The Highest Rated Waterproof MP3 Player is Underwater Audio

The highest rated waterproof MP3 player is the Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle.
We offer our customers only the best products available, and the iPod shuffle is no exception. Here are some reasons people love the Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle!

User Friendly Design

waterproof iPod with goggles

waterproof iPod with goggles

Apple is known for its minimalist product design.
Underwater Audio does the best job at keeping this consistent through the waterproofing process. Our shuffles have the best button tactility out there!
Less is more, and that’s certainly the case with the iPod shuffle. It has minimal buttons to make your life easier. There’s a play/pause button in the middle, with a volume up button above and a volume down button below.
To the right is the button to skip to the next song, and to the left is the button to go back to the previous song. It also includes a handy clip to attach it to a piece of clothing, swimsuit, swimcap, or goggles.
The iPod shuffle might be small, but it delivers 2GB of storage for all your songs, playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks. That’s hours of entertainment right there!

Best Headphones

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Underwater Audio manufactures the best waterproof headphones on the market to go with your shuffle. Not only are our headphones waterproof, they’re also supremely comfortable and stay secure in the ear to produce excellent audio.
Our Swimbuds headphones were designed with customers in mind and are the highest rated waterproof headphones on Amazon.
Customers told us they hate wrapping the cord around their goggles, so we offer short-cord 10-inch headphones. In the event you want to use them out of water, we include a free 39-inch extension.
We also offer HydroHarmony headphones that fit around the ear and base of neck for a superior fit. These headphones are a great choice for more relaxed water sports, such as water aerobics, paddle boarding, and kayaking.

Customer Service and Warranty

dc comics lightening
Here at Underwater Audio, we offer the best products and give our customers the best customer service. That’s part of what sets us apart from our competitors.
Our products are super reliable, but if you ever do have a problem don’t hesitate to call or email us for prompt service.
Contact us at or give us a call at 1-877-849-0750. We’re happy to help in any way we can!
We offer a 2-year warranty on our Waterproof iPod Shuffle along with a 5-day turnaround so you can get back in the water enjoying your music in no time!

Any Questions?

If you have any comments or questions about our products, please leave us a message in the space below! We love to hear from you and will help in anyway we can.

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