3 Tips for Proper Swimming Form

There are three vital components to any workout that will change everything for the better: proper form, warming up, and cooling down.
No matter what you are doing, proper form is vital.

Why is Proper Form Important?

It will help your body develop correctly, and often times more quickly. Proper form is called proper a reason. It is instrumental in preventing injury and it is amazing how movements are often so much easier when attention is paid to the way in which they are performed.
It’s easy to think that, because you might not be a professional swimmer, you can let form go. But you would be doing yourself a great disservice. Some quick tips for staying on top of your form are:

Count your strokes in each lap

Tired swimmers use more strokes.
More strokes means wasted energy. Ideally, you want to regulate the number of strokes you perform on each lap, and pay attention to the efficiency of each one.
That way, you can really notice any changes in technique or speed.

2Follow Technique Instructions

When you are learning new strokes, follow instructions exactly.
They tell you to do things like tuck your chin, keep your eyes on the ceiling, or keep your hands straight for a reason. These subtle differences are additive.
Collectively, many slight changes can drastically transform your swim.

Start slow

Great technique is a prerequisite for speed. Focus first on muscle memory and momentum will come naturally.
And as you research and develop your personal swimming routine, you will be able to determine the level and intensity that work for you.

Your Personal Swimming Form Style

Everyone’s  “ultimate” swimming exercise routine will look a little different. Regardless of intensity or skill level, proper form never ceases to be important if you really want to get the most benefit from the exercise. Every Olympic athlete will tell you the value of it.
What are some of your qualms and concerns when it comes to technique and form? Ask us below, in the comment section and we will try to help!

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