Treading Tricks: How to Last Longer and Stronger

Treading water looks like one of the simplest swimming techniques but it is in fact is one of the most difficult things to do. It is incredibly deceiving! Professionals make it look so easy, but that’s because they have practiced long and hard to perfect the art. They have mastered many of the secret tricks that allows them to tread water longer and stronger. Let’s take a look at a few of these tricks.



The number one thing is to relax your entire body. You can’t even begin to learn how to tread water if you can’t relax your body. You must be relaxed and limber to stay afloat. If you tense up you will sink.
When you tread water in any situation, you will need to remain as relaxed as possible. Anxiety causes your muscles to tense up and could cause cramping or hinder your technique. As long as your head is comfortably above water, breathe deeply and evenly and you will be able to maintain your position for a lot longer.
Whether you’re learning how to tread water for the first time or you are an Olympic Level Swimmer, you must remember to keep your body loose and relaxed!


Egg Beating is the best technique to do; whether you are just starting or you’re a seasoned professional. This techniche builds up stamina and mobility.
The movement of egg beating takes a little bit of coordination, but once you get into a rhythm, it is possible to continue the kick for a long time. Since egg beating requires more constant motion, it is a better option for those who have trouble staying afloat, but it can also get your heart rate higher than the frog kick style.


This technique is exactly what it sounds like: you are essentially swimming and kicking like a frog! This is an ideal technique for those who float easy and effortlessly.
It is important here to use your hamstrings to pull your heels back. Bringing your knees forward and opening your legs wide on the down-kick can put a great deal of strain on the groin muscle and knees. The frog kick will bounce you up and down, so if you are not very buoyant, try the egg-beater first.
Every person is different. It really comes down to personal preference and finding what works best for you. I would encourage you to try not only all 3 of these tricks, but also try experimenting with the many other tricks and water treading techniques. You’ll be treading water like a pro in no time!

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