Coolest Dive Shop Location on the West Coast

I LOVE scuba diving! It is such an awesome and surreal experience to be under the water and breathe or listen to music. Once, I took some bone conducting headphones and my Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod down with me. Let’s just say it changed my life forever. Seriously- It was that rad!
Plus, seeing all the aquatic life is so fascinating! Some of those creatures are really creepy looking. And others are insanely beautiful.

Getting Started

But how does one get started?
How can you partake in the majesty that is under the sea? First, find a great dive shop.
In my opinion, there is one dive shop that outweighs them all. It’s the best one on the West Coast.

Salem Scuba

If you want to be an avid diver, you need to find a great dive shop. You will want to find a place that is reputable and knowledgeable that you can trust. I frequent Salem Scuba.
They have been providing my dad and I with all our tips, training and gear for years!


Often, a great dive shop will have certification courses. This will help you train for your dives. That way, you can have fun and be safe. I have taken MANY courses because I love diving and became addicted.
I’ve done Recreational Open Water Diving Certification, Advanced Diver Certification, High Altitude Certification, Deep Dive Certification, Navigation Certification, Strong Current Certification, and Rescue Diver Certification.

Making Connections

You may find yourself building a rapport with other dive students, the shop employees and instructors while you take your courses.
You may make connections that will last for years. That is what happened for me! After learning so much from these people, I felt good about giving them my business. I knew they would provide me with nothing but the best quality products for a good deal.
Trust me, you don’t want to skimp on quality when it comes to breathing devices, etc.


If you have any questions about certification or great products to try, feel free to ask away in the comment section below!
We’ll help you out. And don’t forget to try out the Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod!
You’ll thank me later.

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