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Waterproof iPod Shuffle Swimbuds Sport Mega Bundle


Waterproof iPod with Swimbuds Sport and HydroHarmony headphones for practically anything.

  • New Swimbuds Sport headphones designed for ultimate durability and sound quality
  • Conveniently switch out songs and audiobooks with iTunes playlists
  • Choose from 4 styles of earbud tips to find the best fit for you
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    Reviews (109)

Product Description

This iPod Waterproof Headphone Bundle Includes:

  • Waterproof iPod Shuffle by Underwater Audio (2-year warranty)
  • New Swimbuds Sport headphones designed for ultimate comfort and fit (1-year warranty)
  • FREE AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense (1 oz, US only)
  • One pair of HydroHarmony waterproof headphones for above water activities (90-day warranty)
  • Coupon for a FREE download of a 30-minute audio workout with Rebecca Soni ($30 value)

Underwater Audio delivers a waterproof iPod shuffle that works on land, in the water, and everywhere else you go. Take your iPod swimming! Invented with swimmers, water sports lovers, and runners in mind, this slim and nearly weightless underwater iPod shuffle has all the details of the current 2 GB iPod waterproof shuffle, as well as being waterproof from the inside out! Underwater Audio developed an industry-changing propriety process to give you a 100% waterproof underwater iPod shuffle.

Redesigned from the ground up, the Swimbuds Sport underwater headphones for swimming offer more of what our customers ask for: Better fit, greater comfort, and a rugged design. Each headphone comes with multiple swimming earplugs so you can find your best fit. Swimbuds Sport headphones offers the best fit for every athlete. Swimbuds Sport retain our signature short cord. Designed to stay put during flip-turns and the most rigorous aquatic workout, it means fewer interruptions and more time underwater.

A variety of earbuds makes Swimbuds Sport the ultimate underwater music experience:

  • Trees: Designed for lap swimming and maximum noise isolation. Water cannot get in your ears while wearing these earbuds.
  • Fins (3 sizes): Many people find these earbuds great for lap swimming and other water sports. They fit the widest variety of ears. If trees don’t work for you, Fins likely will.
  • Ergos (4 sizes): These clear earbuds enable you to hear ambient noises while your run or bike while staying comfortably in your ears.
  • Rounds: Earbuds designed for use for normal activities out of the water.

HydroHarmony waterproof headphones for above-water activities are a wrap around, neckband style headphone. They are easy to get on and easy to get off when you need to hear what is going around you. They don’t form a watertight seal in your ear, but still work great in and around the water.

Go to our compare waterproof headphones page for more information on Swimbuds, Swimbuds Sport, HydroActive, and HydroHarmony headphones.

New! Free travel size AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense (US only) for forcing your hair to settle down. You can run your hand through your hair again! That’s right, no more pulling your hair out due to chlorine damage. Apply AquaGuard to damp or dry hair before your swim to make your hair nice and smooth again.


The Underwater Audio Swimbuds Sport Mega Bundle includes a download of Swim Work Out with Rebecca Soni for free. Olympic Medalist Rebecca Soni offers helpful advice with alignment, efficiency, timing and technique.

How to Get your Free Audio Tracks:

After you purchase from our website, you should get a confirmation email. There you will also find the downloadable audio for free! Click on the links and the audio will download to your computer.


  1. Order iPod Waterproof Swimbuds Sport Mega bundle. The coupon code will arrive in the mail packaging with your order.
  2. Go online to the Swim Work Out with Rebecca Soni product page.
  3. Add the product to your cart.
  4. Apply the coupon code to receive the free discount.
  5. Upon finishing the checkout process the audio tracks will appear via downloadable audio.


What you get:

One genuine Apple iPod (4th Gen, 2 GB) waterproofed by Underwater Audio

  • Hours of underwater audio listening
  • Original Apple USB cable 

One pair Swimbuds Sport waterproof headphones

  • 1 Swimbuds Sport zipper case for protecting your headphones and waterproof iPod.
  • 4 varieties of earbuds including Trees, Fins, Ergos (4 sizes), and Mushrooms.
  • 1 white 39-inch waterproof extension cord for length when you need it.

