Best Snorkeling Hotspots to Use Your Waterproof iPod

There are beautiful places all around the world. Some leave you breathless with stunning beauty; others are off the beaten path, waiting to be experienced.
Everytime I scuba or snorkel I leave behind the well-known to discover the splendor of the ocean. When vacation time comes around, who wouldn’t want to have a relaxing day on a tropical beach or exploring the water? Here are some of my favorite places that I have snorkeled in the United States .

La Jolla, California.

A fantastic spot, without having to leave the country. Home of University of California- San Diego, La Jolla offers great beaches and amazing snorkeling.
One of the few in the continental United States.
The town has places to rent gear, and the water is within walking distance. Plant and fish life is numerous, while the water is warm enough to avoid wet suits.
On lucky days, small sand sharks can be seen swimming on the bottom. Not to fear though, these are super friendly.

Florida keys.

Another amazing vacation area in the United States.
The Keys are a nice get away without having to leave the country.
Whether you dive from the shore, or take a boat expedition, the reefs are the key destinations. These tropical waters flourish with schools of fish and sea turtles.

Maui, Hawaii.

My personal favorite Hawaiian island… Maui offers some of the best off shore snorkeling on US soil. Pick any beach and you will find abundant sea life, and crystal clear waters.
While the whole island has great places to get in the water, I recommend these sites…
Hana: the ride out to Hana is a bit long and curvy, but the waterfalls along the way and the beach that awaits, make it worth the trip.
Molokini: This half sunken crater off the coast, holds a spectacular reef beaming with life.
Honolua bay: Located on the north west shore (has sea turtles galore). A short walk down from the road, this snorkeling spot has it all, schools of fish, reef, and countless turtles.

UAMake Sure to Bring Your Waterproof iPod

These little things make the whole experience totally different!
I highly recommend them.
What your favorite place to snorkel?  Please share with us!

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