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TriMoot Testimonial

TriMoot Testimonial


We caught up with one of our customers as he trains for an upcoming triathlon to find out how he got his start.  Here’s what we found!



Team Blaze

Name: TriMoot

Location: First North Palm Beach Florida and now Spokane Washington.  (And yes, he does miss the ocean!)
Occupation: A Systems Administrator at HP
Status: Married with 4 children, one son and three daughters

What kind of sports do you play, TriMoot?  
All of them!  Kayaking, Triathlon, lots and lots of swimming, and that’s where this waterproof iPod shines!  It works perfectly!

Why swimming?  
It’s like a day at the beach…soooo relaxing!

Are you involved in any organizations or community groups?
Well, I belong to a Triathlon club called “Team Blaze”, a wonderful club with amazing people and athletes.

How long have you been with Team Blaze?
Four years.

“I use the player everywhere!”

With 250 other people on Team Blaze- do you end up competing against each other during triathlons?
Well, it never really feels that way.  It really is a team-oriented group and while there is some healthy competition, we really do help each other out.

How are you and Team Blaze doing? 
Many of the members just did the Boise Half Ironman last weekend and dedicated it to Coach Scott.  It was a very emotional time for all of them.  Well, I’m having knee issues (arthritis) so I’m just doing the swim part in a couple of smaller triathlons. Hopefully I can get a handle on the knee issue and get back to doing Ironman races!

What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
I love to train, so right now, since I have a knee issue, I do a lot of swimming and a little biking (never been one of my loves).  But I use the player eveywhere: gym, at my desk (I listen to audio books the most), in the car..pretty much everywhere!

You mention your waterproof player: why did you buy a waterproof iPod? 
Well, I saw a waterproof mp3 player a couple of years ago and thought what a great idea, but of course, not a top priority in regards to needed equipment. So I tried a cheaper method by buying a Sansa Clip and then a waterproof bag.  Worked okay, but very clunky and dorky looking, not to mention impossible to adjust volume or anything else.  However, I ruined two of the Sansa Clips when the bags failed and leaked.  So I started looking into Underwater Audio’s waterproof MP3 player and looked at the reviews on Amazon as well as other places and came away with the feeling that you guys had the best product and customer support.

“You guys had the best product and customer support”

If you could describe your waterproof shuffle in one word what would it be? 
LOVE! HA!  I know I know..silly, but I just love it.  It makes not only working out but just working so much nicer.  Makes the time pass very quickly.

What would you say do you use the waterproof iPod for most? 
Swimming while listening to audio books or tech or triathlon podcast

What’s an audio book you’re listening to now?  
Force of Nature by CJ Box.  Silly book but it passes the time.

So what do you like best about your waterproof shuffle?
Just how simple it is to use.  I used to use a non-waterproof one and have to stuff it in a waterproof bag and then mount it on my head underneath my goggle straps.  Talk about looking like a dork?! HA!  Terrible!  And impossible to adjust.  I love how adjusting the volume or skipping to the next track is so simple with the shuffle.

Is there anything you would like to say to potential customers looking to buy a waterproof iPod shuffle?
Well, I do know the price seems a little high at first glance but I’ve already ruined two non-waterproof mp3 players so this has already basically paid for itself by working!

“I don’t know what else to say, other than I love it and it works!  So simple and elegant”


Written by Samantha Bonine


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Rachel Blake
Rachel Blake has been working at Underwater Audio for the last year doing Customer Service. She recently graduated with a MA in History of Science. She enjoys running, hiking, any type of music, dancing with her husband, and playing with her puggle.

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    Jan 17

    Paul Mooter aka TriMoot

    Samantha, Thanks so much for writing this up and posting it. I REALLY do use and enjoy this ipod almost everyday! My swimming is soooo much more enjoyable having something to listen to while logging hours (Yes, HOURS) in a pool or lake. I also use it for none-water related work outs too as it’s just so light and handy.

    Almost each time I get in or out of a pool I have people ask me about this device, and even some who are so concerned the even STOP me and say, “Wait! Is that thing waterproof?” Which is the perfect opportunity to tell them all about it.

    Not only is this a great product but customer service CAN NOT BE BEAT! And that is no boast! The CS is the best hands down!

    Thanks again UnderWater Audio and Samantha, you guys RAWK!

    Aug 12


    Amazing…I don’t recall how long ago I left this comment but it’s still true and I still love this product! I use it every day I swim. And here it is August of 2017.


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