Best Waterproof Phone Cases

download (49)Has this ever happened to you? You’re giving your dog a much needed bath when all of the sudden your phone rings with an important call you have been waiting for…
Now of course you could just let it go to voicemail …. Buuuut you don’t.
Then, mid conversation, Benji decides to try out his jumping skills and his ninja tail chops your hand and down the phone goes into the hairy soapy water! As you fish it out of the doggy soup, you know that there is nothing to do but make funeral arrangements for your phone.
But what if all of this could have been avoided? Well, it can be, and all you need is a waterproof phone case! But there are a lot out there. So which one will keep your phone safe? Maybe I can help you there! Here are some of the best waterproof phone cases to keep It safe!

 LifeProof Nuud Waterproof iPhone Case

download (47)When you’re looking for a good waterproof case, Lifeproof has been at the top for awhile.
Their newest offering is very cool.
The case forms a water tight seal around the screen so that water can’t get in but your touch screen isn’t impacted at all.
This allows you to use all your apps without any trouble! So cool!

iBattz Mojo Refuel Aqua Waterproof iPhone Case

This next case is pretty sweet!
Not only will this case keep your phone from drowning, it will also keep it charged all day! This case has a battery booster that will keep you rocking out to pandora, or connecting with friends all day. With this case, you can  lay down pool side and never again worry about a dead phone or missed call!
Can’t beat that! Or can you….

SnowLizard SLXTREME Waterproof iPhone Case

th (3)I love getting the most bang for my buck and this case delivers like a cannon!
This case looks like a tank and can take punishment like one as well! With an integrated second battery that will double the life of your phone, you can’t go wrong with this tough case!
Added bonus: it takes great under water photos!

One last thought

Purple Underwater Audio under waterIf you are interested in waterproof technology, you should definitely check out the Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle.
These little players can hold a lot of music and you can take them anywhere with out fear of getting them wet.
So go and pick one up today! Until next time, swim fast and rock out!!

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