Top 4 Coolest Water Sports

As summer approaches we are all going to spend more time at the pool. And while swimming laps is fun for a bit… And water slides give us a momentary thrill… Water sports is where it’s at. And they are even more fun if you wear your Underwater Audio waterproof ipod shuffle while you play.

Whether on a team or with a group of friends, water sports are a blast. And keep you cool as well! So here are some water sports you and your friends can play:


Underwater  hockey

This sport is played using very little equipment.
All you need is a really heavy puck, a snorkel, and a stick. The game is played with the same rules as hockey but at the bottom of the pool.
So if you have a bunch of crazy friends and you’re good at holding your breath, then maybe underwater hockey is your next favorite sport!


If you are more of a solitary creature and don’t want to do underwater hockey might, I suggest trying free diving. Now, this is not for the faint of heart because all you get is one breath.
The idea of Free diving is to see how deep you can go on one breath. This takes bravery and training but for those who are able, you can push endurance to the extreme.


Here’s an underwater sport I bet you’ve never heard of… Aquathlon. Or underwater wrestling.

So here’s how it works: Using only masks and fins, two people wrestle and try to remove a ribbon from their opponent’s ankle.

This takes speed, skill and some strength. But it can be really fun… And you get to prove who’s king of the pool!


One more sport for the road

Here’s one more sport: Underwater Football. Greatest thing ever, right? So this game is played underwater with two teams. Like underwater hockey, all you get is a mask and flippers.

Using a negatively buoyant ball, you try and swim it in to the goal… Which is often weighed down buckets on the bottom of the pool.

If you have some crazy friends, then this might be the best male bonding sport ever.


What do you think?

These are some pretty fun games to try …
But I want to hear from you.
What are some of your favorite water sports? Leave a message in the comment section below:

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