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Underwater Ambassador: Goldy Walfish

July 13, 2022 0 Comments

When Goldy was little, she was terrified of putting her face in the water.

“I was that one kid at the local town swimming lessons that didn't want to put my face in. I would cry. I was just a nightmare.”

After retaking swimming lessons from the Red Cross multiple times she finally got the hang of it but she hated it. For a while she didnt want to go near a pool and she didn't. 

“...And then at one point I decided, hey, I want to go in and swim, but I couldn't, I actually forgot how to swim. They claim it's like bike riding. You never forget. That's not true. “

Since she forgot how to swim her fear of swimming came back and it was intense. 

After she was married and on her honeymoon with her husband, they wanted to go scuba diving but Goldy couldn’t handle the water touching her face, even with goggles on.

“So that was pretty sad.“

So swimming was kind of off the table for her for the moment. She decided to go into martial arts and ended up loving it. She got her second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do and a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu. 

Although she was loving having martial arts as an exercise outlet, she still wanted to give swimming a try.

The thing that finally helped Goldy overcome her fear of putting her face in the water was her daughters:

“I have beautiful girls and they asked me, “mommy, can you put your face in?” 

Because I went with them to their swimming lessons. 

I'd be like, “oh, blow bubbles, put your face in. It's no big deal.”

 I never wanted them to have my phobia. And, um, at one point they were like, “well, mommy, you show us.”

And I was like, fine. And I stuck my face in, I thought I was going to die, but I kept my face in the water.

And when it popped up, they're like, “oh mommy, you can do it!” 

Well, from that point on, I decided that anything that they asked me in the pool I was going to have to do, because the second I did it, they were totally chill to do with themselves.”

Goldy really wanted to have better strength for martial arts, she thought that would help her move a little faster and improve her form. She didn't like going to the gym for the treadmills or lifting weights so she decided to pick up swimming.

She got a SYRYN MP3 player and started swimming consistently with it. 

“It keeps me in the pool, stops the water from going in my ears, and keeps me motivated.

I put all this great music on here that the second a certain song hits, I'm like, yes, this is awesome and I just keep going.”

Goldy just wants you all to know that it’s never too late to start and she is excited to get better and better at swimming. 

Want to swim with Goldy’s device and headphones?

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Community Manager

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