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Waterproof iPod Shuffle Swimbuds Bundle

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Our waterproof iPod motivates athletes to get to the pool.

  • Exclusive Swimbuds headphones designed for flip turns
  • Conveniently switch out songs and audiobooks with iTunes
  • Skip tracks midstroke with our responsive waterproofing technology

For an upgrade in comfort and sound quality, see our 
Swimbuds SPORT Bundle

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    Reviews (503)

Product Description

Now available in new or refurbished condition! By selecting “New” condition, you are purchasing a brand new Apple iPod shuffle, waterproofed by Underwater Audio and guaranteed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. By selecting “Refurbished” condition, you are purchasing an Apple iPod shuffle that has been owned previously and repaired (if needed), and then waterproofed at our facilities just like our new iPods. These refurbished iPods may come with some light cosmetic damage, such as small scratches or bumps. These iPods are guaranteed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

This Waterproof iPod Shuffle Bundle Includes:

  • Genuine Apple iPod shuffle, waterproofed by Underwater Audio
  • Improved audio extra-short cord Swimbuds Waterproof headphones (1-year warranty)
  • FREE iFloatie Open Water Protection System
  • FREE 1 oz AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense (US only)
  • FREE 0.5 oz tube of FitGoo, to help your earbuds create a perfectly waterproof seal
  • Coupon for a FREE download of a 30-minute audio workout with Rebecca Soni ($30 value)

Underwater Audio’s waterproof iPod shuffle will go with you from land to sea and everywhere in between. Designed for swimmers, water lovers, and runners in the rain, this sleek and lightweight music player has all the features of the latest 2 GB iPod Shuffle, with the added bonus of being waterproof! Underwater Audio uses a proprietary process that is unique to the industry to waterproof your iPod from the inside out, giving you a 100% watertight music player.

We introduced Swimbuds short-cord because many of our customers have told us that they really, really HATE the tedious task of wrapping long headphone cords around their goggle straps. Since then, we have developed Swimbuds Sport, a new and improved version of Swimbuds that feature better audio quality and multiple earbud tips for a customized fit. To view our Swimbuds Sport Waterproof iPod Bundle, click here.

New! Free travel size AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense (1 oz, US only) for keeping your hair from crumbling after those long hours in the pool. Just apply to wet or dry hair before jumping into the pool. This delightful liquid will keep your hair fresh and most importantly – not green.

1The Underwater Audio Swimbuds Bundle includes a free download of Swim Work Out with Rebecca Soni. Olympic Medalist Rebecca Soni offers tips on alignment, efficiency, timing and technique.

How to Get your Free Audio Tracks:

After you purchase from our website, you should get a confirmation email. There you will also find the downloadable audio for free! Click on the links and the audio will download to your computer.


  1. Order waterproof iPod shuffle bundle. The coupon code will arrive via mail with your iPod.
  2. Go to the Swim Work Out with Rebecca Soni product page.
  3. Add the product to your cart.
  4. Apply coupon code.
  5. After you ‘checkout’ you will get the tracks for free via downloadable audio.

What you get:

One genuine Apple iPod (4th Gen, 2 GB) waterproofed by Underwater Audio

  • Hours of underwater audio listening
  • Original Apple USB cable 

One pair of Extra-Short Cord Waterproof Headphones by Swimbuds

  • 4 sets of interchangeable waterproof earbuds to create a custom fit
  • 1 white 39-inch waterproof extension cord for Swimbuds

1 iFloatie Open Water Protection System
1 half-ounce tube of our proprietary FitGoo to help earbuds form a watertight seal (US only)
1 oz AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense
Coupon code for Swim Work Out with Rebecca Soni

503 reviews for Waterproof iPod Shuffle Swimbuds Bundle

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Logan Storie, Professional Swimmer

    I tried my Underwater Audio iPod out two weeks ago for the first time and I was impressed. Being active in an aquatic sport my entire life has allowed me to test out many different options in underwater music, but nothing has the sound quality or longevity like the Underwater Audio iPod. With the option of short or long cord headphones, I can use the short ones for swimming and the longer ones for out of water activities, and I don’t have the hassle of wadding the long cord up under my cap and goggles. After messing with the ear bud options, I found that the small round ear buds worked the best for me. I had no problem with the ear buds falling out sprinting or swimming a long set, and for whatever reason when you listen to music under water, the bass is much higher, which I personally love.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sue Habernigg, Former NCAA Champion

    I just used your product for the first time today. It is great, it’s life changing. I am a former NCAA champion and USA national team swimmer and am now a middle aged (well getting old ) woman. I haven’t been swimming much because I fight boredom swimming laps and get frustrated by my performance. Day 1 with your product, today, Jan 1, 2012. I swam 2000 yards with great music. I swam farther than planned, with a smile.

    Sue Habernigg

  3. Corky

    I am former 5 time US and 3 time International Surfing Champion and currently live in Mexico living as a surfing coach. Also former musician. I had heard about the new iPods and Googled them online, thought yours sounded the best and ordered one. I had it sent to my mailbox and picked it up last week. yesterday I paddled out for the first time using it and it was INCREDIBLE. I love it. I love it A LOT. I made a post on my Facebook pages yesterday about it, 2 pages with over 6000 friends. but, beyond that I am also a columnist for the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER newspaper in Southern California and am working on a story about my new underwater audio iPod and my first day surfing experience. Actually got to surf to some of my own music, geese… doesn’t get much cooler than that.
    so, to answer YES… I AM VERY HAPPY. if you ever need a surf celeb endorsement I am your guy.

  4. Jan S.

    I am very pleased with the short cord on the earbud headphones and the way the iShuffle can clip onto goggles or clothing! I was surprised at how well you can actually hear the music while doing laps, too.
    Thanks for offering such a quality product! Most people would rather pay a little more and have the product actually do what it claims. Your 1 year warranty convinced me to buy your product. Keep up the good work.

  5. Roxanne

    Totally awesome, want to surprise my husband and get one for him too!
    Thanks for increasing my joy of swimming!

  6. John M.

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying my waterproof iPod. I’ve been using it almost every day and the quality and durability are just what I had hoped for. You have a great product!

  7. La Dell

    Just a note to say Thank You for your excellent product and service! I’ve been swimming a few times with my new IPOD and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! So far it has worked perfectly!!! The earphones work, the sound is great and it’s just what I imagined when I thought,,,, I wonder if they make underwater IPODS? It’s almost as if I invented it myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAA!!!! I spoke to a young man in Customer Service and he was professional, curteous and very helpful with a question I had about shipping. He not only answered my question, he also followed up, took action, and provided me with timely feedback!!!!!
    I also appreciate your offer to make things right if anything goes wrong. We don’t hear THAT very often from today’s retail world.
    Again, Thank You All for your excellent product and Customer Support

  8. Linda C.

    I just wanted you to know how very happy I am with my waterproof iPod. I have had two other brands of waterproof MP3 players which were not even close to the quality of yours. I swim laps and love to listen to audio books while doing so. Being able to use my Audible books has really been wonderful. Now I don’t have to try to find the audible book at the library, check it out, copy it to my computer and load it onto my MP3 player. Thanks so much for making such a great product available.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5


    I had previously bought a different mp3 player to try in the water and it had broken the first day so I was a little skeptical in buying another different kind. But after trying this ipod out it was AMAZING! It worked great, the sounds quality was awesome and the cords didn’t get in my way of swimming. All i had to do was find the right headphone size for me and swim! I highly recommend this product!

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Phil D.

    My purchase of your product has been great from the first telephone call to the five times I have used it (4+ hours). Product is used on a new set of “Aqua Sphere” goggles and is clipped between the front double straps. I find that the earbuds work great without the flexible ear pieces when I swim laps. I’m not a fast swimmer, but I have found that that with my iPod, I enjoy a 50% increase in the time I swim laps (30-40 min.). Rather than letting my mind think about the activates and problems of the day, I am much more relaxed as I listen to my music. This product works whereas the two previous types I have tried ended up leaking and killing the standard ipod. I have recommended this to several swimming buddies.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5


    I had previously bought a different mp3 player to try in the water and it had broken the first day so I was a little skeptical in buying another different kind. But after trying this ipod out it was AMAZING! It worked great, the sounds quality was awesome and the cords didn’t get in my way of swimming. All i had to do was find the right headphone size for me and swim! I highly recommend this product!

  12. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have used my iPod and short ear buds for over a week now and am very impressed. The sound is great and after some adjusting, I can get the earphones to stay in and keep the water out. The battery has yet to run out after approximately ten days of swimming 1/2 hour laps and laying out afterward. Swimming is my meditation and music is my passion. Now I can combine both into an amazing experience! I can’t wait to get into the pool every chance I get.

  13. Jack

    I asked my wife to buy me this iPod for my birthday after seeing someone have one in the pool and getting your website from them. Since I got it, I have given your website to at least 10 other people. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for and needed! Everything else I have tried was either to clunky, or had too much drag, or the earbuds kept falling out, but with your product I hear the music as well underwater as I do on land. I swim 20-40% more when I wear your iPod. The very first time I tried it, I swam 50% more laps then my personal record prior! Thank you for making swimming more enjoyable!

  14. Emilio C.


  15. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love it.

  16. Rated 5 out of 5



  17. Corky

    I am former 5 time US and 3 time International Surfing Champion and currently live in Mexico living as a surfing coach. Also former musician. I had heard about the new iPods and goggled them online, thought yours sounded the best and ordered one. had it sent to my use mailbox and picked it up last week. yesterday I paddled out for the first time using it and it was INCREDIBLE. I love it. I love it A LOT. I made a post on my Facebook pages yesterday about it, 2 pages with over 6000 friends. but, beyond that I am also a columnist for the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER newspaper in Southern California and am working on a story about my new underwater audio iPod and my first day surfing experience. Actually got to surf to some of my own music, geese… doesn’t get much cooler than that.

    I AM VERY HAPPY. if you ever need a surf celeb endorsement I am your guy.

  18. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve had no problems with the ipod and swimbuds. The sound is perfect and does NOT fluctuate in volume. The swimbuds include at least 3 different earbud sizes. I found that my earbud size is really in between 2 sizes so I use the slighty bigger buds. To get a good seal without worrying about getting them stuck in my ear canals, I found that using a small amount of vaseline, as I read online, works well. Great way to listen to audio books and music during my daily mile swims. Can’t say enough good things about this ipod and swimbuds!

  19. Gary G.

    As someone who is a life long swimmer, Thank You!! Your product is a total game changer!! Where were you 30 years ago???

  20. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was skeptical at first, but I needed something to help push me beyond the normal solo swim workout, which usually ended after about 1000yds. I can say that I am so so so pleased with this purchase! I’ve started swimming 2000+yds 4 days a week, and after finding which earbud fits best, the headphones rarely leak. The music really helps me focus on swimming, just like swimming with the team. Great investment, great quality, and no problems other than the occasional leak in the headphones (usually occurring late into a long workout). Still highly recommended!

