Training for a Triathlon in 3 Months

I have said it before and I will say it again for anyone who hasn’t heard me. Triathlons have got to be one of the hardest sports out there. Having to swim, ride and run all in the same race is just killer.
Getting ready for a triathlon can take months and months of work and preparation.
But what if you didn’t have months and months? What if you only had three months to prepare for a triathlon? Can it be done?
I think it can and here are some tips to help you out while your are training for a triathlon in three months.

Are there rocks ahead?

Many people just make up their own course and do the best they can to prepare.
But we don’t have that kind of time so here is what you need to do. Get online and see what kind of ground your going to be covering.
Is it all on roads or are you doing trail running or biking? Are you swimming in a pool or a river? Is it flat or is it full of hills where you need to conserve your energy for the climbs?
Once you have all this info, create a route that fits the race best.
You will find that you are ahead of a lot of other people who have been training longer if you prepare well.

fast and slow

Another trick to help you get ahead and be prepared for your race is to learn how to go fast and slow.
We often get into this mentality when we race that we have to go as fast as we can the whole way. But the truth is that learning when to go all out and when to go slow can win you races more often then not.
A triathlon is not a sprint. It’s an endurance race. So, once you know what kind of trail you will be on, take time to learn how to vary your speed to conserve energy for the final push.


One of the most overlooked points when training for a triathlon is making sure that you practice your transitions.
You can lose a lot of time when you go from swimming to riding or riding to running.
Figure out the best way to get from one stage to the next and you will find that you catch up and pass a lot of people.

One last thing

With only three months to prepare, focusing on these things will help you gain a lot of ground. Be sure that you don’t forget your Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle.
It can follow you your whole race and help you stay in good rhythm. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below.
Go have fun!

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