6 Sports Made For Introverts

6 Sports Made For Introverts

Hey folks! Growing up, I spent a lot of time playing sports. I did everything from baseball to wrestling.
I was always with a team and loved the support. But there are those out there who are really the strong, quiet types. They like to succeed at sports on their own.
These people are known as introverts. They tend to be quiet and focused. Now, you always see lists of great team sports to play but what about a list for the solitary types?
Well, here it is: a list of 6 sports made for introverts.


Long Distance Running

I was always jealous of these guys and gals.
I have short tree stumps for legs and running long distances was never for me.
I think that it would be so freeing to be able to carry yourself anywhere you wanted to go.
So, if foot freedom is what you seek, then maybe this is the sport for you.

Fly Fishing

If running long distances isn’t your thing, how about getting back to nature and standing still?
I have found fly fishing to be one of the most relaxing and exciting sports. Getting your fly on the water and (when you get a fish on line) fighting to reel it in is a very rewarding feeling!
So, if rivers and fishing rods are your thing, this may be the sport for you.


Well, if those sports don’t work for you how about something that is kind of in the middle?
Golf allows you to enjoy the outdoors. By using precision and focus, you send a ball down the green and land it just where you want to.
This always looked like a blast and if it sounds fun to you then I suggest you go find a course.


Like nature but not golf? Then let’s try sun and sand.
Surfing is a very cool sport requiring tons of focus and body control. At the same time you have to try to stay relaxed and enjoy the ride.
If swimming in the ocean and riding the waves sounds rad, then this may be the sport you’ve been looking for, my friend.

Long Boarding

Want the fun of surfing but not the sand in odd places? Then maybe long boarding is your sport.
Carving down hills feeling free while totally in control is a rush! And it’s one of my favorite things to do.
If land surfing sounds sweet to you, then grab a board and find a hill. Just remember to wear a helmet!


I think the best sport for introverts is swimming!
The atmosphere provides peace, quiet and solitude. You can really clear your mind while swimming up and down the pool.
If gliding through the water like a seal sounds perfect to you, then go to your local pool or lake and enjoy!

One Last Thought


No matter what sport you choose, make sure you pick up a Waterproof iPod Shuffle from Underwater Audio.
This little player will let you take your music anywhere you workout and play. From the ocean to the street, it can go where you go.
If you have any comments, please leave them below. Remember swim fast and have fun!

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