Tips for Making A Triathlon Checklist

On race day the last thing you want to do is worry about things
like: Did you bring the right goggles? Did you bring shoes? Do you really need all those granola bars?
Making a checklist for each of the stages of your race can take a lot of the pressure off of you. You will know that everything is in place for you to have a great race.
So, here are a few tips to help you with your triathlon checklist.

You can’t take the kitchen sink

When your preparing your Triathlon checklist you may have a tendency to try and take everything you have ever needed, will need, or might need. While that’s great for the boy scouts — it may not give you all the benefits you need to win.
Often a race is won or lost at the planning stage, so be sure that whatever you put on your list is important, because you need to make your transitions smooth.
If you pack too much and have to dig for the things you need you will lose valuable time.

it’s all in the small things

So when planning out your list of things to take you don’t want to over pack but you also don’t want to forget the small things.
Simple things like band aids and antiseptic for blisters can totally save your race. Also don’t for get some things like goggles, water bottles, and sunglasses.
You don’t need a lot of things, but these will help make a difference in your race.

Organize and prioritize

This is the moment where you can set yourself ahead of your competition.
You have made your list and left out the stuff you don’t need and remembered the small things to get you to the finish. Now it’s time to organize your list so that you pack your bag in such a way that you can get it out and set up quick. Your transitions are where you can cut time.
If you set up your list the way you want to set up your transition area then packing and set up and transition will go smooth.

so get going!

Triathlons are really tough so be sure to plan and organize when making your Triathlon checklist.
As always if you have more tips, comments, or ideas…
Please leave them in the comment section below:

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