HydroHarmony Waterproof Headphones
Travel size Pre-Swim AquaGuard Hair Defense
Coupon code for 30-minute swim workout and 22 quick swimming tips with Rebecca Soni

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109 reviews for Waterproof iPod Shuffle Swimbuds Sport Mega Bundle

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  1. Ronald Boyer

    Frankly they are terrific!

    When I received my trial set, I had a great excuse to warm up the pool again for this year. I did so and I’m very happy I did! I swim a mile which is roughly 60 laps in my pool. I started by using the “tree” earbuds and thought I was in heaven. However, after 30 laps, they started letting in water and I knew I needed to try another type. I then tried the “fins” earbuds and once again, thought I was in heaven. They did a great job with the last 30 laps. The next day, I started with the fins and they did a great job with the full 60 laps.

    The fins do a great job of keeping water out and the sound in. They are the closest I’ve used that are more like some of my favorite over the ear headphones with outside sound reduction. Having a choice of different types of earbuds is inspired!

    The fins pretty much eliminated outside sounds and delivered some of the best sound available utilizing good quality headphones.

    With the ability of being able to simply replace earbuds in the future, they will also become very price effective. As you know, I’ve had some problem with headphones breaking during normal usage, I do not believe that will be the case with these new fins, especially the fin type, I will be trying the “ergos” and the “mushrooms” in the future but I am going to have a hard time switching from the fins configuration.

    These are excellent and thank you again for making them available, they increase the wonderful experience I’ve had with being able to have great sound while swimming!

  2. Suzan Schwartz

    Fabulous way to swim. Makes the hour fun. Does just what it says it will do. I have been using this product with the waterproof headphones for almost 2 years. Underwatet audio is very responsive whenever I need something resolved. Highly recommended

  3. Craig Brown

    Just tried out the new Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones. Really great fit, created a perfect seal so no water got in my ears and they stayed in even while diving in or doing flip turns. Good sound too! Love this new design.

  4. Christy

    I love these improved earbuds! The fit is really comfortable & are easy to wear. The sound is great! I won’t even swim anymore without my “rig”. I actually spend a lot of time after my workout talking to others in the nearby lanes because they want to know about my underwater audio equipment.

  5. ErinMo

    I LOVE this ipod. I’ve been looking for a while for a way to listen to music in the pool and was hesitant to believe this would actually work but after reading a few reviews i decided to give it a try. IT IS AWESOME. I fractured my tibia so i am limited to swimming and instead of dreading a long boring workout in the pool, now I look forward to it and i write longer workouts just so i can keep listening to my music. I could swim laps all day with this thing. The ear buds are comfortable, the sound is perfectly clear even under water and it’s easy to use with itunes. The ipod is light weight so it clips onto my goggle strap and i don’t even notice it’s there. It makes a pool workout a lot more fun… Underwater Audio has done a great job here and i highly recommend this product!!

  6. Elizabeth Wollheim


    I’ve been swimming with a heavy and often-failing waterproof armband for a decade, and have drowned more IPods than I can count.
    Swimming with this tiny waterproof shuffle is a total revelation. Light, clear sound, easy controls, and all this with no cumbersome armband and a two-year warranty!
    Considering my last X-1 armband drowned my iPosd in three weeks (the armbands are getting shoddier and shoddier–my original H2O audio armband lasted years) this is like a dream come true. Fantastic! And what bliss to swim with music!

  7. SUPGal

    Love these swim buds, they fit snuggly and the sound is great. When swimming in the ocean waves they do not fall out. If you love listening to music when exercising these are great for ocean sports!

  8. Cathy Richoux

    Easy to use. Music sound is crystal clear! Makes my water therapy so much more fun!

