3 Ways Swimming Alleviates Asthma

Pools are awesome! Not just because you can do wicked sweet cannon balls into them, which I love to do, but because they offer one of the best workouts around.
Swimming is a great way to get fit. But I bet you didn’t know that swimming is also a magic pill of sorts.
It allows anyone to do it and it helps many people with several different health problems.
Asthma is a health condition that hinders the physical abilities of many. It can often make it difficult for the sufferer to perform in fitness activities. But you know what… swimming has that covered too.
Here are 3 ways swimming alleviates asthma.

It sure is warm in here

When it comes to asthma, it’s all about the air way. One of the biggest triggers for an asthma attack while working out is breathing in a lot of colder and drier air.
This cold air dries out the throat and can trigger an asthma attack.
The worry of this happening leads many to just stop working out, but there is hope.
Swimming in an indoor pool is great because it is warm and moist which soothes rather then irritates the throat and lungs.
Swimming allows you to work out with a lot less worry of an attack.

i’m going to blow that house down

Another thing that can trigger attacks is weak lungs.
Spending a lot of time indoors and not working out can lead to lungs that aren’t as strong as they could be… Which means a lot more chances for attacks.
With hard work, swimming can give you those stronger lungs. Because we can’t breathe underwater (which I think is a real bummer) we have to hold our breath during a lot of the swim.
Taking deep breaths and expanding the lungs and then holding it will help them build strength.
Stronger lungs means less asthma attacks.

check out my rad TECHNIQUE

The last thing on my list is a skill that I think is really important for those who have asthma.
Breathing control and techniques.
Swimming teaches you how to be in control of the air in your lungs, how breath out effectively, how much to breath in, how much to hold in your lungs, etc.
These are all great skills you should have.
Knowing how to do this will help you not to panic if you have an attack because you can control your breathing while you get your inhaler.

one last thought

Blue Splash with LogoSwimming can do so much for those who struggle with asthma.
So go and find a pool and get started. Don’t forget to take your Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle with you.
Listening to music while swimming will help you improve your work out more than you can possibly imagine!
If you have any comments, please leave them in the space below. Swim well and prosper!

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