  21. Rated 5 out of 5


    I found firstly investing 165.00 in an Ipod was insane. Now I find it a minimal expense in my health. My attitude quickly changed after I received my ipod. I had 3 other mp3 players that worked only 1 week after swimming with them and that left me ANGRY. My ipod worked for 3 months then it seemed the battery went bad. DON’T WORRY! If that thing breaks they will replace it and are very nice about it! I want to commend Rachel in customer service who was wonderful to me! Keep on swimming folks!

  22. Rated 5 out of 5


    I bought the bundle last year after thinking about it for a while. A couple of weeks into my summer swimming routine I was bored out of my mind & done thinking about buying. Once I started using the this iPod I swam at least 2 miles a day. I didn’t even realize how much time was going by listening to the music. Every time I’m ready to stop swimming a song starts playing that I really like so I keep going & going.
    Also, early on I thought there might have been a short in the ear bud wire. I contacted customer service who immediately offered to replace them, free of charge. Ultimately that was not necessary but it was good there would be no hassle.
    I’d highly recommend this to anyone who has ever spent time swimming laps in a backyard pool!

  23. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have been using this for about 3 weeks now. Still on my first charge. It works as advertised and I love having music while I swim.

    I wasn’t sure if it would really work at first but it works like a charm… SO far so GREAT!

  24. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am a 65 year old runner. Recently I battled a reoccurring calf injury, and took up swimming to keep my endurance and sanity. Swimming laps got so boring that I had to drag myself to the pool. The waterproof ipod has opened up a whole new approach to swimming. I can listen to my music, and not have to worry about a thing! I recommend this product to all, runners and swimmers alike. And, the short cord makes it even better. Don’t wait…get one!!!!!

  25. Amanda

    I ABSOLUTELY love my underwater ipod. I have been a distance swimmer all my life and the one thing I dreaded
    about my workout was the hour plus of listening to my own voice in my head. I have tried to become a runner
    or a biker just because I could have music and failed miserably. My body is designed to swim.

    I wish I would have had this years ago. My workouts are so much more enjoyable with music and I have found I
    can go longer or even pick up my pace just by finding the right song. I have referred all of my friends and family
    to your site. I get stopped at least once during each swim by someone wanting to know how I have my ipod in
    the water. I refer them to your site as well.

    I work a very stressful full time job and have two very young boys. My swim time is my only escape time and
    I can now truly enjoy it.

  26. Sarah

    Couldn’t be happier. I absolutely love this thing! I use it 3 times a week at the pool and just cannot imagine swimming without it ever again! I did have to suffer through one workout without it when I forgot it and left it plugged into my computer at home, NEVER again! I haven’t had a single problem with it yet and definitely much swim further and longer with it. I can’t believe some days that I went through 12 years of competitive swim training without music. LOVE it!

  27. Jacky

    I am LOVING my iPod! It’s the only way to do lap swimming! I always hated swimming laps, so boring. Now I practically dance down the lane. I use a snorkel, so the lifeguards are startled to hear what is supposed to be singing through the snorkel! I originally bought the ipod to share with my husband. He hasn’t gotten to try it out yet! Oh well, he can just get his own. Everyone is envious and curious and I have been referring them to your website.

  28. Rated 5 out of 5


    Just wanted to thank you all for clearly doing your research. These fit wonderfully, are not uncomfortable, and listen really well. Thanks for improving my workouts… the earphones and ipod package might just be the best thing I’ve purchased this year….

  29. Chris

    I have nothing but praise for your product, i am EXTREMELY happy with it so far, i use it at least 4 times a week for 45-60mins doing laps in my local pool. Great sound quality, and ease of use with the controls. I have had 2 other underwater mp3 players and your product blows them out the water! : ) It is truly one of the best purchases i have made all year. If your high level of customer report continues, i will be recommending this to everyone i know, who could use it!
    Many thanks again

  30. anne

    I am absolutely thrilled with my new underwater ipod! I love to swim, and now with a knee injury have been spending even more time in the pool than ever. Having music with my workout has made my swims so much more enjoyable, and gives me a good metric to push myself……I’ll switch strokes at the end of each song and will not let myself end a workout until the end of a song, which has made for longer workouts too. Beats counting laps!! I’ve told several of my swimmer friends about it.

  31. Laura

    My husband and kids purchased the waterproof iPod Shuffle for me for Mother’s Day. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The first time I used it my workout was so much better – the laps literally flew by since I was rocking out. I have told every lap swimmer I know about your product. I also really like the short cord earbuds w/interchangeable tips. I was able to find the perfect fit! Your product has made me a much happier swimmer. I am so happy with it so far. I can’t thank them enough for such a thoughtful gift and YOU for making it possible.

  32. Shirley

    Thanks very much for producing such a great product! It works wonderfully. I love the way you follow up – I will for sure recommend your company to my friends,
    Kind regards,

  33. Thomas

    The iPod is just as advertised and makes lap swimming more enjoyable. Completely satisfied with the product so far only been using for two weeks.

  34. Rated 5 out of 5


    So I have had my setup for about 2 months now with about 20 miles of swimming total and the product has worked flawlessly. I use the short swimbuds but do not use the ‘over ear’ attachment. You don’t really need them even with flip turns as long as you don’t have too much cord dragging. I found the attachment tended to pull the buds out of my ears under drag. The swim buds take a bit to get used to, but what worked for me is to wet my head and the buds before inserting them with a slight twisting motion. If you don’t get a tight seal, water will get in and it’ll sound like one of your headphones is going out. It takes some time to perfect the insertion and cord wrap your first time. Suprisingly, you can crank up the volume pretty loud and no one around you can hear you underwater. (unless you start singing…) I train for triathlons and doing straight 1600m+ swims for 20-60 mins plain sucks. My new shuffle has been so great to keep my mind busy and my tempo up. It does not help with counting laps, but there are some other cheap tips/tricks out there for that. If you swim more than a couple days a week, these iPods are awesome. If I had a chance to try it out before I bought it, I would have paid more than double what I already did… It’s just that much different and my swim workouts are so much better.

  35. Jeanne R.

    Simply amazing! I swim at my gym nearly every day & it becomes a whole new experience when listening to music. While I’ve only had it for a few weeks, I’ve recommended the UA iPod Shuffle to many others. It’s fabulous.

  36. Cathi

    The waterproof iPod was a graduation gift for our daughter. She loves having music when she swims. She says the time flies.

  37. Suzanne

    I love my underwater audio! I had to do a mile swim in the river today. Since I was alone I used my iPod. It made me swim faster, and broke up the quiet that usually freaks me out when I am out there with no one around. I am sure it made the turtles, and fish dance.

  38. Pilar

    Thanks for the most amazing iPod ever!! I’m a lap swimmer and would get so bored! But not now. I find that I’m swimming at least 30-45 minutes on top of my hour and a half!! I love it I love it I love it!!!
    Did I mention that I love it???

  39. Beth

    I LOVE MY WATERPROOF IPOD!! It makes my lap swimming so much more fun!

    It’s is working so well.

  40. Heather

    I love it! It makes swimming laps much more enjoyable – will recommend you guys to my friends – thanks, Heather

  41. Bette

    I know this is late in coming but I am extremely satisfied with my underwater iPod. It is a great companion to my water aerobics four times a week.

  42. Steve H.

    It’s so nice to be able to swim with music. I look forward to my workouts thanks to my new waterproof iPod. I may try taking it surfing. You need to market this at REI and all the outdoor stores. Thanks for developing the first ever truly waterproof MP3 player.

  43. Jeff Kowalik

    I love it and so does my wife. I love to swim more than before!!!

  44. Julia

    Love it! Thinking about buying another!

  45. Kurt

    I love the new iPod. It works great and I love the music when I swim laps.

  46. Jun

    I swim in the pool every day and enjoying underwater ipod, I love it. I bought two already.
    I am visiting my parents’ home in japan now, I went to a sports club in Hokkaido Japan and I am finding out no one has this item. They are still using ipods with heavy and inconvenient cases.
    I felt sorry for them!

  47. Tessa

    I would like to share with you that I am absolutely loving my waterproof IPod! It has made my long-distance swimming so much more enjoyable! The time flies when I have music playing. Many others have asked me about your product, and I definitely recommend it to them! So thank you!

  48. Beau

    The iPod works great and I love it. I left you a 5 star review and would like to purchase more for some friends when I have the money.

  49. George

    The iPod Shuffle is outstanding. My only wish is that I would have purchased it sooner. I swim 2,000 meters almost everyday and the time flies while I listen to my favorite music. Thank you for a great product.

  50. Lloyd

    Its awesome. I want to tell everyone in the pool how great it is to
    have music, or books, or sermons while swimming laps.

  51. Marg

    Wonderful piece of apparatus… I put too many songs on it so was constantly pressing the buttons to advance the music… Still haven’t figured the button pressing when I ‘m not looking!!!

  52. Barbara Cline

    So far so good! I have enjoyed the ipod and the earplugs. I wish it had come with a little soft case. I’m afraid I’m going to loose it, it’s so small!

  53. Mimi

    I love it! And I loved working with your company — I was impressed. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

  54. Ricky

    Absolutely fantastic product! We’ve increased our swimming time to 30 – 45 mins because of the IPOD and it’s just outstanding to listen to music while under the water. Our customer experience is extremely positive and we recommend this product to anyone looking to add music to their swimming regime – it’s made a very routine exercise, into a fun workout. The order process was very easy, and the shipment reached on time considering it was sent from the US to India!

    Please give my best regards to the entire team.

  55. Diana

    I love my iPod! I’ve used it several times and the worst part is that everyone is amazed by it and won’t leave me alone. “What is THAT?!? How do you do that?!? Where do I get that?!?”

    Also, I would pay more for a REAL iPod (not the nano). It’s so hard to navigate, esp w/ audio books. just a thought.

    Thanks for your excellent product!

  56. Chip

    I LOVE my waterproof nano.
    Changes everything.

  57. Joey Z.

    Awesome! Fantastic! I love it! Thank you!

  58. Dona Washington

    I love my new underwater iPod. i’ve been waiting for a device like this for years. I like to do laps in the pool and listening to the music makes my swim time so much more enjoyable. The iPod was easy to download songs and was easy to use. i also bought the recommended earphones and they are a wonderful product as well. Great product.

  59. Ellen Deutschman

    i tried it yesterday. it worked well but i did need to adjust the head phones a bit when going in and out of the water.for the most part, so far, so good.

  60. John

    Really happy with the iPod and have recommended to my friends, and one has already purchased one.

  61. Tom

    It works great. Lap swimming is a real joy. I’ve had several ask where I got it.

