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Underwater Audio's Guide to scrcpy
(We know it sounds weird. It's "Screen Copy")
Use for Connecting your Delphin to your PC

This guide is for Delphin users.

Things you will need to follow this guide:

  • A Computer
  • A Delphin Micro Tablet
  • The Delphin USB sync/charge cord
  • This Download Link for a file called: installScrcpy.exe

Big hint! If you are already past the initial Delphin set-up process: To make setting up and installing anything on your Delphin easier, from the front screen, swipe up for more options. Go to Settings > Display > Sleep and choose a longer time, like 10 minutes, to keep the screen from going dark too quickly. Just remember after you have finished setting up to go back and turn the screen down to a lower time. The two fastest ways to drain the battery on your Delphin are keeping the display screen on and being connected to WiFi. Keep the screen off whenever it is not in use and turn off the WiFi any time you are not actively using it to keep your battery running for the longest time.

Why Use scrcpy?

With scrcpy, you can take full control of your Delphin Waterproof Micro-Tablet from your computer! Enjoy 1-click file transfer, painless app setup, and a much more refined typing experience than what is possible on an ultra compact device like the Delphin.

  • Live view and full remote control of your Delphin via scrcpy
  • Login and setup your playlists and podcasts on a familiar screen
  • Easily organize and share files between your computer and Delphin

While it’s true that the Delphin is a 100% independent smart device, typing and file organization on its compact screen can be frustrating for some users. This is especially true when setting up your Delphin for the first time, as many apps require that you log in with your email and password. Scrcpy eliminates small-screen typing frustrations.

Setup is super simple: You need only to connect your Delphin to your computer via the USB charge cord, then open scrcpy on both your Delphin and your computer. Once you're connected, you’ll be able to take full advantage of your computer’s display for tasks like entering login info, transferring files, and setting up playlists.

On Your Delphin:

1. Open the Help App (the blue question mark app)


2. Scroll down and click ‘Open Android Settings


3. Then scroll down and click ‘About Equipment


4. Click 'Build Number' 8 times until it says “You are now a developer!”


5. Hit the Back Button to go back into Settings


6. Now there should be an option that says ‘Developer Options’ right above ‘About Equipment’. Click ‘Developer Options


7. Scroll to USB Debugging and check the box, then hit ‘OK


8. Then plug your Delphin into your computer

9. Make sure your screen scaling is at 100% before beginning the computer steps.
***(All screen scaling options now work, but changing them after the program is running will cause calibration issues and the program scrcpy will have to be closed and restarted to fix calibration.)

On Your Computer:

  1. Download this application to your computer: installScrcpy.exe
  2. Run the downloaded file by clicking on it in the web browser (or going into your files where it downloaded and double clicking it).
  3. If you are prompted with a widow that looks like this after running the downloaded file, clicking More Info will unlock the Run Anyway button.


4. Run the installer and follow the steps (keep clicking 'next').

5. Run the scrcpy shortcut icon on your desktop (it will open two windows).

6. One window will be in the background. You can just leave it there. Closing this window will quit the application.

7. The other window will be your Delphin screen and you can use your mouse to click and scroll. You can also use your keyboard to type in login information or search for a certain song or book. To go back you can click anywhere on the screen.

Watch how simple it is to setup scrcpy on the Delphin! (30 sec)

Watch how simple it is to setup scrcpy on your PC (45 sec)

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Other Questions?

If you have any questions not covered by this guide or are still having issues with your Delphin, please feel free to contact us for help!

Our customer support is open Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm PST.

We can be contacted by email at and usually respond before the end of the next business day. Our phone number is 541-623-0202.