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Underwater Audio's Guide To Pandora

This guide is for Delphin users.

Things you will need to follow this guide:

  • A strong WiFi connection
  • A Delphin Micro Tablet
  • A paid subscription to a Pandora account that allows offline listening: Either the Plus ($4.99/mo), or one of the Premium ($9.99/mo), or Family ($14.99/mo) accounts will work. A free membership will not be able to play offline while swimming. This link will take you to Pandora’s website for signing up for a premium account (US users).


Big hint! If you are already past the initial Delphin set-up process: To make setting up and installing anything on your Delphin easier, from the front screen, swipe up for more options. Go to Settings > Display > Sleep and choose a longer time, like 10 minutes, to keep the screen from going dark too quickly. Just remember after you have finished setting up to go back and turn the screen down to a lower time. The two fastest ways to drain the battery on your Delphin are keeping the display screen on and being connected to WiFi. Keep the screen off whenever it is not in use and turn off the WiFi any time you are not actively using it to keep your battery running for the longest time.

Some important notes before we start:

Pandora also has great help pages and information. There are individual help pages to show you how to Create a Playlist, Android help, Search for songs, playlists, artists, and albums. On those pages there is more information for how to do these tasks in Pandora.

This link will take you to Pandora’s Support page for if you need any other help, such as resetting your password, login details, contacting Pandora, or troubleshooting.

WiFi is required:

While making any changes to your playlists or while downloading your music, you must be connected to a strong WiFi connection. We recommend being as physically close to your WiFi router as possible. Due to the efficiency of the waterproofing on a Delphin, it does have a shorter WiFi range than other comparable electronic devices.

At least once a month, you will need to reconnect your Delphin to the internet to allow Pandora to verify that your account is active. This will still matter even if you use your Pandora account on your phone or computer. The Delphin player has to be reconnected once a month to the internet so that any paid subscription apps (Spotify, Audible, etc.) can verify for billing purposes.

While swimming, you will want your WiFi turned off. Water and WiFi do not mix, so even if the pool you swim at offers free WiFi to guests, your Delphin will not be able to work while in the water. The easiest way to do this is to go to Settings > Network > and check the Airplane Mode box. (When you need to reconnect your Delphin to the internet, these are the same steps, just make sure the box is NOT checked.)

To start you will need a Pandora account. If you do not have one already, we recommend setting up an account on either your Computer or Phone to have an easier time with your keyboard and screen size. (You are not required to connect your Delphin to your phone, that is optional!)

Download Pandora onto your Delphin

If you're setting up your new Delphin for the first time:

Your Delphin may present an option to download the Pandora app to you during the set-up process. Just click to download.

If you have already set-up your Delphin and want to add a new app:

Open the ‘Help’ app which came preinstalled on your Delphin. Scroll until you see ‘Install Apps’ and click on it. Pandora should appear on the list of popular apps, click on it to download.


Are you going to be using Pandora frequently? We recommend making it one of your Favorite Apps so it will be on the front screen of your Delphin. On your front screen, decide which of the four apps you would like to replace with Pandora. Press and Hold that app for a few seconds until a screen pops up showing all of your apps. Scroll down until you see Pandora and select it. This will make Pandora appear on your front screen.

Sign into Pandora on your Delphin

Open the Pandora app.

This process is very similar to signing into any account, just type your username and password when prompted.

If you would like to use remote connect in order to utilize your smartphone to aid in app setup, click on this link to learn more about it.

Here is a video on YouTube explaining how Delphin’s remote connect works.

Once you are in the app you may download playlists, or use any of the other features of the Pandora app.

Download offline playlists for the pool

Before you head to the pool, you will need to get your apps ready for offline use. Remember, WiFi doesn't work in the water.

After opening Pandora, you should see the “My Collection” section.

To choose a playlist you have already created, scroll down the playlists and select which playlist you want to download to open it. When the playlist is open, there should be a featured album cover photo. At the bottom of the picture, second from the left, is a button to download.