  9. Saskia Ages

    I have two, a Silver one of the first issued I use listening for books and the new Blue one I use for music. Both work perfectly. The colors make it easy to choose before I jump into the pool. I swim about 1.5 hours a day 6 days a week. I really put these to the test each and every day. I’m asked several almost every time I swim about the Underwater IPod. “It’s amazing”, I respond. Swimming is so boring. I forgot it once and swam only about 20 minutes, I missed the Underwater IPod so much. I makes my workout! Weeks go by before I have to recharge and even when I hear the gentle voice saying ‘battery low’ and the cute indicator light changes from Green for Go to Amber for Yield, I still have hours of swimming to go. The volume and the selector tool is easy to use even underwater and shipping it packaged with underwater headsets makes this a great package. Highly recommend. Saskia Victoria, BC Canada

  10. Annemarie F.

    Love my waterproof iPod! Both iPod and headsets are great. Easy to load and perfect for my water workouts. I have recommened your company to many of my friends at the pool. We have all tried different ones and yours truly is the only one that works and stands up to being in the water! Exercising in the pool with music is awesome!!

  11. Donna Campbell

    Highly recommend.

  12. Deb Wallach

    This is the best thing that ever happened to swimming!

  13. Elise Leonard

    I’ve had my Underwater Audio iPod for sometime now, I’m still happy with my purchase and use it often. It certainly makes my time in the pool more enjoyable.

  14. Dany Grondin

    Very satisfied with the product and even more from the service they provided when needed!! Thanks

  15. MK Klimaszewski

    I have had my underwater Shuffle for nearly two years, and it is the best purchase I ever made! I can swim laps for far longer than I used to, and I can’t believe how easy it was to get accustomed to the Shuffle clipped to my goggles. I absolutely love this device! I don’t know what I would do without it. I’m so reliant on it that I almost want to buy a second one as a backup just in case they ever stop the waterproofing (please, Underwater Audio, don’t every go away). Tips: definitely put a little Vaseline on the ear buds to help create a seal. That really helped me at the start. I think they should just include the tip on the instruction sheet because it led to instant success. Also, pay attention to the FAQs and read all of the instructions. I accidentally kept locking the Shuffle by pressing the center button too hard, but it was easy to stop accidentally doing that once I read all of the materials and FAQs. Seriously, buying a waterproof Shuffle is the best purchase you will ever make if you like to swim laps, and it will probably get you to the pool much more often!

  16. Scott Endres

    I saw these at the Ironman Lake Tahoe venue last year and thought..why would anyone buy this? My wife on the other hand was thinking “what a great birthday gift”. I must say now that I have been using it for 7 months this is the single best training aid I have! I love it, it makes swimming a much better experience. Hammering sets of 100’s to some hair metal just makes me swim harder!

  17. Seyda Ozcaliskan

    I am very pleased with the waterproof iPod. I bought it 2 years ago and swim three times a week and it still works great. It transformed my swimming experience.

  18. Charles Jarvis

    I have been swimming with waterproof iPod for over a year and it has been working awesome! it has been the best under water device I have used. I have tried many other bands and they have all failed, one even ruined an iPod shuffle and the ear buds fail. This set have been great and the ear buds have always worked.

  19. Timothy Barron

    The Waterproof Shuffle I got for my wife helped change her life! My wife was bed ridden for almost ten years because of a botched back surgery. We started water therapy and she was slowly getting stronger, and her confidence was building. It involved lots of pain to do the workouts and wasn’t all that “fun”! Enter the Waterproof Shuffle! My wife loves that thing, it takes her mind off the pain, now actually enjoying the pool time, and looking forward to it. She also has turned into a great sales rep for the Shuffle, more and more folks showing up at the pool with the Waterproof Shuffle! Customer service is also fantastic, we had trouble with the first shuffle and was given a new one no problem! Thanks guys!

