The Road to Swimbuds Flip

The Road to Swimbuds Flip

In the beginning, there was nothing.

Just the sound of the water sloshing against your ears, and sometimes deep into them, for what seemed like hours.

That was all you could listen to while you were swimming. Distractions couldn't be brought into the pool the way they could be brought into the gym or onto the track. There was no way around the fatigue, the burn, and most of all, the boredom.

Then, all of a sudden, there was something.

That sudden moment was eight years ago, and that something was the first incarnation of Swimbuds. Waterproof, short-cord headphones had been built specifically for swimmers looking to take the boredom out of their workout, and they could be ordered online; no brick-and-mortar store-searching required. They also came with three sizes of tree-style interruption-fit earbud tips, so they would be compatible with any size of ears. Swimbuds quickly became the most popular waterproof earbuds on Amazon, and that was just the beginning.

Swimbuds Sport were introduced in 2014 as a premium headphone offering with a completely new system of earbuds. The tree-style earbuds featured a new suction fit that felt easier on the ears and created a better watertight seal. HydroActive headphones came a year later, designed to provide the same improved sound quality and upgraded earbuds in a sturdy, wraparound housing that would lower prep time for those elite athletes who wanted to shave seconds off their workouts.

Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones, announced in tandem with the new Delphin player in 2017, married the go-to name in waterproof headphones with the wireless technology featured in so many music players today. Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones have proven to be the ultimate union, with dedicated volume and skip buttons and even a call button for when you're connected to your smartphone. Since Bluetooth signals travel only a couple centimeters underwater, Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones would be bundled with our wireless players (like the Delphin), with the intent of being worn as shown in the picture above.

Finally, this brings us to the first half of 2019 and the arrival of Swimbuds Flip. Swimbuds Sport, HydroActive and Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones are all popular sellers for us, and yet they are typically considered premium price-tier offerings. Swimbuds Flip, however, introduce the best things about other Swimbuds headphones, as well as new things, to a headphone at a lower price tier. They feature the same short-cord design that made Swimbuds so popular, but the tree-style earbud tips have been upgraded - they feature the same suction design as our premium headphones. The cord thickness has been increased - Swimbuds Flip have the most insulated wires of any of our headphones. (We were so excited about this that we even updated Swimbuds Sport to have a similar cord thickness - the new Swimbuds Sport headphones are also available now.) Swimbuds Flip also feature a reinforced L-jack, which protects the headphone plug and helps the headphones weather the most violent dives or splashes.

And of course, like many of our headphones, Swimbuds Flip were designed with a specific wear method in mind. Wear the headphones as shown below for the best comfort and range of sound.

If you aren't wearing a swim cap, secure the headphones by wearing goggles. To help keep the earbud in your ear, tuck the cord beneath the goggle strap just above your ear.

Swimbuds Flip are available by themselves, with the SYRYN MP3 player, and with our waterproof iPod. Get yours today!

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