How to Tell If You Are Swimming Wrong

We all want to swim correctly. Swim technique is important. If we are going to spend all this time in the pool swimming laps, we may as well be doing it efficiently! Am I right? You know I am.
But how can you tell if you have proper swimming technique or if you are doing it wrong?
Here are two possible indicators:

Does Your Neck Hurt?

neckpainThe majority of the time you are underwater, your neck should be straight and your face should be parallel to the pool floor.
This creates a straight line in your posture so there is no drag.
Many people crank their head up towards the surface a bit. Or come straight up for breaths.
Ideally, you should lift up to each side. If you are doing this wrong, your neck may have a kink in it from enduring through the bad posture for prolonged periods of time.

Are Your Shins Sore?

Tibia_-_frontal_view2If your shins are sore, that is indicative of a bent ankle/foot in the water.
The correct lower leg posture should look like this: pointing your toes the whole time and creating that straight line with your ankle.
The straight line should go all the way from your hip to your foot. If you are doing this properly, your calves would be culprits more likely to hurt. Not your shins.


waterproof iPod with goggles

waterproof iPod with goggles

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