After your download is complete, we need to verify that your offline playlist is working properly. To be sure that your playlist is working without the internet, you'll need to turn off your Delphin's WiFi. To do this, hit the back arrow button on the side of your Delphin until you have returned to the home screen. Go to Settings > Network > Airplane Mode. This will toggle your WiFi off. To enable WiFi, follow the same steps above.

Now it's time to check to see if your playlist is working. Go back to the Delphin's home screen and select Pandora from your home screen apps, or by swiping up on the arrow and scrolling until you find Pandora. Within Pandora, find your playlist and try to play it. If it works, you have successfully downloaded your playlist. To add more playlists, simply turn off Airplane mode and repeat.


Special note for Pandora Plus Subscribers: Under the Plus plan you are only allowed to download the 3 playlists you listen to the most for offline listening. If you need more information, click on this link.

Remove playlists from your Delphin

Do you want to swap out an old playlist for a new one?

On your Delphin, open Pandora. This is the information given to us by Pandora’s help service:

If you are a Pandora Plus subscriber:

“Pandora Plus listeners cannot add, delete or swap out which stations will be available for offline listening. If you're wanting to have other offline stations available to you, try listening to those other stations more while online (ones that are currently not on your Offline station list). Since we periodically refresh the stations that are available to you offline (based on your listening habits), we may surprise you with adding them to your list!”

If you are a Pandora Premium or Family subscriber:

“For Pandora Premium subscribers, Pandora will initially download your three most played stations along with your Thumbprint Radio. You can then use the following steps to remove music from your offline collection: To remove sources you have downloaded: Make sure the app is connected online. Sort your collection by "Show downloads only". Select the source you'd like to remove and tap Downloaded to remove it from your offline collection.”

Note from us: The ’downloaded’ button is in the same location as the ‘download’ button. On the bottom of the album art, second from the left.

If you select ‘Delete Playlist’ this will delete the playlist from your entire account, not just the Delphin.

Other tips & considerations

Your Delphin runs a full version of the Pandora app. As long as it is connected to WiFi you can use all of the same features as your phone or computer... but due to the screen and keyboard size, you might have an easier time setting up playlists on a larger device then simply following the steps above to download them to your Delphin for offline listening.

If you're determined to build playlists directly on your Delphin, here's some helpful info:

To create playlists: Using the Magnifying glass button, you can search for a song or artist you would like to listen to and start a playlist. You may also hit ‘Browse’ for premade playlists. If you are on your computer or phone and create playlists, save music, or change anything else you will need to download it onto your Delphin by reconnecting to WiFi and following the steps above or it will not be there the next time you swim or go offline.

Does your music seem to be missing?

We have been told that Pandora will remove your downloaded music if you go beyond 30 days without going online, but we have not seen this issue yet on the Delphin. Usually the app will just stop working altogether but will begin working again once you reconnect your Delphin online. If your downloads do appear to be missing, simply reconnect the Delphin to WiFi and download your playlists again.

Do you have a completely unknown issue not fixed by anything above?

The first thing Pandora and Underwater Audio will recommend is uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Since it is a paid subscription app, you will not lose all your music. Uninstalling the app will remove your downloaded music. You will simply have to sign in again once it is reinstalled. You will also need to re-download your playlists while connected to WiFi before you will be able to swim with them again offline.

To uninstall an app: Go to Settings > Uninstall Applications > Pandora > OK

We recommend rebooting the Delphin between uninstalling and reinstalling an app. Just power off the Delphin and power it back on again.

To reinstall Pandora: Go to Help > Install Apps > Pandora > Download


Other Questions?

If you have any questions not covered by this guide or are still having issues with your Delphin, please feel free to contact us for help!

Our customer support is open Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm PST.

We can be contacted by email at and usually respond before the end of the next business day. Our phone number is 541-623-0202.