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Kids have a lot of spastic energy. The best way to get it out during the summer is by swimming in the pool. As Nacho Libre once said, “But sister, they are just niños trying to release their wiggles.”
In the pool, they can get some awesome exercise, have fun with their buddies, and wear themselves out so that they fall asleep on time. Hallelujah!

Target Practice

Find a hula hoop and place it in the middle of the pool. Collect items to toss like a frisbee, ball, sponge, or any other soft pool toy.
Throw the toy at the hula hoop and try to hit the center. Try to see who can throw the farthest or who can hit the target the most times in a row.

Donut Float Race

Each kid gets one donut float to sit on. Line them up on the pool wall. Have an adult be the referee and give them a whistle.
When the whistle blows, the kids have to swim to the other end of the pool on their float. This game is for two players or more so they can compete against each other.
The first person to the other side wins. This game is most fun when it is played in a long swimming pool.

Cannonball Splash

Split the kids in two groups. One group will judge and the other will participate. Each kid on the participants team jumps in the pool with a cannonball.
The judges team scores each jumper using a 1-10 system (1 being a small splash and 10 being a big splash). Then, the teams switch so that everyone gets a turn.

Don’t Forget

Make sure to bring your Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle to the pool with you! Your kids will love it… You will love it… and you don’t have to worry about it breaking!

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