French Swimmer Plans to Swim Across the Pacific Ocean

Ben Lecomte plans to swim 5,500 miles across the Pacific Ocean to raise awareness to environmental issues. He has already completed a 3,716 mile swim across the Atlantic ocean as part of a fundraiser towards cancers research. Now, he is upping the ante as part of his new exhibition.
“He plans on swimming for 8 hours per day and using GPS to track his position, ensuring that he will start again in the same exact place he finished the day before.”


pacificAll I can say is, “Wow.” That’s some serious dedication. I can only imagine that the conditions he will face will be completely unpredictable.
I would certainly not have the guts to sustain 8 hours a day of swimming across the ocean. The surface of the water is where many aquatic creatures attack on their prey. Including but not limited to sharks. It’ll take him months of swimming all day long to accomplish this feat.
In my opinion, that’s asking for it. I’d be surprised if he didn’t come across some kind of weather or nature related danger.

In the name of his children’s future

He claims he is doing it for his children because he wants to champion an environmental revolution for their future. And I can respect his passion for his children.
However, maybe staying safe and not being in the middle of the ocean all day for months would also be a nice gesture as a father. Just offering an alternative.

!@!!!silver!P1040412Underwater Audio

I can’t imagine HOW BORED this guy is going to get. That’s seriously all he is going to do all day long for months? I know what he needs.
He needs an Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle. Think of all the music and audio books he could listen to during his swim across the Pacific Ocean! It blows my mind.
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