  20. Darwin Holt

    What a great way to spend my training time . . . Listening to music! The UB515 is an Ultra distance Triathlon in Brazil. Day one starts with a 10 km swim. I had no choice but to train in a pool living in Canada in the winter. Underwater Audio made the pool time enjoyable. I was actually heading to the pool to listen to music for 3 or 4 hours . . . I just happened to be swimming at the time.

  21. Sandra Graves

    I swim for an hour a day several days each week and having my playlist shuffle through has pulled me through those times when I’m fighting to get the next lap finished. I’ve had inquiries from the lifeguards and several competitive swimmers sharing the pool with me who have been curious about the device and the flip-turn earbuds. I’ve told each of them that it’s one of the best purchases for swimming that I’ve made. I listen to it both in and out of the pool. It’s the best birthday gift I’ve bought myself over the past few years. I look forward to many more years of use from my Guppy Day nano shuffle.

  22. Nadine Cottle

    I was very hall with the waterproof iPod and headphones. The quality is amazing. I didn’t want to take them off. I even wore them in the shower… Haha I would recommend to a friend.

  23. Anna Bowerman

    If you love music and swimming don’t wait the waterproof I pod is fantastic. You can get quite a work out with music in your ears I get lost in the music and you don’t even know your exercising love it love unit!!!

  24. Jacque Parker

    I saw another swimmer at the pool with one of Underwater Audio’s iPods and knew I had to get one in order to inspire my work outs. I love my waterproof iPod! It keeps me happily swimming laps for 2 hours at a time, and never getting bored. Now if there was only a way I could sing and swim to the music at the same time! I have also found this company to have exceptional customer service.

  25. Mike Leveque

    Love the product! Now that I can listen to music, I am motivated to do extra time in the pool without it being a chore. The iPod works great and the company has been a pleasure to work with.

  26. Constance Miller

    Love, love, love swimming laps with my iPod shuffle. This is the only way to avoid the boredom of back and forth, and back and forth. So easy to add music. Easily clips on my goggles. Once you use your underwater audio/iPod, you won’t want to swim laps without is again!

  27. Barbara Staples

    It has been a great purchase and I have had no problems with the device or when ordering additional products.

  28. James Haemmerle

    Works just like any iPod, easy to program and recharge. The fit of the ear buds can be a bit tricky and may require some trial and error, but once properly fitted they work great. I’ve used this now for several months with no issues, unlike cheaper waterproof mpg players that failed after a few weeks.

  29. Steve Warmington

    I swim a mile everyday and have been using by waterproof iPod for years. I down load audio books and it makes my swim much more enjoyable. Your new ear buds have been a great addition to your lineup. I tell fellow swimmers about your products all the time

  30. Michelle Wang

    Can not be happier with it! Strongly recommended!

  31. Katherine Break

    Workouts are so much more fun now! Love swimming with my iPod!

  32. Scott Phillips

    I have received a waterproof ipod as a gift. Best gift ever. Would certainly recommend no problems with product at all. Every swimmer should have one. I think pools should hire them out to patrons.

  33. Angela Gates

    I really enjoy using the waterproofed iPod for my lap swimming. It helps extended my workout time. I bought this one for my Dad, had to buy one for myself.

  34. Andrea Kustin-Mager

    What wonderful customer service and a fabulous product. And your company stands by its products. You replaced an item without question. I have told many people with whom I swim about your company. Thank you.

  35. Friedrich Dalman

    The underwater iPod works exactly as described. The earbuds stay in place during swimming with the help of a little petroleum jelly. I’ve had no issues with the system and after twenty miles of swimming it’s still going strong.

  36. Mike Cavallo

    Makes long distance swimming a breeze. Enthusiastic staff and responsive customer service.

  37. Nealene Orinick

    I absolutely love my Underwater Audio iPod shuffle for Ironman training. It keeps me going on those really long swims in pool. It’s also great not having to worry about my iPod when it starts to rain on a training run. It downloads songs directly from my iTunes account ( no need to convert files) and the battery lasts for the long haul. I am constantly being asked about my water-proof iPod and I highly recommend it to everyone who trains for endurance sports.

