4 Steps to Protecting Your Hair From Chlorine

Regardless of your swimming habits, one fact remains true: we swimmers are susceptible to chlorine hair damage! For all you blondes out there, especially, let’s discuss the methods of keeping this damage at bay. Learn how to protect your hair from chlorine. That way, we won’t have a lot of green hair on our hands.

Rinse Hair With Clean Water

spatter-83169_640If you rinse your hair with clean water before entering the pool, the hair shafts will fill up with this water first.
That means, when you dive in the pool, there is less room in the hair shaft to absorb chemically treated water.
Is it fool proof? No.
But does it help? Yes.
Plus, most public pools ask you to rinse off first in the shower anyway.

Wear a Swim Cap

Wearing a swim cap is a line of defense, for sure. Think about it… it’s aim is to create a barrier between the water and your hair. Sometimes, the water leaks in anyway. But it does help. Especially if you have a really tight fitting cap like the pros wear.

HaircoloringDon’t Process Your Hair

When you color or bleach your hair, it damages the outside of each strand slightly.
This makes your hair more susceptible to further damage from chlorine, other chemicals, and other drying agents in pool water.
So, if you are serious about keeping your hair healthy, this means going all-natural. Or at least scaling back on the hair treatments.
AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense

Use AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense

Here’s a hair treatment that’s actually good for your hair. There are many products like AquaGuard that are designed specifically to prevent chlorine damage and keep your hair silky and smooth. Apply this product to damp hair before entering the pool, allow 3-5 minutes for it to soak in, and you’re good to go! Cover your hair with a swim cap for even more protection.
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