  62. Andy

    It’s an awesome, awesome product that makes swimming that much more enjoyable. Top-notch quality makes this my go to. There’s nothing else that beats in on the market, period.

  63. Szabo

    The product is flawless!

  64. Edward

    The iPod is working great – very satisfied – the ear phones are good but not perfect otherwise a good product

  65. Shari

    I am loving it! I’m not a swimmer but I got it for running as I have had 2 shuffles break this summer from sweat and rain. The buttons are harder to press as stated in the information enclosed but understandable and has not been a problem. This is a great purchase and I’m telling everyone about it!

  66. Joseph

    Been using it windsurfing! Great motivator. Blowing 50 the other day, put the music on and go rip! Joe

  67. Kylie

    Incredible product! Thanks for everything!

  68. Brett

    Thank you very much for your good customer feed back, your product is outstanding. I’m very happy with your system. Thank you.

  69. James

    Great product…don’t know how you did it but glad you did because swimming with music is great. This has been needed for a long time…congratulations on the concept. Thanks for the iPod.

  70. Leeny

    Very satisfied. I’m still trying to figure out which ear plugs are the best, but the basic product is terrific. Thx.

  71. Jean

    So far it is great love the sound under the water!!!!

  72. Chris

    My daughter is the user of the device and she is thrilled with it so
    far. She is a freshman in college and is training with the Triathlon Club
    and loves the idea of having great tunes while training.
    Great product!!

  73. Craig

    Your product is awesome!! It works great, I’ve had no issues at all and having the waterproof iPod has made my lap swimming and drills even more enjoyable.

  74. Jeff

    It’s awesome!! I use it in the gym and the pool…just swap the headphones and good to go…..and that’s a lot because I’m in the gym and/or pool at LEAST 7 times a week. Thanks for a great product!!

  75. Vincent C.

    One word AWESOME I love it, it’s the best thing I ever bought for swim gear it makes my exercise FUN. Wouldn’t trade it for anything, good job.

  76. Fernando

    Best product I have ever bought to run!!! I sweat like if I am swimming and it has given me back my freedom from the huge awful cases I have to strap on to use ipod while running !!!

  77. Megan

    I LOVE my underwater iPod. I swim 2000 m twice a week and it has made my workouts even better than before. I think it is amazing to hear music as I swim. I also love that the ear buds came with multiple sizes as my seven year old also uses it to swim her laps. She was literally dancing as she got into the pool the first time when she wore it.
    Thank you for making such a revolutionary product! I love it!!!

  78. Severina

    It is the best thing I bought for myself in the longest time! Not only I enjoy the music and swim more, but it prevents water to go in my ears, a problem that afflicted me a lot.

    Beethoven and water! You can’t beat that!

    I totally love it.

  79. Tim

    I got my wife the waterproof Shuffle for her pool therapy, and she doesn’t know how she lived without it! Thanks for a great product!

  80. Cheryl

    I have tried it once and love it. I will be sending customers your way!!!

  81. Ava

    My waterproof iPod is continues to work as good as the day I received it. The sound quality is amazing! I actually lost my first one and have to order a new one several months ago – I couldn’t stand not having music when I swam! I have shown my family, friends, and co-workers my iPod and have made many referrals to Underwater Audio. It would be great if the product was more accessible in Canada though!

  82. John F.

    I’ve been a commercial diver for the last 13 years. Many of our jobs involve 3-4 hours of bottom time for 3 weeks at a time. So far I haven’t brought it past 200 feet. Yes I know the warranty will be void. I wear a Miller 400 though, so it’s exposed to water vapor and pressure more than being submerged. Hopefully my hat stays pretty dry. I just wanted to say that having music is huge. Thank you very much.

  83. Michael

    You have done a great job!! Very happy with the out come of this ipod!! Thought a little pricey but have done over 100 laps with no problems.

  84. Tracy

    I love my new iPod! It’s awesome! I have been working out more in the pool just so I can listen to my music. The sound is good and the headphones are great. Thanks guys

  85. Carleen

    I love my new iPod! It’s awesome! I have been working out more in the pool just so I can listen to my music. The sound is good and the headphones are great. Thanks guys

  86. Ben

    My underwater iPod has added 500m to my daily swim. Being able to tune out the sounds of the pool and listen to just my music is awesome! I love it!

  87. Kevin

    Just want to let you know that I love the product. Have been swimming 3 to 4X per week. No problems, works great. Makes the workout much more enjoyable.

  88. Kathleen

    I totally love it! I have had the speedo brand and both of them broke. This model is great.

  89. Julie

    I love my underwater iPod and have recommended it to many people. It took a bit of tweaking to get the ear buds to stay on while swimming, but now I’ve got it down. Great product…Love it!

  90. Terence

    This little gadget rules! Totally happy.

  91. Nicole

    I luv my little device! and have become quite of interest in the pools of Santa Fe, NM..
    Everyone has been curious of this latest addition to my swim routine.

  92. Gabriel

    This waterproof shuffle is a great product. Works flawlessly. Makes my 1500 meter lap swims much more bearable!

  93. Beryl

    Just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. Had
    previously bought one for a friend (who is a competitive swimmer) and
    they raved about it so much that I have finally (after too many years)
    gotten back into the pool myself near every day in order to use my own.
    People regularly ask us where we got them and we direct them to you with
    our hearty recommendations!

  94. Bronislav

    I was very sceptical first…but today, when I finally jump in the pool, I was shocked. It really does work and work great! Thank you very much! I promise to spread the word in my unit to other guys….

  95. Philip

    It’s so refreshing to hear from a company that they stand behind there product. So far everything has been great with my waterproof iPod. I get so many looks and questions from friends and strangers at the pool asking about it so i just tell them it’s the best invention since the light bulb. They all ask me how it works and I just direct them to you guys. Its truly an amazing experience. Most of my swims used to be boring and I could barely keep myself in the pool but now I can enjoy my swims and thanks to the music the time flies by especially with a playlist that last an hour or a good powerhour mix that changes songs every minute. Hats off to you guys for making a great product that just plain works from the start and is not bulky to wear. Keep up the good work. All my friends ask me if you’ll ever develop a way to waterproof some of the newer model iPods and I just tell them to give you time and eventually you guys will figure out a way. I’m sure you’re constantly testing. Thanks again.

  96. Jean

    Your product is A+ and i have mentioned it to another person who
    Should be buying soon. Also had purchased one for my husband at xmas time so this one was puirchased for myself. He didnt want to share when we were both at the pool at the same time!!

  97. Emily

    My waterproof iPod is awesome for swimming long distances in the pool. I can listen to audiobooks while I’m doing laps and it makes my workout fly by.

  98. Kelly

    I love the iPod! It’s added a joyful dimension to swimming! It’s also been something many others are interested in and I’ve enjoyed sharing the joy!

  99. Pauline

    I am very happy with my waterproof iPod. It took me a while to get the best sound with the headphones I also bought, as when I move somehow the sound is less audible sometimes. But overall it is amazing!!

  100. Mary

    Love my new underwater iPod!
    Thanks, my swim time flies by at 5:30 am……..when I can listen to my favorite play list.

  101. Stephanie

    I’ve actually been meaning to write underwater audio to tell you guys how fantastic your product is! I must say, I really had my doubts about the sound quality but its actually quite mind blowing, I think the sound actually improves when it goes underwater. Bass is what gets me through a workout and I can’t believe theres actually decent bass with the swimbuds. I have been telling all my “pool friends” about it and a few have ordered it and think its great as well. Having music underwater takes 100% of the tedious out of swimming laps, I basically have to convince myself to stop swimming.

  102. Andrew

    I have been bragging about you guys since, the IPOD rocks and I am dominating laps in the pool now as I can listen to Rage against the Machine while doing so,

    I could not be happier and continue to shower your company with praise.

  103. Ruth

    Thank you … Yes it’s wonderful for all the swimming I do and running in the heavy rains in Vancouver. The variety of headphones are great. I am so pleased … It’s help me improve my personnel best in swimming by a kilometer as now I never get bored.
    Will be telling all I can to get on your website.

  104. Carol

    I am VERY VERY happy with my waterproof IPOD Shuffle! for a criticism, I found the directions lacking – I have never owned an IPOD, and I was not plugging the plug fully into the jack – BUT – when I called your staff they were VERY VERY nice and helpful and helped me figure out what was wrong and how to proceed (ITUNES) – so you get a 10 out of 10 from me!

  105. Steven W.

    Having bought many products from your company all I can say is AWESOME. From the products to your employees it has been a a great experience. Keep up the great work and see you in the pool. Steve

  106. Michael

    The 3 Shuffle’s that I have purchased are performing beyond expectation! My physical rehab has intensified and the 2 Ipods that I purchased as gifts have changed the lives of the two recipients. The long hours of lap swimming have become a joy again. With the availability of Great Courses, music, and books while I swim I am able to increase rehab times and my enjoyment of the aquatic solitude has returned! I actually look forward to the pool again!! Thank you Underwater Audio for the opportunity to re-create myself after a very long debilitating disease and shaping up for my 60th birthday! I am spreading the word to all I know about Underwater Audio!!

  107. Jason

    LOVE IT! One thing I did add is a small hole in the clip so I could string it around my neck while kitesurfing.

  108. Margaret

    I truly enjoy the water proof ipod as I’m swimming laps. I can create workouts to specific music so the swim is adventurous and dynamic. What a workout! Also, I’m a runner and cyclist so the waterproof ipod works well because I have often dropped my old ipod in snow or puddles which resulted in water damage to the unit.
    Thank you again and keep creating long lasting products. I as a customer sincerely appreciates it and will continue to purchase other products in the future. Additionally, I recommend your company to other athletes.

  109. Olga

    I was swimming with ipod twice already and I feel very happy about it!

    I think it is my best purchase in the last year!

    Thanks a lot

  110. Danielle

    Hi there, I love my waterproof iPod ! I take it out surfing with me everyday & everyone asks me about it. Its so much better then the old waterproof casings. I just clip onto my bikini strap & I’m good to go.

  111. Heather

    I LOVE my waterproof iPod! Listening to music has dramatically improved my length time and gotten me closer to my fitness goals. I’m telling all my friends about you guys!

  112. Darrel

    I am very satisfied with the waterproof iPod plus I have been encouraging other members of my gym to contact your website also if you would be so kind to email me some literature I would be glad to take it to the gym!

  113. Jane

    Love this iPod for swimming. I love the short cord, it is easy to attach to my goggles and not feel it. This has made my lap swimming so much better and able to swim longer. I love it, thank you.