  38. Helen Wilson

    I am really pleased with this iPod. It is amazing; I have had it for 5 months and have never had a problem with it. I have had other MP3 waterproof players and the volume and sound was rubbish. The volume in this iPod is fantastic; you can have it as loud as you want and the sound is great. In fact it’s so good my friends are now buying it saying it’s worth paying the extra money to get something that’s good to listen too whilst swimming.

  39. Linda Ellrod

    The iPod shuffle that I bought works great! It keeps me going and going. Great product!

  40. Diane Gessner

    I use it all the time and I just love it

  41. Elisa

    Love my underwater audio iPod. I got the mega bundle which included a pair of earbuds which fit great. I can swim for an hour with great sound for both audiobooks and music. I’ve had it a month with no issues.

  42. Terry

    where else can you get a waterproof ipod, accessories and have them delivered to your door in no time! Underwater Audio is a great place to shop and I am so happy to have found them.

  43. Emily

    I had never owned an electronic device designed for underwater use before, so I was a little apprehensive. This was also my first iPod shuffle. I got it as a gift for my long pool swims and really love it! The buttons are stiff to start with, but still workable. It comes equipped for a range of headphones and earbuds so you can get a snug fit – they even work well in brick workouts when you transition to a bike. It also comes with access to some swim workout recordings from Rebecca Soni, which I have used a few times to break up my normal swim workout routine. I’ve had this for 4 months and it still works great. Would definitely recommend as a fun purchase for yourself or an ideal gift for swimming friends and family.

  44. Susan Picciano

    I have been using my iPod Shuffle for the past three years and haven’t had any issues with it. I am certainly swimming more laps and longer because of my waterproof iPod Shuffle. I am constantly being told to be careful not to get my iPod Shuffle wet and I just tell them it is waterproof! I have recommended Underwater Audio to all those for ask where I got it.

  45. Suzi Crickmore

    This changed my swimming workouts!!! The BEST ipod I’ve ever purchased! I recommend to everybody while I’m swimming.

  46. Jeff Melman

    The waterproof iPod is fantastic!! It’s changed my life! I now look forward to getting to the pool, swimming, and listening to whatever the current audiobook is on my iPod. With the right earbuds (the ones that look like a little christmas tree) the sound and tight seal is perfect. Thank you to Underwater Audio!

  47. Janet Chinelli

    Amazing sound, transforming my swimming experience. I’ve always preferred running but and down with an injury. The waterproof shuffle has helped me make lemonade out of lemons.

  48. Clint Guttman

    This is a great product that delivers. I used my iPod shuffle while training for an Ironman and it went the distance.

  49. Mary

    excellent, use it daily underwater and love it

  50. Enne Bondd

    I tried 3 different under water products only to be dissatisfied. Underwater Audio is by far the best product in the market. I use my underwater iPod three times a week at the pool at my gym. my workout is one hour long. The music helps so much. I love it!

  51. Terry Hart

    After using another Brand’s underwater swimming system for almost 15 years, I switched to Underwater Audio earlier this year. I couldn’t believe what I had been missing and disappointed I hadn’t considered other systems sooner. A very satisfied customer !!! Thank You.

  52. Nancy Tuura

    It is awesome love it!!!

  53. DeAnn Woodin

    I purchased the Waterproof iPod Shuffle Swimbuds Sport Mega Bundle, and I cannot say enough about the quality of them…the best of the best! Also, I received them within 2 days after ordering, so it was nice to be able to try them out right away! Thank you, Underwater Audio!

  54. Steve Yacovelli

    These are awesome … have completely changed how I swim laps. The Shuffle clips to my goggles, and the headphones (I like the behind the head ones in the Mega Pack) also tuck under my goggles so flip turns don’t let the earphones come out of my ears. The Vaseline they include (to rub on the buds before each session to seal your ear) really help. Some times I need to adjust the ear buds to get the sound just right but otherwise the whole system is fantastic. I am typically asked at the pool where I got these … If you swim competitively OR just for fitness these are a must-have.

