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Back to School Playlist

Back to School Playlist

Though it’s not the beginning of the calendar year, for many students, parents, and teachers it’s the beginning of a new school year! Saying goodbye to sun, swimming, and freedom is hard. And trading that in for hitting the books can seem even more discouraging, but we know how much music can influence the mind when you need a little boost.

We’ve included some odes to a long lost summer, but we’re also thinking fresh starts, new notebooks and sweater weather (pumpkin spiced everything, anyone?). Get into the spirit of September and give fall a chance with our new back to school playlist! The songs are even set up in a way that you can warm-up, workout and cool down with specific beats per minute (BPM).


1. We’re Going to Be Friends – The White Stripes 2:22 | 97 BPM

2. Autumn Shade – The Vines 3:13 | 122 BPM

3. Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood 4:00 | 124 BPM

4. Schoolin’ Life – Beyoncé 4:52 | 124 BPM

5. September – Earth, Wind and Fire 3:34 | 126 BPM

6. Wake Me Up – Avicii 4:09 | 124 BPM

7. School – Nirvana 2:42 | 165 BPM

8. August is Over – We the Kings 3:14 | 167 BPM

9. September – The Shins 3:33 | 202 BPM

10. Teacher – Jethro Hull 3:49 | 122 BPM

11. We Rule the School – Belle & Sebastian 3:27 | 121 BPM

12. Autumn Sweater – Yo La Tengo 5:18 | 100 BPM

13. Today – Smashing Pumpkins 3:22 | 83 BPM


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