  114. Vicki

    So far I love it!! Need to figure out which ear bud sits best so it is great to be provided with a variety. Sound is clear and syncing to iTunes makes it so easy to load with music. Highly recommend it. Thanks. Vicki

  115. Kari K

    Facing my first marathon swim this summer, Swim Around Key West, there are going to be many, many hours/week in the pool coming up in the next few months. Already I’ve found that this makes the hours go by faster, thankfully! I really like this iPod and it works really well. The pointy earbuds were hard to use, but the small rounded ones fit much better. Need to try the vaseline for a better seal, though, good idea.

  116. Sandra Cox

    I absolutely love it, easy to use, don’t even know its there and just kept swimming and exercising in the pool. Time just flies by today we did 70 mins in the water without batting an eyelid and could have done more its just I was turning to a prune! Great to have a choice of different size ear buds too, my swim buddy was heading home to order one as well. LOVE IT!!

  117. Jack Swanson

    My wife, the four-time national swimming champion, and I used to swim about 50 laps, some 1250 meters, listening only to the splash of water – which, of course, is pleasant but uninspiring. She always won. I always lost, although not by much. Then, at age 58, I got throat cancer. Radical neck dissection, free flap surgery, chemo, and radiation had me out of the water for about 18 months. Once I got the feeding tube removed from my stomach and kicked the pain killers (I wasn’t expected to live, so everyone was generous with the opioids, from Fentanyl to hydrocodone), I got back in the water, barely able to do a lap. Then I could. Then I could do five. Then 10. I could never get much beyond 40 until my wife got me the underwater audio. Now, at 64, I swim 80 laps. A mile. I’ll hit 45, and Duane Allman or Stevie Ray Vaughan will come on with a ripping blues number, and I just can’t get out of the water until I hear that solo just one more time. Then Wes Montgomery’s “Impressions,” and I’ll just have to hear him play, marveling at his thumb speed. Also, I should add that the sound is surprisingly better underwater. This sound system really made the additional laps seem effortless, and if swimming prolongs my good life, I’ll add the inventors of underwater audio to the long list of doctors and nurses I have to thank. I wish I could say that, when I put these waterproof buds in my ears and turn on the music, I can swim faster than my wife. But I can’t. She still wins – as a “matter of principle,” she says.

  118. Margery

    I’m really pleased with the iPod Shuffle Bundle. It takes almost all the boredom out of swimming laps, which is well worth the price, in my opinion. It took me a while to figure out where to clip the iPod so the wires didn’t get in the way of my stroke — the top back of my racerback tank suit did the trick. (I’m female.) The earphones really do keep the water out of my ears. Thanks for a great product.

  119. Trevor

    I am now on my second one of these. The first lasted for over 1,000,000 meters and over 2 years of daily use and finally failed on the battery not charging but was still waterproof. The first set of buds I got failed after a few months but a single email to the company on it and a new set was immediately shipped out at no charge with no questions. The service by the company is immediate and perfect.

    As soon as my first died I could not imagine living without it and immediately ordered a replacement that as always arrived in perfect form with great support and I have no doubt that it will last for another 1,000,000 meters or more.

  120. Bev B

    Really awesome! I normally swim 4-6 miles a week during the winter months (I live in New England) to keep in shape. My daughter gave me the shffle from Underwater Audio for Christmas and I love swimming to music. Now I swim 2 to 2.5 miles a day and it is so much more fun that I don’t want to get out of the pool. First week of 2015 I swam 15 miles and enjoyed every stroke. I am 57 years old male and in good shape, but feel much stronger already. I race a kayak in the summer and the shuffle will be great for that also as it will clip on my hat and the short chord earbuds will not hinder my paddle stroke. Last year I raced using my i-pnone on Pandora with normal length earphones but had to be very careful that the chord did not get in the way. I also like being able to listen to the same music – I think it helps keep in time with the workout. Right now I swim the first mile to Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells – side one, then do the next mile or mile and a half to a Billy Bragg album – both sound great underwater and I guess you love the music you grew up with. Thank you underwater audio – love your product. I spent about 10 minutes selecting the right size inserts for the earbuds and everything has workde perfectly from day 1!

  121. Buffalo Mom

    Don’t hesitate to buy this is if you love to swim. My husband and I were so bored swimming laps and I knew I had to do something different. Since we purchased the iPod and headset, we swim twice as long and look forward to going to the pool. In fact, we just purchased our second iPod so we no longer have to share. It’s amazing how beautiful the sound is and the earbuds stay securely in our ears even when doing flip turns and swimming underwater. We have used them for 2 months and have had no problems. Just download your playlist and head to the pool. No more counting laps or worrying about the time. Just let your playlist do the work for you!

  122. Mo

    Got your product for Christmas 2013 and absolutely love it. I live in the Cayman Islands and I am a very active kiteboarder. During the windy season I typically kiteboard 10 to 15 hours per week. I was a bit skeptical that it would hold up in the tropical salt water conditions but it never missed a beat. I clip it on to the head strap of my SeaSpecs sun glasses and it works perfect. I accidentally left it in the pocket of my shorts which then went through the washer and dryer and still worked fine. Very impressed.

  123. Danit

    I bought my underwater iPod in December 2012 as a holiday present to myself, I use it very often and It still work amazingly well! When I purchased it I wasn’t sure how long it would last, but it has far exceeded my expectations. I love this product and recommend it to everyone I meet at the pool!


    The waterproof iPod Shuffle and swimbuds from underwateraudio.com are the best thing to happen to swimming. I have no idea why Apple didn’t do this in the first place, but thankfully the guys at UW did. It just works, period. No new software, no learning curve, nothing. They sound great and the buds are very comfortable and provide a complete seal, surviving the clumsiest tumble turns. You get these things, wear them once and all you can say is “where have you been all my life?” I’ve been recommending them to everyone. I now want a second set. Nothing wrong with this one, it’s working just fine; but just in case.

  125. Katrina G

    I LOVE my waterproof iPod!! It makes lap swimming so much more enjoyable to have music. It is small, light, and clips securely to my swimsuit. I had a little trouble with the controls being stiff at the beginning but then some of the excess silicone came out of the holes. It has worked easily since then. The waterproof earbuds are nice, too. Much better than a set I’d had before (which wrapped around my ears and rubbed my ears sore). Occasionally one will fall out of my ear but not often. And they have a nice sound underwater. I have recommended waterproof iPods from this site to several people.

  126. Rhodao

    My review is a bit different from most of the others. Yes, I love my shuffle, and use it 6 days a week for the past year. Even better than the device itself is the service from Underwater Audio! I have been absolutely delighted the 3 times I made the call to the company. I called three days ago and had new ear buds yesterday…folks, that is 2 day from start to finish! This is the BEST small business that I have ever come in contact with, either on-line or brick and mortar! Now there are probably less expensive sets somewhere else, but my recommendation is definitely to buy from Underwater Audio. I have saved $60 this time alone. Yep, “penny-wise, pound foolish” still works.

  127. Sharon C.

    I love my waterproof ipod!!! I am in the pool 3-4x/ week swimming and deep water aquajogging. It is easy to download your music from your laptop and easy to use in the pool! It makes your work-outs fun, invigorating and something you look forward to doing because it is your time, your space and your music!!! love, love love my waterproof ipod!!!

  128. Mary Ann Amstutz

    The underwater iPod and ear buds are the best! They have been the key in getting me int he pool and staying in the pool for workouts. If I forget them at home, I will turn around and get them. The iPod has worked great for about 3 years, the ear buds had to be replaced recently. Everything seems to be working great now.

  129. Mary

    This is the only iPod that has lasted the test of time through all my workouts, sweating, etc. it even accidentally went through the washing machine totally fine. It’s been running great for 18 months.

  130. Pamela Corbiell-Kemp

    I absolutely LOVE my underwater ipod and headphones 🙂 They are now fought over when my daughter and I go to the gym together!!! It has helped me achieve a few fitness goals as I am not bored while doing my pool laps…I have my music to keep me moving. On the days my daughter wins I am tempted to buy a second one…Mothers Day is coming 🙂 BIG HINT dear daughter <3

  131. Jimmie C

    this wonderful player changed a boring swim into a pleasant one wow also helped extend the swim. just a fantastic little thing

  132. Josh

    Swimming along the long black line in the pool can be mind numbing, but with my Underwater Audio iPod I can just put in my headphones, crank the tunes, and the time, as well as the laps, fly by.

  133. Franklin Troiso

    I bought the iPod for my wife for when we go swimming at our local YMCA. People are surprised when the see her with the earphones on and ask how can she do it. We have told dozens about your product.

  134. Erick H.

    The website is easy to handle and the products are well worth the money, I’ve had my shuffle/headphones for almost 2 years at this point and they still work great!

  135. Jacob

    I use my water proof ipod everyday it has changed my relationship to excersize I look forward to swiimming now. I have been using your products for years and I am a big fan

  136. Sherry

    I love this Ipod shuttle and the ability to lap swim. The only thing that I would change is the formed ear buds do not stay on my ears and once I start to swim they hang off my ears. I love having the music to accompany my swim time.

  137. Karin

    I am super pleased with my purchase from underwater audio. I’m so glad I found them and didn’t settle for another company. I love my underwater iPod. It makes swimming laps so much more enjoyable. Great service. Great product

  138. Raymond J

    Great set! I purchased the Ipod Swimbuds bundle and it has been awesome; a much better solution than all other swim audio products I have tried over many years. This is lightweight and fits on goggles or a mask and you forget its there, with customized bud sizes to fit your ears perfectly and keep music robbing water out of your ear canal. Well thought out and designed.

  139. Brian G.

    I’ve been using the iPod and ear buds while swimming laps for a few years now. Best addition to my workout routine.

  140. Dan O

    I bought this 3 yrs ago hoping it would work. The product hasn’t disappointed! I upgraded ear buds as the stock set wouldn’t fit perfectly. The staff very helpful in support of their product.

  141. Virginia Rohrborn

    I absolutely love my Underwater iPod, it really helps push me through my pool workouts. I listen to music and books, cannot say enough good things about it. I make sure and tell everyone about it. I purchased it with a pair of Underwater headphone just over 2 years ago and everything is working great! It is just about time to purchase a new set of headphones. All in all it was a great investment! Thanks UnderwaterAudio!!

  142. Mark Urquhart

    I love my waterproof iPod, and i use it for more than just swimming. In the last 5 years it has spent a fair amount of time on the water whilst paddling my ocean ski and the short buds make it super easy to clip it to my hat and run, without having wire tucked in everywhere.

  143. John G.

    Underwater Audio is a great site and company to buy from. Very satisfied with products that I have bought from them and their customer service is great if you have any issues. Had an issue, called and got a human being on the phone almost immediately (who was very helpful).

  144. Eric Mansfield

    I love swimming middle distance, 2-3K meters. Being able to zone out to all my favorite songs has made the experience even more motivating. I get lost in songs that bring back memories or songs that push me to go a bit harder. I love the waterproof system.