  55. Steven Yacovelli

    These are awesome … have completely changed how I swim laps. The Shuffle clips to my goggles, and the headphones (I like the behind the head ones in the Mega Pack) also tuck under my goggles so flip turns don’t let the earphones come out of my ears. The Vaseline they include (to rub on the buds before each session to seal your ear) really help. Some times I need to adjust the ear buds to get the sound just right but otherwise the whole system is fantastic. I am typically asked at the pool where I got these … If you swim competitively OR just for fitness these are a must-have.

  56. Caroline Gibson

    I used to swim for 25 minutes, now I swim for 40 – 50! I’ll be training to swim across the English Channel at this rate. Having this underwater iPod takes the boredom out of doing lengths, and makes you want to keep going. I’ve just recommended one to a friend. We’re in the UK but can luckily order via Amazon.

  57. Mark L.

    First time purchasing from underwater audio and DEFINITELY won’t be my last. In today’s market place, service is just as important as product quality. With underwater audio I received both. The product is incredible and I received outstanding device when my order was a little late on delivery, found out after the fact that it was my overbite not underwater audio’s. Couldn’t ask for more from your company. Keep up the great work!

  58. Edoardo D

    Best purchase for those who swim a lot. Made my training for a triathlon a whole lot easier. Simply love it!

  59. Randy J.

    Started endurance swimming about 6 weeks ago.
    I’ve had the underwater ipod for 2 weeks.
    Swimming is now a blast.
    I look forward to the workout and would recommend it to anyone wanting to make a good work out even better.
    Great product…Thank you

  60. Kelsey M

    I loved my underwater iPod. It makes swimming that much more enjoyable.

  61. Sam

    Great product! Has transformed my enjoyment of swimming!

  62. Tracie McTavish

    Excellent product. Makes those laps in the pool enjoyable again!

  63. Tera O.

    I loved my underwater proof iPod and headphones! I never wanted to get out of the pool! They worked great!!! Then I lost it. It’s so tiny. I have the headsets still but my tiny iPod is gone. My advice…get a special little zipper pouch or something for it instead of putting in your gym back loose. It’s an awesome product! I miss mine terribly!

  64. Peter

    Excellent product. Swimming laps can be very boring, I can put in 1 hr in the pool and really enjoy it.

  65. Marianne W.

    Awesome waterproof iPod. I’ve had mine for over 6 months and use it several times a week. The earphones work well and I haven’t had any leak issues. I highly recommend them.

  66. David B.

    Website looks great and the audio on the ipod is amazing even under water! Great job!

  67. Patrick M

    I enjoy my waterproof iPod tremendously. It got me through many long pool workouts as I trained for IM Canada. It is as important as anything in my swimbag!

  68. Alan B

    Exactly what my daughter wanted. Love the waterproof ipod and earbuds we received. My daughter says they make swimming practice so much better! I know that if we have any problems Underwater Audio will take care of us!

  69. Dave V

    I have been very impressed with your company on all levels of service I have had, from shipping my purchase the next day to your customer service’s fast and friendly help when I called you with a problem I was having. I just wanted to say thank you, I haven’t enjoyed swimming this much in years!

  70. Gregory C

    Hi, I have to swim. I was injured in a work related incident. I hate swimming, but I have to. The water proof shuffel makes it possible. Thank you. This product is outstanding!

  71. William

    Easy to load with music and great sound quality

  72. Terry

    Proud and happy owner of an underwater iPod from this company. What a difference its made doing my laps, a sheer pleasure. Cant keep the grin off my face, though! Highly recommend.

  73. Tal K

    Excellent product. I surf with it in barreling waves. No problems.

