Top 5 Adventure Sports for Outdoor Thrill Seekers

Summer is approaching, and if any of you are like me, you are itching to get out there and enjoy the outdoors.
A lovely picnic, floating the river, a quite hike in the woods all sound nice, but let’s look at the real adventure sports. Those that will get your heart pumping, surging with adrenaline, the ones that will put hair on your chest.

1. Survival Camping

I will admit that, once or twice, we have camped from our car…
We just backed-up our vehicle into a designated spot and set camp there. Let’s take sleeping outside back to it’s origins.
Every so often I head out into the forest with minimal supplies and spend a few days building a shelter, making a fire and refining my survival skills.

2. Rock Climbing

Oh, the classic trill seeker’s activity!
Whether you club in the gym or the much preferred outdoors, climbing is a great workout and super fun sport. With a wide course range and broad skill-level design,  you can bet that you will never get bored.
Bouldering, top roping, bolted climbs or even trad climbing… There is always a sense of adventure. Word to the wise: make sure you have proper training and a trusted partner.

3. Repelling

The loved cousin to climbing. Now that we have climbed to the top of the rock, let’s get down the manliest way possible.
The skill of repelling is essential for those truly devoted to the outdoors. You never know when you will have to make your way down a cliff, or descend into a cave.
This sport is my personal favorite, especially after a long day of multi-pitch climbing… When I’m up 400 feet, the joy of repelling down is very  satisfying.

4. Spear Fishing

Let’s switch gears a little and involve some water sports. With the use of a fishing license, and a wet suit, I’m headed to the water in any weather.
I prefer the ocean to the rivers. But a clear swimming hole in a stream can provide some great catches.
In the ocean, an underwater rocky cliff is a fantastic place to find rockfish and lingcod, depending on where you live.

5. Back packing

There are trails all over the place! …Like, national and state parks that are waiting for people to hike them!
Some of may favorite places to backpack are Glacier National Park, Olympic National Park and Moab, in southern Utah.
Like survival camping, you have limited supplies. But this time, make sure you have your essentials. Nothing is worse than being 50 miles out, and your water purifier breaks. Plan ahead, and always hike with a partner.

Don’t Forget Your Underwater Audio iPod Shuffle

Growing up in the northwest, these adventure sports often involve rain.
I always take my Underwater iPod with me, so I can listen to my music no matter what the weather is like!
What’s your favorite adventure sport accessory? Let us know in the comment section below:

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