4 Ways You Can Benefit From Swim Training

I have always loved the water.
Growing up I spent most of my time in a lake or a pool, and I was in great shape.
I was playing, but little did I know that I was also reaping the benefits of a swim focused life style.
I didn’t know the benefits I was giving my body and maybe you don’t either. So, here are 4 ways you can benefit from swim training.

low impact life

The biggest problem for me when I’m trying to work out is that my knees and back always feel like they are taking a beating.
I can never work out as long as I want to. But when I swim, life is great.
Swimming is a very low impact work out. With hardly any shock on your body, you can swim much longer than run and still get a great cardio work out.
Moral of the story, my back doesn’t give me troubles since I started swimming instead of running.

let it burn

I have often thought that if I wanted to burn a lot of calories, I would have to run and run and run.
It turns out that I was wrong. Swimming has been shown to burn just about the same amount of calories as running without beating up your body.
The faster you swim, the more you will burn. So push out those strokes.

you have to be FLEXIBLE

I am the least flexible person I know.
I can’t touch my toes to save my life, but as I started swimming I found that I could bend and stretch much more then I could before.
The reason is that while you swim you are engaging your whole body.
You twist and reach and move in such a way that your joints and muscles are loosened up. You will feel a lot better after a swim and stretch.

I think, therefore i am

One of the biggest benefits of swimming is the calming and relaxing feeling you get as you swim.
Because of the deep breathing and repetitive motion of your body, you can lower your stress level.
It also helps that your body is releasing endorphins as well. Hey, swimming laps sure beats yoga.
I fall down a whole lot less.

One last thought

Swimming will help youspace grey family with logo loose weight and find peace and balance in your life.
The last thing I would recommend is to get a waterproofed iPod from Underwater Audio.
You can load relaxing slow jams or rock out to Boston.
Either way, you will improve your swim with some great music.
If you have any comments or thoughts please leave them in the comment section below. Swim well!

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