  74. Lisa

    This is the BEST and I mean BEST audio underwater device that anyone could own… from ages 8-80.. I know that I myself have had other people that swim purchase this …and could’t be happier..Now i use mine outdoors..gardening..walking..and even around the house with my daily grinding routine..and what a difference how fast time goes by…even in the shower….
    and the sound is amazing…just loving it…
    Thank u for ur time that I can express how EVERYONE should own one of these little gadgets…

  75. Steven

    Awesome products
    Quick delivery
    These guys rock

  76. Brittiny

    Wonderful, quick service. Never bored in the water again!

  77. Mary

    I am so pleased with my purchase, it is great quality and I have no problems. So happy I can swim for over an hour and not get bored, thank you

  78. Elizabeth

    Perfect sound easy to download the music and it makes my swim so much more enjoyable. I had an MP3 player but the tiny buttons were impossible to use.

  79. Sarah G

    Underwater Audio has been the best consumer experience I have had in a very very long time. The product is the best thing I have purchased in a while. Not only do I love the product but the service was exceptional. Underwater Audio responded to my email and addressed my concerns immediately. I honestly can not say enough amazing things about this company. I wish more companies would learn from them and follow suit. Regarding the product, I just love it! I easily transferred music from my iTunes library to the shuffle. Swimming with the Underwater Audio is a great experience. I swim longer and more often.
    Thank you Underwater Audio for everything!!!

  80. Joseph O

    These have worked great and the whole process has been awesome. They shipped on time and after trying on the right size that worked for my ear, swimming with music is awesome. When finding the right fit water may get in but just dry it off and try a different size that seals well to your ear. I’ve read some reviews that use a little vaseline for a better seal. Good swimming to you!

  81. Carl D

    It’s nice to swim and kayak with music.

  82. Erik

    Products work great for me, and whenever I need some advice they are right there right away. Excellent products and staff!

  83. Lauren

    Is exactly as advertised. The iPod is perfectly waterproofed and relatively easy to use. I give 5 stars because of the selection of earbuds. Underwater Audio sends I variety of sizes so that you can find the ones that fit best. I swim about 40 minutes and only have to re-adjust them once or twice (tucking the cord under your swim cap helps keep them more stable.

    If you are looking for an underwater mp3 player to make swimming laps less boring. Look no further.

  84. Clay Cauble

    I needed to find a way to jam out while I was paddle boarding on the lake. Glad I found you on the web. I love my my underwater audio gear! Much gradutute for a killer product!

  85. Haroution Salatian

    Best products and gifts I have given to my friends and family.

  86. Marc Capra

    I ordered the IPOD Sports Mega Bundle. Great service, great delivery , great product. This package is far superior to anything else I have found on the market. Great buy!!!

  87. Catherinee West

    Perfect! Makes swimming laps fun!

  88. Allan Therrien

    My wife is very happy with her waterproof iPod. It has added a whole new level to a somewhat solitary activity ( lap swimming ) and has offered her a renewed interest in getting back in to the pool. Thanks so much!

  89. Ron Hood

    A big game changer! Can’t say enough good things about being able to reliably listen to tunes while I swim.

  90. Richard Gross

    I had a different brand before this and I had a lot of trouble keeping water out of the headphones but so far these have worked great. Buttons are stiff but I assume that will get better. Makes my swim workouts much easier.

  91. Mary-Anne Purcell

    I just used my underwater iPod shuffle. I normally swim for an hour and I effortlessly swam for 90 minutes. It was so fun to have music incorporated into my routine. I love this device!

  92. Julie Rosenfield

    Love my iPod shuffle. Had a different underwater device and never used it. This one is perfect

  93. Devin Midro

    All of the underwater audio products that I have received have been awesome! I ordered the sports package with the royal blue iPod mini. I also had my name engraved on the back of the iPod mini. It came with a variety of different earbuds to get the right fit when swimming in the water. After I tried two different earbuds, I found the right earbud and have never looked back. Swimming is way better with music, like everything else in life. Buy this product and don’t look back! Move forward with underwater audio!

