How to Spend $1,000,000 on Swim Gear

Do you have $1,000,000 to spare?

Have you always dreamed of owning the highest quality swimwear and equipment?
Lucky for you, I’ve researched the top-notch product in each category.  These are definitely the ones you want to buy to reach $1,000,000 as fast as possible.


Not surprising that all of the most expensive (and highest quality) products come from Speedo.  Even if they make you look like an alien, they are proven to increase your speed in the water by about 7%!
Fastskin3 Super Elite Recordbreaker Kneeskin – $595
(they only last for 5 swims, so lets throw in 10 of these)
Speedo Fastskin3 Super Elite Mirrored Goggle – $100
Speedo Fastskin3 competition cap – $40
(Let’s buy 10 of these as well, just in case…)
Total: $6,460


Okay, so you have lots of the top-notch swimwear, but you haven’t even spent $10,000.  Let’s buy some accessories and see if that makes a dent in our $1,000,000…..
Underwater Audio Mega Bundle – $175
Finis AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor – $199
Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fins – $75
Garmin Swim Watch – $149
Total: $7,058

Training Equipment

We broke $7,000!  Barely…..
Let’s add some high-tech training equipment.  None of that small stuff anymore…
pool gear
Finis Turnmaster Pro – $2,250
Vasa Swim Ergometer – $1,999
Endless Pool – $22,000
Total: $33,307

This is Impossible!

What???  We pretty much own all the high-tech equipment and swimwear available on the market (10 pairs each of the swimwear), and we’ve only spent a little over $30,000!

We still have $970,000 to go…
Let’s throw in a signed Michael Phelps collector’s card for $15,000.
What can I say?  I’m sentimental.
So we’re at $48,307.  Let’s say $50,000 including shipping.
Throw in the world’s most expensive beach towel at $540 and we still aren’t even close.
There’s only one thing to do: buy a HUGE swimming pool.

THE $1,000,000 POOL

Let’s start over.  You can still have all of that stuff, but this pool cost $1,000,000 exactly and you won’t want to swim anywhere else ever again.
Built by the Kitchukov family in Arizona, this pool is almost 20 acres, with a putting green, full bar, 15 person hot tub, two outdoor kitchens, and lots more all in and around the pool!

fire swimming pool

There are real palm trees, a waterfall, and stone bridges from area to area.

ramada pavilion pool

You would have to buy over 1,000 Fastskin3 suits to break a million bucks.  Why not just buy this pool instead?


Because let’s face it.  No matter how much swim stuff you buy, you probably won’t hit a million dollars….I think I just proved that with how painful it was to write this blog post.
So get creative, and buy whatever you want to swim with but the good news is you’ll have lots left over!


If you had $1,000,000 to burn, what would be the FIRST thing that you would buy?

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