Top 10 Swim Memes of 2013

Top 10 Swim Memes of 2013

Who doesn’t love memes?
On an awful, dreary, bummer of a day–the type of day where, if you were a cartoon, the rain cloud over your head following you around town would so be your life–you see a meme and your whole day gets a little bit better! Your brow lifts, the corners of your mouth turn up, maybe even a giggle escapes. A simple joke, just a picture with a few words, lifts your spirits and suddenly things don’t feel so bad.
A good meme works without context. Even if the reader has no experience with the picture or the words, all by itself the meme conveys enough information for the joke to work. But a really good meme is one you get because you know. You know that character; you get the reference in the words; you have lived that situation.
Especially swim memes. We get them! All the jokes apply to us! So with no further ado, the top 10 very best, funniest, most snicker-worthy swim memes of 2013 are…
Drum roll please …………



















 And the number 1 swimming meme of 2013, a variation on a classic…



What Are Your Favorite Memes?

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