  94. Ronald Brunson

    Received the ipod shuffle, ear buds, and earphones. All were in good condition. Have used the ipod and ear buds three times so far and all is good.

    I have now been using the ipod shuffle with several different styles of ear buds for 7 months. I am very happy with the products and will probably purchase a second ipod shuffle. This is a good product.

  95. David Baker

    I swim 4-5 times a day after a biking injury. What I missed was having a book on tape. With this product I am at least 30 min into my swim without even knowing it. Simple set up and earplugs worked out or the box. I did order the most expensive one to make sure they don’t leak. And so far so good

  96. Michael Gagnon

    Ordered the mega bundle sports package for my wife’s birthday. Needless to say, I am now the greatest husband on earth. She loves it. Super fast free shipping. Can’t wait to get one for myself!

  97. James Warden

    I am totally satisfied with this awesome product from Underwater Audio. Swimming laps has become almost enjoyable with a waterproof Ipod. The customer service has always been above and beyond. I couldn’t ask for better. Keep up the good work!!!

  98. Robert Meeker

    Underwater Audio creates a new experience for me in the pool. Even though I swim only for the exercise and meditation the addition that UA provides in music/audio enhances the experience to a higher level of enjoyment physically but more so emotionally. Thank you.

  99. Mark Freeman

    UA is a great tool to get excited about swimming. A real Game Changer!

  100. Scott Borzi

    I’ve been using Underwater Audio’s products for roughly 4 years and give them all high marks for their performance. They have enhanced my workouts and kept me in the water longer, enhancing my fitness as a result. When asked in the pool I am quick to recommend them to others and have received positive feedback from those who have followed up on my advice. This company provides great products and has responded to the few issues I have had promptly with excellent customer service.

  101. Diana Walker

    Loved my uwas. Best ever. Just saying!!

  102. Cathy Hix

    Great product and great present my husband gave me

  103. Brad LAWRIE

    I ordered the top package as a Christmas gift for my wife. Ordering things to be delivered to our Canadian address is always a concern as shipping costs and customs clearances can become problematic, turning a simple transaction into a nightmare. Well, all of my research led me to think that the offerings from Underwater Audio would be the best quality and functionality (we try to stay with all Apple brand products), so I decided to order this gift exactly two weeks before Christmas. The ordering process was flawless and I was given excellent tracking on the USPS web-site, even while my order was in transit in Canada. So with a slight amount of duty and taxes levied upon arrival, in less than two weeks I was able to receive the order in time for gift-giving. The product is as advertised: excellent, compact and decent sound quality. My wife loves it for her training routine that involves lots of pool laps, making her workouts a lot more pleasurable. Considering the cost of an iPod shuffle, the package was a good value. Excellent overall experience.

  104. James Jordon

    I am very happy with the underwater iPod from underwater audio

  105. Patrick Manning

    I enjoy my waterproof tremendously. It got me through many long pool workouts as I trained for IM Canada. It is as important as anything in my swimbag! The new headphones I purchased are outstanding. I actually like the full mount better than the earbuds.

  106. Bob Burnside

    Excellent products fast shipping and very courteous customer service.

  107. Jenae Mccuistion

    The iPod shuffle works very well – I tried it out during a 1 hour lap swim. The ear buds work much better than the “headband” earphones. I use the headband earphones for running and cycling. They don’t do well when wearing goggles during the swim.

  108. Caroline Tarnowski

    I used my waterproof shuffle for the first time today and I thoroughly enjoyed my swim. Music is my life, and I love to swim. Now I can combine both tigether, and get fit in the process.

    I do, however, wish there was a paper insert with the headphones instructing users how to determine the right fit for the earbuds, fins, etc. and when to use each one. I found I had to go back to your website to find this information.

    Thank you for a great product.

    • Customer Service

      Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll see if we can make that happen.

  109. Matthew Waideman

    Couldn’t be happier with the way Underwater Audie handle my unfortunate cancellation of my order only minutes prior to being shipped for no cost. Much appreciated