The Swimming Build for Speed

thSports come in all shapes and sizes! Which is good because so do people.
There are sports for the lean and long and the tough and the strong (I am so sorry that rhymed I couldn’t help myself).
Now, I believe anyone can play any sport they want with enough hard work.
But there are those who are just made to succeed at one sport or another. For instance, I love to swim, but I look like Gimli from Lord of the Rings, beard and all. That means I’m no torpedo in the water. No matter how much I want to be. But there are those who are.
So, I want to know… what is the best body type for a successful swimmer?

nice wings

download (13)Alright…let’s break this down a bit, shall we? Starting with arms:
Long arms are what’s in fashion in the swimming world these days.
These longer upper limbs allow you to move a greater volume of water. Which means you can propel faster and faster through the lanes!
Also, having a longer reach can be a huge advantage when stretching for the wall at the end of the race! Just ask Mr. Phelps!

torso and legs

download (15)The people that tend to have the best body type for a human-fish hybrid tend to have longer torso and shorter legs.
This gives them a streamline body type that cuts drag like butter.
It also helps them generate powerful kicks to propel them ahead of the game.

let’s put hands and feet on the menu

download (16)If we are ordering up the best body type for swimming, then hands and feet are probably the most critical!
Having large hands allows you to scoop more water and pull it. This allows you to quickly move ahead!
Large feet will act like flippers giving you a lot of surface area to use as you kick. This helps propel you forward fast.
Also, don’t forget flexibility in the wrist and ankles. The more flexibility you have, the greater the range of motion and the more power you can deliver!

One last thought

UASo, let’s sum it up… The best body type for swimming is going to have be a tall person with long arms, big hands, and big feet. He/she would also have a long torso but shorter legs.
If this sounds like you, then you’d better head to the pool because your sport awaits! Don’t forget when you go to grab a Waterproof iPod Shuffle from Underwater Audio.
This little player will hold all your workout music and go anywhere your workout takes you!
Until next time, swim fast and have fun!

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