Ideal Fabrics for High Quality Swimwear Part#2

The ancient days of heavy wool swim dresses are over!! Swimsuits are made with an entirely different intention these days: functionality.
But the question remains, “Which fabric is ideal for the perfect swimsuit?”
This blog entry intends to answer that question. Here are the pros and cons of two very common types of fabric when used in swimwear:

Say Yes to Nylon

Wearing the iPod on your shoulder
Say hello to the most popular fabric known to swimwear. It is extremely common to find Nylon in swimsuit material blends. There are multiple reasons why.
First of all, it dries SUPER FAST. It’s probably the fastest drying fabric out there. This is an obvious perk when it comes to swim attire.
Second, it’s very light. It provides strength without adding weight.
Third, it is very durable. So, it holds up well to chlorine. However, it doesn’t not hold up well to repeated sun exposure… it’s like it’s kryptonite. I guess no fabric is perfect, right?

Be Skeptical of Polyester

Polyester is like Nylon’s ugly, dumb cousin. It has some of the desirable qualities of Nylon, but it doesn’t meet up to Nylon in many crucial ways. First of all, it’s not as durable as Nylon. It will degrade much more quickly. Second, it’s not as lightweight as nylon, so you will feel a bit more weight when wearing it (which does not help in the sleek swimming department).
Polyester is very, very commonly used in almost all types of apparel and can offer a decent swimsuit. But when given the choice, I would always opt for Nylon over Polyester.

Underwater Audio

Now that you know what to look for in a swimsuit, let’s talk swim accessories. Underwater Audio’s Waterproof iPod Shuffle is changing the way swimmers train.
Would you like Olympic tips played in the background as you swim with subtle reminders to improve your technique? How about your favorite, upbeat playlist to add a little fuel and amp up your speed?
Well, get ready then because Underwater Audio can do that for you. Swimming with music is a whole new world!
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