Immerse Episode 1: Lisa

Underwater Audio is proud to present a new digital project: Immerse. It’s our very own downloadable podcast.
Immerse is a talk podcast, in which we interview some of the athletes we know that are doing cool things in their fields, in their pools, and in their communities. This is something that we’re really excited about, because it allows us to show the world the kinds of people that inspire us the most as a company – people with goals, drive, vision, and unique perspective. Due to how conversations flow differently with different people, episodes of Immerse will vary a bit in length, but will usually be between 20 and 30 minutes. They will be posted to iTunes and Google Music, as well as this website, every two weeks.
For this episode of Immerse, Andrew interviewed Lisa, someone who came into contact with Immerse by initially being an Underwater Audio customer. The story she shares is remarkable. She suffered a car accident that left her with debilitating health problems, but due to the daily swimming regimen that she initially began remedially, she has now lost over forty pounds, and has been able to encourage those around her to get active as well. She discusses what she does for her workout, what she likes to eat in order to keep herself healthy, and why she feels so motivated to continue swimming every day.

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