  145. Alexandra

    This is the best product ever. It truly does work- mine is 2 years old used many times a week. Everyone stops me in the pool and asks me about it. Inspirational music and a great swim workout feels great. I have the open water kit too – awesome for the cottage

  146. Trevor L

    Well pretty much I love this product. I do a lot of flowriding, which is basically indoor surfing but not really surfing. It’s an awesome sport but way more awesome with music and with my waterproof iPod it’s amazing. Makes for a more peaceful ride. Thanks underwater audio!

  147. Johanna B.

    Hi, I’ve been extremelely pleased with my waterproof iPod and headphones for several years now. Not one problem with them-has worked as I expected delivering incredible sound while helping to make normal boring lap swimming incredibly enjoyable! I can’t imagine ever swimming without my iPod again. I’m the envy of everyone at the pool! I love telling folks where to get their own so they too can enjoy this product. Thank you thank you!!

  148. Nico Baumgart

    Listening to music underwater has changed the way I approach swimming laps. Creating set lists to swim to has been a pleasure. I also discovered that music sounds better underwater and have attracted a lot of attention from fellow swimmers at the pool. I have dropped my device and it has gone throughout the wash no problem. I recommend this product 100% to anyone that would like to take their lap swimming the the next level.

  149. Elise

    My parents bought me the iPod for Christmas this year. I have not only used it while swimming but also running outside in the snow and rain! Before I had this iPod i was having to wrap my old one up in plastic bags to make sure it didn’t get wet. I have nothing negative to say because I love it! I have told my friends about it and they want one too! I can’t wait to use it in my next marathon!

  150. Havatzelet

    I’ve had my underwater audio shuffle for about three years now, and it’s performed fabulously. Without it, I couldn’t boogie while I’m doing my water jogging!

  151. Bill L.

    The waterproof iPod sounds great in the water, or on dry land. It is a great training aid, I put music in an order that starts with a warm up beat and tempo and then adjust the music selection to change tempo with my workout and finally end with a cool down beat. It might be fun to have a blog or a social media that allows users to put up their workout play lists with the workout list. Thank you for the great iPod.

  152. Frimet Kahana

    I’m using the waterproof iPod shuffle for almost two years. Its awesome! I use it 3 times a week when I do lap swimming.

  153. Jill Odonnell

    My waterproof iPod works amazing. Excellent shopping experience too. Would definitely buy from this company again!

  154. Mona Hauschild

    I LOVE my iPod shuffle! I enjoying swimming laps. I get in the water with my music and all my troubles go away. I have never had any trouble with my iPod and I have had it 2 plus years. I received my order quickly without any issues. I would definitely buy another and have had people ask me where I got mine and give them the website info.

  155. Chris Sinnes

    My wife’s favorite present for Christmas 3 years ago! Uses it daily at the local health club. Everyone always asks where she got a waterproof player. I’m sure several Underwater Audio orders have been because of her recommendation.

  156. Summer Pierson

    I swim to recover from long, heavy weightlifting sessions. It’s not my favorite activity so having the ability to turn on some fun tunes fearlessly has made that process significantly more enjoyable. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  157. Robert McLaughlin

    This is an absolute amazing product. I’ve sold at least five of these to friends. It has been a life changer for my swimming. The customer service I utilized on one or two occasions was spot on as well. I can’t get enough of this product!

  158. James Roberts

    There is nothing better than exercising to music and therefore nothing worse than swimming without music. Thanks to my waterproof iPod and headphones from Underwater audio the tediousness of (slowly) swimming laps for a person whose nickname years ago was ‘The brick’ (as a brick would usually complete the swim leg at Tri’s faster than I would) has become bearable. I swim more and enjoy swimming more now than I did 20 years ago thanks to Underwater Audio and have recommended the product to any and all that will listen. My waterproof iPod is one of the best training incentives I have ever purchased and when it dies I will buy another.

  159. Katherine Zara

    I love this!! I have been using 2 different shuffles for several years now and they have improved not only workouts whilst swimming laps, its also totally amazing to just float and relax and listen to your favorite music in the water. With the great headphones that sound like stereo in your brain(!) the sound is amazing. Battery life is good for hours. Highly recommend.

  160. Valerie Thompson

    I used an H2Audio box for my previous iPod shuffle, and was happy with that, but this water proof iPod is so much easier to use. Just clip it on my goggle strap and swim! Swimming is so much more fun with music. Now I am just hoping that the waterproofing lasts. I did speak to a couple at the pool who had been using them for a year and were very happy with their’s, thus my purchase.

  161. Brandon Hanson

    Great product and makes everything go by much quicker!

  162. Patrick Timmons

    I tested a different company’s inferior product before I obtained my waterised iPod shuffle from Underwater audio. I haven’t had a single problem. The headphones work. The iPod works flawlessly. I pop the swimbuds in, turn it on, jump in the pool and start swimming for an hour. Music, podcasts, language tapes… I’m listening to it all and I love swimming even more than I did when things were silent. Thanks Underwater Audio!

  163. Tony

    This is the coolest thing! I used to hate to swim laps in the pool but when listening to my favorite tunes the time flies. Can’t wait to snorkel at Catalina. Swimming among the kelp beds will be magical. td

  164. Robert Helton

    I’ve been using this for about a year now. I swim 3 to 4 times per week. They work great.

  165. Tom Bakas

    Just received my Ipod in the mail used it 3 times and it works great. Delivery was lightning fast and best of all customer service is beyond excellent.

  166. Leslie Durst

    Exercise is not something I enjoy. Being in the pool makes it tolerable. Having my music makes it downright wonderful. It works perfectly. Worth the investment.

  167. Lani Strom

    love my underwater iPod shuffle. listen to books all the time and have a very clear quality. Good instructions provided as well.

  168. Robert Steere

    This waterproof iPod is perfect. I use it in the pool regularly with no issues. If you are in search of an all weather iPod, look no further.

  169. Catherine Gilbert

    Highly recommend the waterproof iPod!

  170. Patrick Hughes

    I have felt inspired to write an online review probably 3 times in my life and this waterproof iPod is one of the products that is so good I just had to let others know about it. Really, if you are on the fence just do it. I use mine to listen to audiobooks most of the time, and I have gotten through 6-7 books in the last year and a half. Buy the earphones with the assorted earbuds and try different ones until you get a good fit. Use a little petroleum jelly to help with the seal. I did wear out one set of headphones, but hey, I also wore out a pair of swim trunks and goggles, so some things aren’t meant to last forever. The iPod is working as good a it did day one though.

  171. Tracey Kendall

    Great buy…listen while doing laps!!

  172. Morgan Nymeyer

    The website has great pictures and items are described perfectly. I love my underwater shuffle and recommend your website whenever people ask about it.

  173. Tami Heisler

    My waterproof iPod has revolutionized my swimming workout; I couldn’t be happier!

  174. Glenda Leach

    I love my water proof iPod! I train for hours at a time in the pool and it is so much more enjoyable while listening to tunes. Also, I bought the geeky looking swim cap and it has worked out great too. Once it is stretched over your head the relaxed area that goes over you headphones and ears is more comfortable and disappears so it looks like every other swim cap, just more comfortable and more water proof.

  175. Francisco Vasquez

    I love my underwater audio iPod! Cardio is one of the workouts that is just better with music, and swimming is one of the best cardio workouts you can get. Without music, there is not much motivation for me to do laps around the pool, and underwater audio helped turn that around. The device and headphones I ordered work great underwater, and I feel that anyone who likes to swim should own one of these. It’s been over 2 years that I got my device, and still love it! If you could only waterproof my Beats headphones… Highly recommend! 🙂

  176. Allen Lazenby

    I have enjoyed my underwater audio a lot.

  177. Scott Hillen

    I have had great luck with all my underwater audio purchases. I love my head phones and my I pod pouch!

  178. Richard Cooper

    This item rocks helps me to want to swim…..takes away all boredom..

  179. Peter R.

    The underwater iPod allows me at age 72 to enjoy lap swimming for atleast 30 minutes at a time. Pure enjoyment and pleasure. No outside thoughts or intrusions. Thank you for your product. I have enjoyed same for two years and only recently needed to purchase new ear plugs!!!

  180. Kevin

    Ordered my underwater Ipod and it came in just as advertised. It shipped fast, was recieved quickly, everything worked, (and the price was great)! What more could anyone ask for? Great jOb guys!!!

  181. Charles Walters

    So far the iPod shuffle has been amazing. Swimming has always been a true joy for me, and now it is just that much better. I wear hearing aids so swimming has been silent, I can’t express how enjoyable the music makes swimming for me. The system is easy to use, and so far works flawlessly.


    This is a great site. I got my I pod and head phones and they work great when I am swimming . I have had people ask were they can get one and I tell them about your site.

  183. Patrice Morrison

    Very easy to use and download music. It makes lap swimming so much more enjoyable. It was a little bit of a challenge finding the right kind of music to swim to. But I think I am swimming with the best tunes – depends on your swimming style, speed etc. It has worked perfectly and am happy with the purchase. The ear plugs are great – stay in nicely and keep water out.

  184. Llara Weaver

    Fantastic little device – so light and easy to use… makes doing laps SO much more interesting! Highly recommended 🙂

  185. SEAN S.

    Its works awesome in and out of the water. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  186. John Felter

    Underwater audio has allowed me to merge two things that I love, music and swimming, and enjoy them together. A sincerest thank you. To avoid crowded pools I usually swim early in the morning at 6 or 7 am when it is a bit lonely and the water is often a bit cold. You have allowed me to escape into a different world of peace and enjoyment. Thank you. John

  187. Heather Cooper

    I have had my underwater iPod for about 2 years now and love it! I swim 3 days a week….and the short cord fits great around my goggles! It’s great to be able to listen to music while I swim, and it makes me less approachable for other swimmers who want to visit when I’m trying to get a workout in to interrupt me…. I’m in my own zone!

  188. Karen M

    I love my Underwater IPOD. It makes running in pool enjoyable. I also love that I don’t have worry about it if I am running a race and it starts to rain. I would totally recommend it to anyone!

  189. Lynn K.

    My Underwater Audio iPod was well used in the (normal-sized) pool at my former hometown. Now, the only nearby pool in my new home is tiny and annoying, but I keep swimming thanks to my Underwater Audio iPod. I never swim without it.

  190. Bob Basham

    This is an exceptional entertainment device for my longer swim work outs. I have an old MP3 player that, in comparison, was bulky and very limited in music storage and battery life. Your product is very comfortable, the ear buds are snug and provide a nice audio quality. I’m very pleased with this purchase. Thanks./Bob

  191. Jennifer

    The waterproofed iPod Shuffle and headphones was the perfect gift for my avid swimmer husband. He uses it in the gym during regular workouts as well to keep motivated and moving.

