Natalie Merrow Becomes First Person to Swim Around Santa Barbara Island

For those of your who are unfamiliar with California, Santa Barbara Island is located off the shore of Santa Barbara (as you may have guessed). Although the swim around the island is only five miles, the feat has never been accomplished until now. “Santa Barbara Island’s cold waters, the underwater rock formations and the threat of sharks presented a challenge”, but that wasn’t enough to scare away Natalie Merrow. The 35 year old woman recently became the first person to complete this swim.

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Merrow swims because she claims she can’t run. She admits to not being the fastest swimmer and she owns it. But she loves swimming long distances and taking on challenges of a different kind. She’s not easily discouraged by cold or distance or treacherous conditions. “She swam about 21 miles across the Catalina Channel five years ago.”
Long distance open water swimming and marathon swimming are two sports making waves in the athletic community. They are really growing in popularity. There are more and more endurance athletes joining the sport each year.

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