Water sports: The Top Rated Sports and Best Places to Play Them

When it comes to the world of sports, water sports are ranked very highly. This is because there are countless kinds of sports and activities to choose from.
There is something for everyone, no matter what your preference may be. Let’s take a closer look at the top 3 highest rated water sports and the best locations to participate in them.

Surfing – Hawaii

The highest ranking water sport is surfing, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you. Surfing can be done anywhere there is a strong current and waves. The best location to surf in is Hawaii, and more specifically in Oahu at a place called Banzai Pipeline, more commonly known as Pipeline.
Pipeline is the daddy of all waves. It’s the site most surfers will never be good enough to surf, but dream of riding its perfect crest.
Aptly, its located at the island that created surfing, and is one of the heaviest waves in the world, scaling over six meters over a shallow base of razor blade table reef.
If you’re a risk taker and enjoy a good challenge, charge this flawless water tube and experience one of nature’s finest creations.

Water Skiing – San Diego, California

Unlike surfing, water skiing must be done in a calm body of water. The perfect place for this is a lake. San Diego is an extremely desirable place to water ski, for many reasons. The weather is the number one reason people flock to San Diego to water ski.
With a climate that provides ideal conditions year-round and an average of 264 days of sunshine each year, San Diego is a water skier’s dream. It’s also the home of Mission Bay Park, the largest man-made aquatic park in the U.S.
Another plus is that San Diego offers a variety of water skiing classes for everyone, from the novice to the experienced. For a little more excitement and a change of pace, skiers can cruise around the freight and military ships in San Diego Bay.
Whether it’s the gorgeous scenery or the warm, sunny weather, San Diego is definitely prime real-estate for spending the day waterskiing!

Scuba Diving – The Red Sea, Egypt

If you were able to go scuba diving anywhere in the world, The Red Sea is the most exquisite location to experience. Most of us can only dream of swimming and diving in these waters, but some are lucky enough to experience it firsthand.
The hundreds of miles of coral, a wealth of sea life, and crystal-clear waters earn Egypt’s Red Sea Coast recognition as one of the planet’s best dive destinations. The warm water, great visibility, and availability of excellent instructors make this a good spot to learn how to dive.
Though this is the top rated scuba diving location, there are plenty more around the world that may be easier for you to try out. Hawaii is a beautiful and gorgeous place to scuba dive. It is also ranked extremely high as one of the top scuba diving destinations!
The wonderful thing about these 3 water sports is that they can be done anywhere in the world! So you may not make it to the top rated destinations. But you can still experience these sports in many gorgeous places nearby.

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What are your favorite water sports to partake in?
And what is your ultimate destination for it?

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