4 Swim Moves You're Doing Wrong And How To Fix Them

Do you ever get the feeling that even though you are on the same field, you’re playing a different game than everyone else?
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For example, other people golf, I whack at the ground with a metal club and hope for the best. Well, in the pool it can often be seem the same. But if you think that doggy paddle is the best you can do, then I’m here to help my friend.
With a few changes, you can swim like a champ.
Here are 4 swim moves you’re doing wrong and how to fix them.

 need some air

The first swim move you’re doing wrong is something you have been doing your whole life and that is breathing.
Taking a breath can really mess up your swim stroke and slow you way down. When you swim, your body follows your head.
If you raise your head too far out of the water, then your legs and hips will go deeper and slow you down. Another way to improve your breathing while swimming is to exhale under the water so that when you move your head to the side for air you only have to inhale.
That will make it smooth and easy to keep your rhythm and not drag your legs.

Shoot from the hip….kind of

The next swim move you’re doing wrong is kicking. While swimming, many people kick their legs from the knee.
This is a bummer because doing that steals all your power and once again causes drag and slows you down. When you kick your legs, make sure that you are kicking from the hips and whipping the kick all the way through your toes.
If you do this and keep your head down, you will have great body position and movement through the water.

 the only time a high five is wrong


bakersdozen41 via flickr

You see it all the time. You may even be guilty of it.
Don’t hide you need help!
Excessive high five-ing is a terrible disease.
You have to know that there is a time and a place for it. If your sports team wins a big game, then go ahead and high five. But when you are swimming laps, it is not okay to high five the water repeatedly.
It’s just not!
When swimming laps, slide the hands into the water then cup the hands and move the water past you. This is called catch and pull and it will help you move much faster then high five-ing the water ever will.

even the vikings needed drums

UAThe last big thing you’re doing wrong is not keeping a smooth rhythm.
One of the oldest tricks for doing this is to use some kind of drum or beat. The vikings used one at the front to keep the oarsmen pulling at the same rate and gain ramming speed.
Now, I don’t recommend having a giant viking sit on your back with a drum to keep time. But you should go get a Waterproof iPod Shuffle from Underwater Audio.
That way you can put music on! That will keep you focused and moving at top speed!

one last thought

It can be hard to be the best. But if you can try and fix these few things, your true swimming potential will be revealed. If you have any comments please leave them below. Swim fast and have fun!

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