Cold Water Swimming Improves Your Sex Life & Fertility

Cold Water Swimming Improves Your Sex Life & Fertility

Swimming has been known to be a great workout and have numerous health benefits.
But did you know that one of those benefits could be an improved sex life?
I didn’t, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to know! The following is some very intriguing new research that could lead to a much more crowded pool at your local gym.

Increased Libido in Men and Women

Karyn Marshall Ice Bath
Photo Credit Dr. Dennis Cronk

An increase in libido can positively impact your sex life on so many levels.
It can take a suffering sex life into the satisfying range and kick a healthy sex life up a notch too. But how is it possible?
Studies have shown that a cold water swim increases sex hormones (that is testosterone for men and estrogen for women) which translates to increased libido.
The method of the study was for “participants took daily cold baths and were monitored for changes… these researchers found increased production of testosterone and estrogen in men and women respectively.

Increased Fertility in Men and possibly women too

Father and baby

“In men, cold water swimming is also known to improve fertility.” And it may do the same for women too! Again, it all comes down to the increase in sex hormones.
The increase in the aforementioned hormones “plays an important role in fertility. In fact, one technique recommended for men looking to fatherhood is to bathe their testicles in cold water every day.
So, for those of you wanting to start a family, or grow the one you have, this could be helpful!

What Constitutes a Cold Water Swim?

Lewis Pugh North Pole Swim
Lewis Pugh North Pole Swim

You may have noticed that the benefits described above were for cold water swimming specifically.
This could include a nice outdoor swim in a local lake or ocean. It also may include swimming in a non heated pool depending on how extreme you are wanting to go. The main thing is for it to be cold enough that your body needs to adjust. I good rule of thumb would be somewhere is the range of “Wow, that’s cold!” but nowhere near “I can’t breathe! I’m shivering uncontrollably! I think I’m having a heart attack! I’m going to hyperventilate"
If you want to acclimate your body to drastic temperature changes, you may want to experiment with cold showers first. This is a safe training option where you can adjust temperatures quickly if needed.

How Cold is Too Cold?

Winter Ice Swimming China
Photo Credit 陈韶华

Some people are really taking this to the extreme. For instance, in South Africa, Ram Barkai is attempting to formalize ice swimming as a sport – with his International Ice Swimming Association defining an “ice mile” as one mile in water below five degree.
I don’t think you need to be that hardcore to get the benefits.
Especially since there are many risks associated with swimming in water that is TOO COLD…Such as hypothermia and heart attacks.

Underwater Audio ipod shuffle in ice

Bring Your Waterproof iPod Shuffle

One thing is certain. And that is that you will need a distraction in this endeavor. Otherwise, all your mind will be thinking about it the cold.
So, bring your Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle with you to the pool or lake.
The music will keep you motivated while you freeze your butt off!
If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below.

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