Ridiculously Awesome Swimming Pools 2015

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Who wouldn’t love to have an awesome swimming pool in their backyard?
The convenience of it alone would be amazing. But there would be other perks too, for sure. It would be a great landscape feature and add to the value of your property.


The classic type of home pool is found in the backyard. Perhaps it has a natural feel to it. In that case, there is probably a lot of garden plant landscaping and perhaps a fake waterfall surrounding it.
If this is your taste, I recommend checking out totalhabitat.com as a reference.
They have some of the most natural looking pool designs I’ve ever seen. It’s just like looking at a beautiful backyard pond or lake.


Another style is the more modern approach. These styles are more angular and play around with creative tile designs.
There also might possibly be an infinity pool. That is a popular trend these days. If this is your ideal style, I recommend looking up HGTV’s website as a resource. They always seem to have cutting edge designs.
Backyard pools are more common if you live in a particular climate. And I get that. You see them way more often in California than you do in Oregon. But it doesn’t mean that your climate should hold you back either. In fact, it could just be a reason to get creative with the design.
Which brings us to…

indoor home poolIndoor Pools

Perhaps, your home pool could be indoors! Those are often the best kind. There is a certain type of appeal to the fact that it would be protected from the elements.
And upkeep and maintenance would be a lot easier too because you wouldn’t have to constantly skim and scrape things out of the pool. If this is your ideal home pool, you should definitely look up impressiveinteriordesign.com for inspiration.
They have some of the most incredible indoor home pool designs I’ve ever seen.

Underwater Audio

green waterproof iPod shuffle
While you are swimming miles and miles in your pristine home oasis, you might want some entertainment.
Might I suggest a Waterproof iPod Shuffle by Underwater Audio.
It is truly awesome to be able to swim to your favorite playlist. You will have completed your workout and end up wondering where the time went. It just makes the whole experience zoom by in a really nice way.
With that said, I highly recommend it. This is seriously a great product. If you have any other comments or questions, feel free to write us in the section below.

Ryan Griffith
Ryan Griffith

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