  192. Geoff A

    The waterproof iPod shuffle is one of the most satisfying purchases I have ever made. It is small, unobtrusive and works flawlessly. I can’t imagine swimming without music ever again.

  193. Gina Waymire

    Great product and great service. I’ve had mine for almost 2 years and it’s still going strong. I would say it has helped me swim faster and has added about 500yards to my workout by curing boredom. Now, when I hear certain songs at home or on the radio, all I can think of is getting in the pool and swimming strong!

  194. Robert

    What a great investment it is worked flawlessly for over a year I use it for everything now not just swimming and it still works great

  195. Elvis Brandon

    I have only had my underwater Ipod for 1week, but I love it. It was very easy to connect, and hook to goggles strap, and the Vaseline is very helpful. I could hear continuous music and it stayed in place through many laps and flip turns. It helped my swim workout go by faster!!!

  196. Janis

    What a treat my waterproof iPod is for my water workouts. I listen to music and audio books to help pass the time. I even find myself swimming longer to get to the end of the chapter!

  197. Gary Campana

    I purchased the Waterproof iPod Shuffle and Swimbud Bundle. This product exceeded my expectations. Sound quality is excellent, both in and out of the water. Very easy to set up and use. Comes with a variety of swimbud sizes and shapes. Product came with clear directions but you may also want to watch the Youtube video online for more visuals. Wish I knew about this product sooner. It has completely changed my workouts.

  198. Valerie

    I am very pleased with my underwater iPod. I have had it for more than a year now, and it works great and is consistent with its audio quality. Swimming is much more enjoyable now that I can listen to all of my favorite music.

  199. Patrick Bourgoin

    Kiting with my favorite music is aswome. Thanks for this wonderful product.

  200. Sue E.

    I have used my iPod for two years now and love it. I have loaded at least two hours of songs on it that way I don’t get into a rut. I swim in an endless pool and would recommend the shorter headset to wrap in your goggles as the current does push against your ears.

  201. Devin Roos

    I ordered a waterproof ipod and it has made my swims so amazing! I have had the ipod and headphone kit for a little more than a week and everything works perfectly. The sound quality is great and I now look forward to every swim!

  202. Raymond

    Great product. Being using it around three times a week for over a year now and it works great. Makes swimming a half mile enjoyable.

  203. Margaret G

    Just today I was singing your praises in the pool to the lifeguards. I do my own aquafit program and the shuffle is perfect. The only trouble is I only have 5 seconds rest in between songs. 🙂 I tell them it’s worth the money even if it’s in American dollar. (I am in Canada)

  204. Kirsten C.

    I love the underwater iPod, I can listen to music while I am stand up paddle boarding and swim in the ocean. It’s so cool to listen to music while swimming in the ocean!

  205. Ned P

    The waterproof ipod bundle was a gift for my wife and she absolutely loves it! I would recommend this item to anyone who likes to listen to music in or around the water. NO complaints on the earbuds staying in either. The shipment from Underwater Audio was received as expected and appreciated the service. Thank you Underwater Audio!

  206. Mindy Hutchison

    I love taking my ipod to the pool. I loathe the music they play and now I can listen to books on tape or music to motivate me as I swim! So glad I discovered underwater audio!

  207. Thomas M

    Great peace of equipment. This is my second one. My first one I had for 4 years and it died. I was pretty hard on it though.

  208. Kelly

    I have been very pleased with my Underwater Audio experience. I purchased the waterproof shuffle to use with swimming at the gym. It has made my swimming a more enjoyable time. I had a battery issue with my shuffle and it was just out of warranty. However, UA gave me great customer service and replaced it. I would recommend them to anyone – for me, good customer service goes a long way.

  209. Casey Cavanaugh

    This ipod makes the staring at the bottom of the pool enjoyable.

  210. Linda B.

    purchased the iPod for use during lap swimming. Definitely made it much more enjoyable. The ear buds took a couple of sessions to get them adjusted properly but now I can listen to my favorite music while swimming. Sound quality is excellent

  211. Garrett E

    When spending long times in the pool this is the perfect music system. I have used this ipod for the last 2 years and love it.

  212. Mary

    I’m a real music lover so when the underwater Shuffle became available I jumped on it. Was swimming 2 miles a day to get ready for a Swim Trek in Turkey and this saved my life from the boredom of looking at a lane line!! Highly recommend!!!

  213. Charles F.

    This really works. Talking books and NPR/BBS podcasts make otherwise mindless lap swimming fun.

  214. LOVE this thing

    I went from not being able to swim more than a few laps to swimming over a mile at a time, largely because I overcame the boredom (I didn’t even realize it was boredom holding me back until I started using this) and pushed on, forcing me to improve my stroke and breathing technique. I’ve now finished five triathlons thanks (In large part) to my waterproof player.

  215. Cody C

    Underwater audio is great! Not only is their shuffle amazing for making the time in the water go by fast but when there was an issue with my first one, they took it back and sent me a new one and rectified the issue quickly. Highly recommend them and their products

  216. Michael R.

    Really love my iPod shuffle and headphones, no problems and had it for 2 years

  217. Mark N

    I looked forward to using my new underwater ipod for over a year. Eventually, my wife asked what I wanted for my birthday and I new it was time! I had watched several other lap swimmers use theirs as a life guard. I asked them questions and learned how it helped them. I must say that there was a learning curve and after a few attempts, I figuring out the best headphones, how to put the ipod, wires, and goggles all in a place that works for me. Now I look forward to swimming to a “beat” longer and more laps than ever because the music makes my workout much more enjoyable! Like running, the music distracts me and I lose sense of time and how long I’ve been in the water until I look at the clock. I would highly recommend this unit from Underwater Audio as it has renewed the joy and added a new found pleasure in swimming. Now that I know the best way to use it, I look forward to each opportunity to swim and listen to my favorite tunes! Mark N.

  218. Alison Fesler

    I love my Underwater Audio!! The sound is amazing, it’s a great tool to keep me going in the pool, and I love being able to have a neat gadget! Customer service is also awesome at Underwater Audio, very responsive and helpful!

  219. Cherie R.

    I purchased my underwater I pod about two years ago. I enjoy outdoor activities as well as swimming and it does exactly what is advertise. Great investment! !!

  220. Mackenzie G

    I love swimming with my waterproof Ipod! It was a great investment!

  221. Robert H.

    Shuffle works great! Have been using 1 year with no problems

  222. Parker

    My wife gave me the Underwater Audio iPod and I love it. It worked well the first time I tried it, as I swam laps. I subscribe to a regular podcast about writing and publishing, and I wrote to the author that I listen to her with the Underwater Audio, and gave her the link. She liked that so much that now a regular segment of her podcast is “What are you doing while you listen?”, and she has reports each time from her subscribers. You have a great product. THANKS. Parker

  223. Orysa Stein

    I received a waterproof shuffle from my parents for my birthday and have been having a blast with it! I swim three to four times a week and I feel that this is keeping me on top of my exercising.

  224. Kellie P.

    This product is all it is touted to be. It’s small and clips easily to my bathing suit. The sound is terrific, especially under water. It entertains me as well as blocking out the odious sounds of screaming children at in indoor pool. It tells me when the battery is low, but has remarkable battery life. I have started swimming 3 times a week because I have to. This made it a lot more enjoyable.

  225. Deborah B.

    I absolutely love my waterproof iPod, it works wonderfully, I have had it a couple of years, use it while at the lake and at water class, would recommend this product.

  226. Randy

    I bought my first IPod bundle on January 10, 2013, and I have enjoyed my lap swimming ever since! Great products!

  227. Virginia

    I swim several days a week and love my waterproof iPod. Swimming with music makes my workouts so much more enjoyable!

  228. Liberty Torres

    i love it! I can’t swim without my waterproof iPod anymore. Makes a big difference in my early daily swim.

  229. Karen R

    I have had my underwater audio I shuffle for 5 years. I swim almost everyday with it. It still works and keep me company on my long swims. i can change the music in it and the headsets work great too. Also great for running! love my waterproof shuffle

  230. Melissa W

    i love swimming with my water proof ipod. it motivates me to swim longer and stronger, i can’t imagine going back to swimming without it. the ipod works great and i love the short cord headphones, keeping the wires out of my way while i’m swimming so i can just set it and forget it. i’ve been swimming with the waterproof ipod shuffle for over 2years now and it is still in great shape and i have never had any issues with it. i am constantly recommending it to other swimmers.

  231. Sarah H.

    I have had my underwater audio ipod for going on 3 years. I absolutely LOVE it!! I have had no issues with functionality and use it 4-5 times/week for ~45 minutes each. I swim longer and harder and am never bored. I am also still on my first pair of earbuds for it and have had no issues. Love, love, love this! I get lots of requests for “where did you get that?!” when I’m swimming with it, too!

  232. Kevin E

    I live in the United KIngdom and came across underwater audio by chance. I decided to purchase an iPod and headphones bundle. Unfortunatley the headphones broke after 2 swim sessions. I e-mailed the help line (from the Uk) and explained my problem. I recived a response within 24 hours and was told that they were very sorry to hear about my problem and sent me another set of headphones which took about a week to arrive. I was very impressed by the response and help that I was given by underwater audio and more impressed by the efficiency and speed that my headphones arrived in the UK from the USA. The efficiency of this company was better than some companies that are based in Britain. I would recommend underwater audio to everyone. I have had my waterproof iPod and headphones for 6 months and they still work great. It’s great swimming with a bit of Kiss, Motley Crüe, and of course Ozzy.

  233. Todd

    My wife swims with the iPod shuffle 3 times a week. It has been perfect. Not one issue. Thank you

  234. Jacqueline

    I spend a lot of times in the pool and when I contacted Underwater Audio to see what they could do to help the tedium, they prepared and shipped me really quickly an ipod shuffle fully waterproofed with perfect short cord earbuds which fit perfectly and don’t get caught in my strokes. The service was great, very fast and the product is fantastic since I use the device at least 4 hours a week ans I have had it for over 2 years. The sound is also great. Thank you Underwater Audio

  235. Larry

    Underwater ipod is a godsend. Listening to music or books on tape while swimming makes my workshop so much easier and enjoyable.

  236. Kathleen

    I purchased an iPod from Underwater Audio over two years ago and it’s still going strong. This little device gets me through any workout, whether I’m running the dog, lifting weights, but most importantly, swimming endlessly without even thinking about it. It takes me where I want to go with my own music keeping me motivated along the way. This is the perfect device for anyone doing a triathlon – from land to water you can be in your own world. I definitely purchase another one of these for myself and as gifts too.

  237. Heidi Gillenwater

    These are great for pool running, swimming and even those hot sweaty humid summer running on land.

  238. Crystal D.

    It makes the swim cycle go by like a dream!

