Business as Usual: Update on the Underwater iPod Shuffle

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Yesterday, according to several news sources, Apple made some change-ups in their product line; they discontinued both the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle, in all their variations. The listings for both of those iPods had already been removed from the company website by the time the news broke, and any links to the listings now redirect to the webpage for Apple Music, the company’s streaming music service.
When Apple CEO Tim Cook consulted with us at Underwater Audio about this, just like he does whenever Apple has to make any major decisions, we admit that we advised him against the change. “A lot of athletes love the iPod shuffle,” we told him. “Especially the waterproofed version that they can bring into the pool.” We gently reminded him about the pre-iPod days, long ago, when swimmers had to bring their waterproofed 40-pound Macintosh computers into the pool if they wanted to listen to music during their workouts. Just kidding, Mr. Cook did not consult us at all. Unfortunately, it seems that Mr. Cook and Apple have chosen to move in a new direction, leaving much of the iPod era behind them.
You might be wondering how much this affects us and our business, since we have been selling underwater iPod shuffles for several years. We’ve long prided ourselves on having the best waterproof music players available, and we’ve heard from hundreds of customers about how much you love bringing music on all of your favorite water-centric activities. Our message to you is: Don’t worry!

Here’s what’s happening now

With the discontinuation of the iPod shuffle, availability and pricing may shift, so if you’ve been wanting one, it’s probably best to get one now! (Besides, we all know how safe buying things on Black Friday usually is.)
Also, whether you have one or you’re about to buy one, rest easy about your iPod shuffle’s warranty – we will always keep enough inventory on hand to fill any warranty claims. Our customer service team will stay equipped with all of the resources and knowledge you might need. For as long as you’ll be listening to your iPod, we’ll be listening to you.
In addition, to avoid scalping or bulk reselling, we will be raising our prices and limiting customer purchases to three (3) iPod shuffles per order for the foreseeable future. This should also help us extend our product availability in general.

More Doors are Opening

Some of you may miss the underwater iPod shuffle. We probably will, too; we’ve loved making them since we started. However, the iPod is now just one of the many products that we sell, and we believe the other music players available from Underwater Audio can still take great care of you. For those of you who are feeling the pull of music streaming services and their convenience, our new Delphin player will be the way to go. The Delphin has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, a waterproof touch screen, and an Android operating system, and enables you to listen to music from Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Music in a way that was not possible with the iPod shuffle. You can preorder the Delphin on Indiegogo now, and its wide release will be very soon!
For customers who are still fans of downloading their music directly to their music player, Underwater Audio’s got your back. Our SYRYN music player is in its second generation, and its simple approach to music is similar to the iPod’s. With a 8-hour battery life, compatibility with MP3, WAV, and WMA files, and an inexpensive price, we couldn’t recommend it more. You can purchase the SYRYN on our website now.
We’ve got several projects coming up that are beyond exciting to us. New products, new content, and more are on their way, and we promise you that we’ll continue to keep very busy bringing you the best in water-friendly technology. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates from us as they come. Thank you!

Enjoy lap swimming with the Delphin Waterproof Micro Tablet Music Player by Underwater Audio. Have fun in the pool listening to Spotify, Audible and more. Order your Delphin now. A man who just climbed out of the pool smiles while listening to audio.

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