How to Be Awesome At Sharing a Swim Lane

We have all arrived at the pool for some laps only to find the lanes full and the only option is to share a lane. For those of us who are not used to the do’s and don’ts of being an outstanding lane partner, rest assured it is not as bad as you think.


This is a major guideline for swimming with others. If you don’t remember anything else, don’t forget to be courteous.
When I am jamming with my Underwater Audio iPod Shuffle, it is easy to get a little too focused on my playlist and my workout. But simple self-reminders help me be aware of my lane partner. We are all just trying to get some exercise, let’s show others that swimming can be fun and full of great people.

tucked armsTUCK THOSE ARMS

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING is worse than getting smacked in the face from a lane partner while they are passing you.
Whether you are butterflying or freestyling, it is best to fold your arms or put them by your side when passing. Imagine getting hit by someone wearing paddles.
This simple technique shows others that you are aware of their presence and they will be thankful of a safer swim.


HydroHarmony with slate iPod
When I am swimming with my headphones in, I am able to really push myself, but I also get extra tired and sometimes need a break.
I make sure to take a rest at the end of the pool rather than resting in the middle. If the occasional cramp or sudden fatigue does occur and you can’t make it to the end, stay aware of your lane partner so you don’t get overrun.
Of course there is always more we can do to be the best lane sharers, but these are vital. Who knows, you my make friends with one of your lane partners. If you have any comments to add on this topic, feel free to write to us in the section below.

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