  239. Marilyn Corbin

    I use it for water aerobics — with one earbud in my ear I can still hear the instructor while I enjoy the music. It’s great!

  240. Xiupeng Wang

    Everything looks good and works well.

  241. David Butler

    Great product! Have recommended to many people and bought several for gifts.

  242. Alisa Manzano

    Great headphones. I use them for swimming laps and I bought my cycling husband some since he sweats so much!

  243. JMS

    People are constantly stopping me at the pool to ask about my water proof shuffle. They are impressed when I tell them I have had it going on 3 years and use it daily in chlorine, oceans and lakes and it continues to work like a champ.

  244. Gabriel

    I ended up returning an iPod Shuffle through no fault of the store; the person I was giving it too already had one! The customer return process was completely easy, no questions asked. I plan to shop here for all my future underwater electronic needs.

  245. Charlene M

    Underwater audio is the best customer I’ve service I received in ages. If there is any difficulty with the equipment they will first troubleshoot with you together to find a solution and if not, send you a new one, no delay, no hassle. I tell everyone on deck about this excellent group in Corvallis.

  246. Peter LaGrandeur

    Great work Underwater Audio with retasking the user friendly iPod as an aftermarket waterproofed music player for lane swimmers! I use mine all the time. What a difference it makes to have my fave tunes playing through my 3000 m workouts. Keep up the good work!

  247. Cynthia R.

    I am extremely happy with the waterproof iPod. It has made my swimming lap fun instead of tedious exercise. I have added two more days to my routine. I would like to purchase another set. Thank you!

  248. Robert M.

    I debated on buying this due to the cost. But finally did and regret that I did not buy it sooner. It holds lots of tunes, has a great sound, and a long battery life between charges. I not only use it in the pool for workouts but also clip it to the back of a ball cap when mowing the grass or fly fishing a high mountain lake from a float tube. The supplied short ear buds are perfect.

  249. Midge Ihrig

    So sweet! Wonderful to have such clear sound while swimming.Usually swim a mile every time I’m in the pool. Recent trip to So Padre Island, TX I was able to listen to my favorite songs while body boarding in the Gulf of Mexico. Ear buds stay in and sound is clear. Great while biking too. LOVE IT!

  250. Emily Bell

    I am so pleased with this product. It really does work underwater, and the sound is very clear. I’m very happy!

  251. Janice Wexler

    Works like a charm! I was doubtful – but am no longer. In the old days I used an Ipod, an Otter Box, a swim belt, and clunky ear phones. The sound quality was awful and the apparatus clunky. I gave up. Delighted to have found this product.

  252. Harald Belker

    I have been using waterproof headphones for 3 years now, it was the greatest revelation to kitesurf and listen to great music. The ipod is super small and easy to tuck under my wetsuit, the earplugs are a perfect fit and keep water out of my ear, for all you surfers suffering from swimmers ear. I don’t understand people who would not enjoy music on the water having fun.

  253. Jason N

    My iPod works really, really well. I find pool swim sessions to be extremely boring and this makes it much better. I can choose my music before hand for my work out and away I go. Lots of people ask me about it, especially people with the larger, more cumbersome designs. With my iPod, I simply clip it to my goggle strap, use the short cord headphones and I barely remember it is there. Great product that has worked flawlessly since I received it.

  254. Jerrod M

    I’ve used both the ear buds and the waterproof Ipod for over 3 years now. Not only is the product a big help in the pool with motivation on less than eager days, but the support of the company is extremely helpful, accessible and quick to respond. Recommend buying knowing the product and support is top notch.

  255. Gillian Seaman

    I’ve been using my water-proofed iPod Shuffle & Ear Buds for more than 3 years and I absolutely love them! I swim at least 4 times a week and sometimes more because I always have my music and it makes my hour long swim seems to go so much faster. I once experienced a problem with my shuffle so I called Underwater Audio for help. Their customer service was rapid & insipiring; they mailed me a new unit within a day & all I had to do was send my shuffle back to them. I can’t speak highly enough about their product & the people working for them! Their product & people are, quite simply, amazing. I’ve referred about 45 people to your product, I hope some business has come your way. Thank you Underwater Audio! Gillian

  256. Simon Brown

    quality sound fits perfectly with goggles Its a great way to listen to your tunes whilst doing those boring laps

  257. Judy

    I bought a waterproof iPod and headphones for a Christmas gift for someone in my family who was just getting back into a fitness program. She LOVES them! Her first day at the pool she said she swam twice the number of lengths that she thought she could because she had put a bunch of great music on the shuffle, and was into the music rather than thinking about how tired she was. She just did her first triathlon last month and placed in the top ten for her age category! Swimbuds and waterproof iPod were her constant training companions – even on the bike or running in rainy weather.

  258. Timothy

    The swimbuds work amazingly well. As someone prone to getting outer ear infections when swimming in open water, the water tight seal that the swimbuds make keep all water out of my ear canals. The audio is amazingly clear while swimming. I routinely get asked about my underwater I-shuffle. I use it every time I do a swim work-out. I would strongly recommend both products for anyone looking for underwater audio.

  259. Susan C

    I absolutely love my waterproof headphones and iPod. I’ve been swimming with them (several times a week) for a few years. I haven’t had any problems with them. I also use them for when I walk. Easy to use. Easy to charge. Easy to load music to. Excellent choice!

  260. Erin Fritzler

    About 2 years ago I bought the waterproof iPod Shuffle and the underwater headphones. Since then I have completed countless 1-2 hour long swims and have never had a problem. I recommend this set to everyone who asks at my pool. Thank you Underwater Audio for making my pool swims fun!

  261. TIM ROSE

    The swimpod is perfect. Sound is amazing- I would sooner have the swimbuds in rather than my old earphones. Shipping was prompt and customer service was quick to respond. Totally satisfied with product and service. I highly recommend this product.

  262. Denise

    I purchased the waterproof iPod shuffle/swimbuds bundle last year and love them. The earbuds came with a few options/sizes to ensure a good fit. Mine fit great and, as a bonus, help keep water out of my ear canal. I have used both the shuffle and earbuds for over a year now with no problems and continue to love them. I swim 2-3 times per week during spring/summer and 2 times per month during fall/winter.

  263. Kirk Klotthor

    I’ve been a competitive swimmer most of my life. Now I just swim for pleasure and to stay in shape. This has been an enjoyable addition to my workouts. I wish I had them years ago.

  264. Chris Stammer

    I have been using product for 3 years flawlessly. Great product!

  265. Sherry S.

    I love to swim. There is nothing more therapeutic to me then jumping in the pool and putting a few laps in. I really didn’t think it could get any better until I started using my underwater earbuds and iPod to listen to my favorite tunes. Depending on what I need they help me get jazzed up or chill out. They are super comfortable and don’t interfere with my workout. One of my smarter and favorite purchases.

  266. Christine C.

    I have never had a better experience swimming laps until using Underwater Audio. It makes it more enjoyable, I move faster, and have more endurance because it is a pleasure to swim while listening to my favorite music. Needless to say I will never swim without it again.

  267. Michael

    Thank you Underwater Audio, Although I am not a swimmer, I am an avid runner. I run in all types of weather and living in Ohio, we have our share of rain and snow plus the humidity in the summer. My iPod’s use to get destroyed by the elements unless a bulky case was used. Since getting my iPod from you I have not had any issues and it’s been three years now.

  268. Lisa M

    Very happy with my waterproof ipod.I have had for two years now,makes swiming laps more enjoyable.did research other similar waterproof mp3 & headphones. Never came across the warranty underwater audio offered.I spoke to a representative and felt they were trustworthy.highly recommend.

  269. Scott S.

    This is EXACTLY what I had been wanting! They really make my workout sail. Thank you SO much!!

  270. Kimberly Bell

    Ordered this because I find swimming boring and thought listening to music would make it bearable 🙂 I was skeptical but it worked great! Music was clear, earbuds stayed in. Would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to listen to music while swimming. I’m planning to download an audio book and try that sometime, too.

  271. Talitha C.

    The website was really easy to use and the products I bought are fantastic! They arrived quickly which was a bonus for me and I have been using the products for over a yr and not a problem, their waterproof headphones, waterproof iPod shuffle etc… LOVE this store and have recommended it to all my friends!

  272. Don

    This is a great product that really works well. I lap swim several times a week. i have had zero problems with the system. Great sound, good seal with the ear buds. Would highly recommend these for swimmers who want to enjoy their music in the pool.

  273. Richie G.

    this was purchased as a gift. the recipient is an avid swimmer and loves it! This underwater iPod and headphones really improved the total workout experience and made swimming laps much more enjoyable. the only downside is that now all future gifts have such a high bar to reach and I fear most will fall short.

  274. Jill S.

    I’ve been using swimming audio products for 20 years starting with a Speedo radio and prior to Underwater Audio, I used a Dolphin. The Underwater Audio is far superior and works beautifully! Earphones are perfect.

  275. Veneta Nikolova

    This product is fantastic!!! The headphones work great and don’t let any water in and the iPod is super user friendly. I use it to I spire me when I swim laps. I also use it to to floating meditations with peaceful music. This is so much fun! It feels like I’m floating in outer space. I love how small it is. It clips into my sweater really easily when I go for jogs or any other a give sports out of the water.

  276. Maura M.

    I received a waterproof ipod for Christmas last year. I love it! I use it every week even outside of the pool! both the ipod and headphones are sweat-proof so they’re perfect for running and the headphones stay in your ears despite sweat and water!

  277. Edna B

    I love this waterproof iPod. I now can swim with a lot more energy for more than a hour playing my favorite music. I clip the iPod in the back of my googles and tuck the wires under the google strap….and can easily change the songs or the volume when I come to the wall to turn. The sound is incredible once you get the ear buds in just right. It is well worth the investment.I now can’t go without it!!! Love it!

  278. Laura Butcher

    I’ve had my iPod shuffle and waterproof earbuds for well over a year now. I’ve had no problems at all and use them several times a week for lap swimming. They have made all the difference in my swimming! The laps just flash by and before I know it I’m done! The battery life on the iPod has been good and no problems with downloading or function. The short cord earbuds are great and allow me to clip my iPod to my goggle strap with nothing left to flap around. I have recommended this product and website to a number of people!!

  279. Karen W.

    The underwater ipod has been a game changer for me! Music quality is excellent, and the largest of the 3 pairs of ear buds fits perfectly. Applying a layer of Vaseline before putting them in the ears works great. Now if I could only find a lap counter to wear on the wrist (not the finger).

  280. David F.

    This device really makes the laps click by, and it the earbuds are great for keeping water out of the ears too!

  281. Neil Ortiz

    I was bored swimming my daily mile. I purchased the underwater bundle and now I can’t wait to get to the pool. It’s the best investment I have made in quite a long while. I highly recommend this product and tell ally swimmer buds about it.

