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3 Favorite Pieces of Technology from an Information Systems Major

July 22, 2015 0 Comments

It’s becoming a necessity of life. Even those who used to fight against it are now jumping on the bandwagon. Here is a list of my top 3 tech pieces. As a Business Information Systems Major, I use technology A LOT. So, I’d thought I’d highlight the three products that have changed my life for the better.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

15223221599_0b84c34cc9_bI am usually a big Apple fan. In fact, I still have a Macbook. However, I got the Surface Pro 3 for Christmas from my wife and it has been so helpful for school.
First of all, it’s lightweight and compact. Secondly, it comes with a pen where I can physically write all my notes in class on the touch screen instead of having to type them all. Which is great because I can make quick doodles of graphs and write equations. I truly love my Surface Pro 3.


Fitibit_FlexThis thing is amazing!
It helps me with everything I do. It helps me know how much to eat. It helps me know how hard I’m working out. It even tells me how well I’m sleeping at night.
Truly, I love it. It’s so nice to have that biofeedback. Especially when you have certain fitness goals you’re working on (like I do).

Waterproof iPod Shuffle

Red Waterproof iPodMy Waterproof iPod Shuffle from Underwater Audio helps keep me sane. When I am having a stressful week at school or work, I need to let off some steam. The pool is usually where I seek refuge. Swimming is my choice of exercise.
I’ll tell you what though… ever since I could simultaneously listen to music while I swim, it has been sooo much better! I swim harder and release more of the stress that’s been weighing me down.
I can literally feel the difference. Music in the background completely transforms the experience.

What In Your House?

What are your favorite pieces of technology? Is there anything that you swear by? We would love to hear your reviews and recommendations.
If you want to write to us, please leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Have a great day!

Ryan Griffith
Ryan Griffith

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