Underwater Ambassadors: Chris Smith

Underwater Ambassadors: Chris Smith

"I am addicted to water sports. I swim and snorkel in the summer, go stand up paddleboarding year-round, and I’m learning to wing-surf, stand up paddle-surf, and wind-surf."

For a man who lives in a desert, Chris Smith lives just about the most aquatic lifestyle we can imagine. When a knee injury meant Chris would have to endure surgery and months of “knee-hab”, Chris knew he needed to get proactive.

“I wanted to recover as fast as possible, so that meant getting in good shape before the surgery. Problem was my knee hurt so much I couldn’t paddle. Forget walking. So I was going to have to double down on swimming.”

Chris took his pre-surgery preparations seriously, eventually working his way up to swimming 4 miles a day in his backyard pool.

“That’s where Underwater Audio came in… I never would have been able to do that and keep at it without Underwater Audio.”

Music motivated Chris to stick with his at-home rehab all the way to a full recovery.

Even now, after his "knee-hab" is completed, Chris still loves listening to music on all of his aquatic adventures! On his Instagram you can typically find a SYRYN hanging out on the back of his hat. He says it is so lightweight he barely notices it’s there. Lately Chris has been learning to eFoil, despite a minor knee-related setback earlier this summer.

Chris has taught us that getting up every day and logging laps doesn’t need to be a drag. Music motivated Chris to keep at it, and today he is out living life to fullest, and doing the things he loves.

Want to apply Chris’ lesson to your life? Click below to pick up his signature waterproof listening setup.

Find your motivation, swim with music!

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