Highest Sound Quality Headphones on the Market

Headphones… They’re kind of a big deal. I’m really into music. It’s literally a part of my everyday life. I listen to Spotify everyday as I get ready as part of my ritual. It just starts the day off well. And who wouldn’t want that?
If you love music as much as I do, you know how important high quality headphones are. They need to be durable, and more importantly, they need to SOUND GREAT! Seriously, what’s the point of listening to music constantly if it doesn’t sound as exquisite as physically possible?
With that said, here are the highest sound quality headphones on the market:

Screen shot 2014-12-25 at 9.54.52 AMUnderwater Audio Swimbuds Sport

Looking for the best earbuds on the market?
These are it!
Not only is the seal perfect, but they are comfortable too. AND they are 100% WATERPROOF. Did I mention that the seal is perfect? Not even water disrupts the sound quality.
You can listen to them when you swim laps in the pool. It’s amazing.

skullcandy-crusher-headset-01Skull Candy Crushers

I have a pair of these and I LOVE them.
They are way better sound quality than, say, Beats by Dre… They actually have a setting that increases vibration and you can really feel the base that way.
It’s intense and awesome.


My mom has a pair of these.
They are probably the best quality headphones that go over your ears. They actually cancel out the noise around you, which helps the sound quality to be even more perfect.
Another function for these would be to put them on even without music to muff out surrounding annoyances. Like snoring.

If I Had it My Way

If I were in charge, music would be a part of everything we do! I already listen to it while I drive.
There would also be music playing in classrooms at school and at working establishments. There would be music playing softly while we sleep… It would just automatically be playing all the time.
I hope this post helps you make my dream your reality!
If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the section below.

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