3 Pros to Swimming That You Don't Get With Other Sports

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When you are looking for a way to work out, it’s hard to find what’s right for you.
You have two options: spend a lot of time trying different things until something works OR listen to me.
Why, you ask, would you listen to me? Because I’ve already got the answer for you.
Swimming is the best sport when it comes to working out because… well, I will tell you. Here are 3 PROS to swimming that you don’t get with other sports.

Please don’t hurt me…

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One thing that I don’t like about a lot of sports is the wear and tear on your body.
You can’t go out and play football at full speed everyday and expect to walk away from it.
No way!
But with swimming, it is so low impact that you can swim at your peak everyday and gain all the benefits of a solid workout without having a bad knee injury or a concussion.
That sounds like a PRO to me.

the whole ENCHILADA

water exercisesSo, the next PRO is a great one. While most sports require you to use just certain muscles, swimming will work your whole body.
While you are swimming, you are twisting, and turning, and pulling, and pushing.
This gives you a full body workout and gets you in top shape while also not destroying yourself.
You also have a lot of options for your workout to make you faster and stronger. For instance, you could tread water or use a drag to increase your workout and get race ready!

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let’s all get together now

The biggest PRO to swimming verses other sports is that you don’t have to be tiny or weigh 250 pounds or have a certain build or be anything other than yourself.
Anyone can swim and find success while swimming. No other sport is more inclusive.
So come and join the revolution and glide into the future because swimming is going to take over!

One last thought

It doesn’t matter if you’re swimming for a competition or just to beat your own goals, the best help you can get is to add music.
Photoshoot with Risha 178 modifiedMusic will help set your pace as you swim and also help you keep steady.
If you want a top notch swim while rocking out to WHAM then you need a Waterproofed iPod Shuffle from Underwater Audio.
Load it with music and take it everywhere! From the pool to the shower to the slopes, Underwater Audio has you covered.
If you have any other PROS to suggest or just want to comment, go ahead and leave it down below.
Go forth and SWIM!

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