4 Reasons to Buy Waterproof Music

There are few products that have brought me as much joy as the Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle. It is a great way to motivate me to swim and stay healthy.
Seriously, there is nothing better than a product that helps turn a chore into a fun activity. Which brings me to my list of the top 4 reasons to buy waterproof music.

iPod ShuffleMakes a Chore a Game

I don’t know about you, but I usually dread exercising.
It’s hard work! I like how I feel after exercising, but before, I have a hard time getting there. And during, it can be very boring and painful (if you’re trying your hardest).
By bringing my Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle, I can look forward to listening to a new playlist that really pumps me up.
And I can distract myself from the pain of swimming lap after lap at top speed.

Singing in the shower meme

Photo by Paul Anderson

Singing in the Shower

It’s true. I sing in the shower. Who doesn’t? People’s voices just sound cooler in there.
And guess what? It’s way more fun to sing in the shower if you have the melody to back you up.
Since Underwater Audio’s shuffles are waterproof, they don’t just work in the pool but the shower too!

Underwater Audio come get wetRain-proof

Running in the rain, walking in the rain and just plain old being outside in the rain is a common occurrence if you live in a particular climate (cough…Oregon/Washington).
It’s nice to not have to constantly be on guard about what could fry in the water.
I don’t like having to take everything off my person or out of my pockets before stepping outside. It’s nerve racking! You don’t have to worry about it with Underwater Audio’s Waterproof iPod Shuffle.

Underwater Audio ipod shuffle blueWill Last a Lifetime

Just this week, we lost an iphone to the washing machine. It was a tragic, expensive accident. -And also kind of funny… But mostly just frustrating.
Guess what happens if your Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle goes through the washing machine? Nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It stays in working condition. Trust me. I’ve done that before too.

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