2014 Best Swim Games to Play With Your Kids Part 3 - Underwater Audio

Swim games are a great way for kids to have a lot of safe, summer fun if supervised by an adult who knows how to swim. My wife and I took our nephews out to the community pool many times this summer. But we struggled to think up new games to teach them.
So, we searched around and found some great ideas. Now we are spreading the wealth so you can show your little tikes some fun in the sun too!


Collect at least two containers. Examples are: clean trash cans, boxes, laundry baskets, etc. Next, find a beach ball or something similar. Split the kids up into two teams.
Place the two containers on opposite ends of the pool. They can now play basketball by throwing the ball into the basket. Be careful, this game may get pretty intense.


Grab a 2-liter bottle and rip all the labels off
. Paint the cap the same color as the pool floor.
Fill the bottle with water. Have all the kids get out of the pool and split into two teams. Then have them line up on one side. They must turn around and close their eyes.
Pick a spot and let the full bottle sink to the pool floor.  Then have them all jump in the pool and hunt for the camouflaged bottle. The first team to find it wins.


Divide all the kids into teams. The first player from each team will race down and back the length of the pool while pushing the ball with their noses and forehead.
They cannot touch the ball with their hands. They cannot touch the ball with any other part of their body either. Just their noses and forehead.
If they break this rule, they must go back to where the infraction took place and start over. When one player finishes, the next starts. The first team to finish cycling through all the players, wins.

Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod

i+hh-onWhite-redMake sure to keep an eye on your kids at all times. If there is another adult there to supervise, grab a floating lounge chair and your Waterproof iPod!
That way, both you and the kids will have some fun.
If you have any other fun pool games to suggest, make sure to let us know in the comment section.

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