7 Holiday Gift Ideas for a Swimmer

Christmas is just around the corner!
But it’s not too late to start shopping for your loved ones.
Here are 7 holiday gift ideas for a swimmer.

  1. Waterproof iPodunderwater ipod shuffle – this is the best gift you can give any swimmer this year! They can listen to their favorite tunes in and out of the water! They can even use it in the shower. It makes those long training sessions swimming laps a little bit more motivating.
  2. Underwater Ear Buds – don’t forget to pick out a pair of ear buds to go along with the underwater iPod. With various styles and colors, you can’t go wrong!
  3. Timex Ironman Watch – these are wonderful gifts for swimmers with features like a lap counter, split and lap options, countdown timer, interval clocks, and an alarm clock to make sure you’re awake for 4 a.m. practice.
  4. Swim Suit – any swimmer will tell you there is no such thing as having too many swimsuits. With the constant changing fashions, you can pick something they will absolutely love.
  5. Swim Spray – this is a great gift as you spray it all over your body and it rids you from the dreaded chlorine smell!
  6. Swim Cap – this is an oldie but a goodie. Every swimmer needs to have a stash of swim caps at their disposal.swim cap
  7. Goggles – these can be paired with a swim cap but also make great stocking stuffers on their own!

These are just a few of the hundreds of gift ideas you can get for your water loving swimmer for the holidays!
What are some other great gift ideas for swimmers?

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