected from Swimbuds MP3's lithium-polymer battery (3.7V, 115mAh), and the player is built to operate in any temperature from 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 40 degrees Celsius).

The name might imply that the player favors MP3 files over others, but Swimbuds MP3 can also play WMA, WAV, FLAC and APE files. It is able to connect to either Mac or PC, with compatibility ranging from the current versions of Mac OS X and Windows all the way back to Mac OS 9.2 and Windows ME (though, if you're still using Windows ME or Mac OS 9, we suggest a modest upgrade for your computer might be in order). The USB cable that comes with the Swimbuds MP3 player is a standard USB 2.0 plug, but it is also compatible with USB 3.0 connectors, as well as USB 1.1 and 1.0.

It's all in the headphones.

Swimbuds MP3 is one of the most intuitive and comfortable players we've set our minds to, and that's saying something. Whether you're a runner, swimmer, triathlete, or gym nut, we're sure that it will enhance your workout experience. It's available right now, and don't worry - if your Swimbuds MP3 player doesn't work properly when you receive it, let us know, because, like all of our other players and headphones, it comes stock with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Get yours today, and head for tomorrow's workout with just one simplified device - Swimbuds MP3.

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