Top U.S. Swimming Events

Everyone knows the Super Bowl is the top event for US Football, but do you know where to look for the best swimmer competing, where to see your favorite swimmers, or where to see new and upcoming talent? Swimmers compete in over 4,000 USA Swimming sanctioned events. These events include sponsored series events, regional events and national events to hone their skills and mature into international athletes.


  May 2013


May 9-12              Arena Grand Prix at Charlotte presented by UltraSwim®                   Charlotte, NC

May 17                 10K Open Water National Championships                                   Castaic Lake, CA

May 19                  5K Open Water National Championships                                    Castaic Lake, CA

May 30-June 2      Arena Grand Prix at Santa Clara                                                  Santa Clara, CA


JUNE 2013

June 25 – 29        PHILLIPS 66 National Championships & World Champ. Trials         Indianapolis, IN

JULY 2013

July 11 – 14         SPEEDO Champions Series Events                                             Athens, GA – TBA
July 16 – 20         SPEEDO Champions Series Events  Gresham, OR – Mount Hood Aquatics Center
July 17 – 20         SPEEDO Champions Series Events                                       Columbia, MO – TBA
July 17 – 20         SPEEDO Champions Series Events                                    Minneapolis, MN – TBA
July 17 – 21         SPEEDO Champions Series Events           Santa Clarita, CA – Canyons Swim Club
July 18 – 21         SPEEDO Champions Series Events                                            Orlando, FL –TBA
July 22 – 25         SPEEDO Champions Series Events           Oxford, OH – Miami Valley Aquatic Club
July 29 – Aug 4     Southern Zone Senior Championships                                             Plantation, FL 
July 30 – Aug 3     SPEEDO Champions Series Events     Shenandoah, TX – Woodlands Swim Team
July 30 – Aug 4     Southern Zone Age Group Championships                                      Greenville, SC 
July 30 – Aug. 3    U.S. OPEN                                    Irvine, CA (William Woollett Jr. Aquatics Center)
July 31 – Aug 4     Western Zone Senior Championships                                                    Clovis, CA 


Aug 2013

Aug 1 – 4              SPEEDO Champions Series Events                        Buffalo, NY (STAR Swimming)
Aug 2 – 4              Central Zone Age Group Championships                                           Geneva, OH 
Aug 2 – 4              Central Zone Age Group Championships                                             Topeka, KS 
Aug 2 – 4              Central Zone Senior Championships                                                  Bismark, ND 
Aug 5 – 9              SPEEDO Jr. National Championships Irvine, CA (William Woollett Jr. Aquatics Ct.)
Aug 7 – 10             Western Zone Age Group Championships                                       Roseville, CA 

DEC 2013

Dec 5-7                   2013 AT&T Winter National Championships                                    Knoxville, TN
Dec 12-14               2013 Speedo Winter Junior Championships                              Greensboro, NC
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