A New Era for Swim Training

Swim training has always involved teachers, trainers, and more importantly, other people’s schedules.
Thanks to the Internet, swimming teachers aren’t as imperative for the casual swimmer anymore. Now you can train on your own time and on your own terms.
Google and YouTube can take you a long way. Caution and discernment are important though, so watch your sources carefully.
Fortunately, many highly skilled swimmers are avid bloggers, or have published other resources.

The Pros

This 30-minute audio training session covers alignment, efficiency, timing, and techniques to help you reach your maximum swimming speed. Learn through a warm-up with a series of technical drills, ending with a series of increasingly intense intervals. If you don't want a full workout, intersperse our 5 second swim technique throughout your playlist to improve your form.
A variety of illustrious swimmers have also been kind enough to share their wealth of knowledge online!
You can find the workout routines used by other remarkable and record setting swimmers like Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte all over the web.
There is no shortage of information, the hardest part will be sorting through all of your sources for the best tidbits. Then, you can take your mental notes to the gym pool.

Sometimes You Need a real Human

Even the most extensive online tutorial cannot really completely take the place of a real live trainer though.
It would be worth your while to check in with a teacher from time to time.
While pros can point you in the right direction and give you great ideas, there is no substitute for someone who can see your form and correct you in action.

What’s Your Style?

Who are your favorite trainers?
Do you have a go-to online training program?
Fill us in in the comment area below!

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