  282. Maureen T

    So easy to use. My arthritic hands had difficulty putting a regular shuffle into a waterproof case and making sure it was latched tight. I also love the short cord option. No more cord floating around me as I exercise. Customer service was very helpful explaining the various bundles and helping me decide which one would suit my needs best.

  283. Amber T

    My waterproof iPod has taken the boredom out of lap swimming! Though it took me a few workouts to figure out the best way to work it, I’ve got it figured out now and find it very easy to use.

  284. Cathy I

    Underwater Audio products are the best!!!! Folks stop me at the pool all the time to ask me about my iPod and earbuds. 3 years later I am still swimming and jammin. Thank you Underwater Audio.

  285. Jason Cooperhart

    Amazing product. Works perfectly. I use the waterproof iPod shuffle for everything – Running (sweat proof), open water swim, pool, etc. never had an issue. Thanks, Under Water Audio!

  286. STEVEN L.

    Products exceeded what we thought they would do!! Wish all companies would follow suit!!

  287. Alena Kohler

    I would like to share my experience with Underwater Audio
    Product is so easy to use and it is great addition to my swimming routine
    I am so happy to find this great company and I am planning to use and buy more products
    Swimming do not have to be boring anymore, I can do much more with music while doing my laps and my speed and water experience so much fun.
    I would recommend Apple ipod underwater to anyone!!!

  288. Nathan R.

    I can’t tell you how much my waterproof iPod has increased my performance in my swimming. Looking forward to see your latest modifications and other products.

  289. Deb

    The underwater I Pod Shuffle and waterproof headphone are even better than expected. The music and voice quality in my audiobooks is very very clear!! I was surprised how well the headphones stay in my ears while swimming even when doing flip turns!!

  290. Susan C

    I love my underwater iPod so much that I have two loaded and ready to go I case one falters or I misplace it. Wouldn’t swim without it!

  291. J Mechanic

    Great product. It makes swimming laps so much more enjoyable. Good sound quality, great fit, easy to set up and use. Ordering process was easy and it showed up in just a few days. I would highly recommend it.

  292. Meredith K

    They are everything I’ve hoped for. My swims are SO much more interesting than they used to be. The ear buds do occasionally hurt my ears if I wear them for >1hr but that’s OK, totally worth it!

  293. Barbara

    This has worked out extremely well for me when I am on holidays. I regularly attend a water aerobic class. When I go on holiday I take my water iPod with me and can continue my work out. It works very well for me. What I also like is that I can play the iPod and it does not bother anyone else. I find it is an excellent for my work outs.

  294. Margaret

    I love my underwater iPod. I use it 4-5 times a week when I swim. I needed a new pair of ear buds so I called the company. They ordered my new earbuds right then and sent them out to me that day. I received them in the mail in about 3 days. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

  295. Paula

    I love my Ipod. I do water aerobics everyday and I try to do at least 1 hour a day sometimes 2. I use to watch the clock, now I dont even think about the clock and I have reached my peak by pushing on with the beat of the music. Earbuds sound great underwater. And blocks out surrounding splashing and crying or yelling kids. Wish I would have made this purchase when I got my membership. Thank You for a great product. Very satisfied.

  296. Georgianna K

    I’d like to start off by saying I’m 72 years old and had never used an iPod in my life. I’ve been swimming (alone) since I was a teenager and knew there had to be something in this age of electronics that I could use to keep me company. I saw other people swimming with white earphones so I decided to check it out. Oh my, this is the best thing since sliced bread! I love it! Had some issues setting it up but with the help of my 17 year old granddaughter…WE DID IT!! I can’t say enough good things about this little 1″ x 1″ joy!

  297. PePe

    The sound and fit are excellent. I’m really enjoying my workouts and times goes really fast.
    I had some questions are customer support responded in less than 24 hours.
    I will highly recommend the product and the company.

  298. Rich B

    Been swimming for many years. Was one of the first ones to purchase an Apple i-pod nano product with a water proof case (when it hit the market) for the purpose of swimming laps. Underwater Audio’s waterproof i-pod is truly unbelievable with excellent sound quality, while successfully achieving a water tight seal for your ear canal after choosing from their large assortment of ear buds.
    – Thumbs up and thank you for making swimming laps enjoyable while listening to my favorite tunes!!
    Swim on!

  299. Sarai

    I love the Underwater Audio bundle! The waterproof iPod is just the thing I’ve been looking for. It’s small, light, easy to use, the sound is incredible, and has definitely upgraded my swimming experience. I’ve just used it for a three mile open water swim too, and have had zero issues with it. I would warmly recommend it to any swimmer.

  300. James Bar

    I love this company, and this iPod. I swim everyday and the music is perfect. The people at the company are so friendly and helpful. I will never shop anywhere else. They rock! And even answer my questions on the phone.

  301. Rhodao

    After reading the reviews, it is obvious that people realize that this is a great product and a terrific company. I have an additional twist on most of the reviews. After using the shuffle for 1.5 years, almost every day in 50%-50% salt chlorine water, it stopped working properly. I called Underwater Audio and Mallory told me to try some trouble-shooting and then, return the product if not improved. She also told me to call with the tracking number, and they would get the new one to me BEFORE the old one was received. I did just that and now, a week and a half later, I am enjoying my brand new I-pod shuffle. Large companies could take some counsel from Underwater Audio! The customer really does want to be delighted, and Underwater Audio gets it!! Congratulations.

  302. Tunike

    I am swimming now as my main form of exercise and I wanted to be able to escape into my workout. Underwater Audio has made that possible. The quality of sound is amazing and my laps are a lot less tedious. I’m have by incredible fun and listening to music and podcasts that I can’t find time to. I have already recommended them to some of the swimmers at the pool in my club.

  303. Abby Toth

    I am extremely satisfied with this company and the product they provide. The timeliness was fantastic, and I could not be happier with the quality of the iPod and waterproof headphones! I found it amazing the sound quality did not change from land to underwater. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a durable high quality audio system from their aquatic needs! LOVE IT!!!

  304. Ronald Morris

    Love the waterproof iPod, and the headphones, the shorter cord is great, it does not get tangled, love to swim to music

  305. AnneMarie

    Love my new water proof iPod, I aqua jog my new purchase has turned a sometimes less than exciting workout into a pleasure!

  306. Steven Garret

    I have been pleasantly surprised with how well the Swimbuds headphones work! The music quality is phenomenal under the water, and I no longer get water in my ears while I swim. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. It really makes my swimming workouts go by so much better.

  307. Roger Macfarlane

    Overall the Underwater Audio modification of the iPod Shuffle has been very satisfying. I got great customer service, with the product arriving punctually and speedy follow-up to a couple of operating questions I had.
    The sound quality of the Swimbuds is just fine. I like having the short cord, because less mess happens between the iPod and my ears this way. Other headphones I had used with another waterproof Mp3 were constantly problematic.
    This has been a very satisfying purchase.

  308. Patty Stables

    This iPod has been a game changer for my lap swimming. I love to swim but now it’s combined with my love of music! The laps go by much faster while I’m enjoying all my favorite songs and I even cut my time down! Best purchase!

  309. tanner

    great product!!! i love it

  310. G Randall

    I have purchased two waterproof ipod shuffles from this company. One in October, 2014 and a second in February, 2015. Both have spotted working for no apparent reason. I love this product and am very disappointed.

    • tofumarketing

      I am so sorry to hear about this, have you tried contacting our customer service department?

  311. Laura Dedman

    Very satisfied with Underwater Audio. I bought the swim bud kit with ipod shuffle and it’s been fantastic for swimming laps. I live in NYC and swim in a small pool with an simulated current, i find this to be less of a stimulating swim than a regular lap pool but it’s convenient and better than not swimming at all. To keep my brain occupied i use the underwater audio to listen to lessons and podcasts. I love that i can multitask my workout in this way. I would highly recommend this product to any other swimmers.

  312. Cindy Klatt

    The waterproof IPod shuffle is wonderful. I have enjoyed using it while swimming with no problems. We also ordered one for my husband, which is also working great, since he sweats a lot during his runs and ruined his non-waterproof IPod.

  313. Robert Blum

    I will always remember the first moment that I plunged into our swimming pool listening to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” through my under water audio. It really changed my time in the pool and I’ve enjoyed every day sense. About six months ago I was having trouble hearing and I contacted the help for underwater audio. Immediately told me it was the headphones and within a week I had a new set of headphones, complementary. I can’t say enough about the service and the quality and my ultimate enjoyment.

  314. John Smith

    I just took my first swim this morning with my waterproof shuffle and earbuds. They were easy to use and it was awesome to hear music while swimming. It really helped to pass the time. I was worried that adding music, would take away from the “me” time that I get while swimming, but it just added another dimension. After one swim, “so far so good”….

  315. Jarrad Carlsen

    Very impressed with the waterproof shuffle and earplugs! Customer service is better than the 5 stars cannot fault them. Very happy with my products that I’ve had for just over a year! Going strong cheers Jarrad

  316. James Sabaitis

    So far so good. My 1000 yard workout turned into a mile workout – breezed by.

  317. John Ross

    Absolutely love my swim tunes and my waterproof ipod. Makes for awesome long swims. Thx!

  318. Ashley Allred

    This was the perfect gift to get my non-swimmer boyfriend motivated and happy in the pool! The engraving is perfect. Now I just want one for myself, I’m so jealous of his! Pair this with the waterproof earbuds. It’s awesome that you can lengthen the ear buds if you aren’t swimming.

  319. Iryna Taran

    Dear all, I am a happy owner of a waterproof iPod and I just LOVE it! I bought it together with the waterproof headphones and now enjoy swimming in the pool 100 times more than before.

  320. Laure Swearingen

    I have been using Underwater Audio products (exclusively) for about two years, swimming a mile almost every day. In my opinion, their equipment is the best and most reliable on the market. PLUS, their customer service is amazing.

  321. Annie Bachman

    Love it. My new waterproof iPod has turned my swim workouts from boring into fun. I now swim twice as long and enjoy it. I did a bit of research before buying this and got some really useful advice, which I’m happy to pass on:

    1.Use vaseline every time on the tips of the earbuds. (Thanks for including that.)
    2.To insert the earbuds, pull the top of each ear up with the opposite hand over the head, then push the earbud all the way in to make a tight seal.
    3.Be aware the the angle of the two ear canals might not be the same. (It wasn’t for me.)
    4. Secure the wire under a goggle strap.
    5. Do all of this while looking in the mirror. (Once I was in a hurry and didn’t do this, and I regretted it.)

    I went with the standard swimbuds and they work just fine. I guess I was lucky that the tips that were attached were a good size for me, but I appreciate that that might not be true for everyone, so the other sizes that are included are great.

    I did have one issue which was easily resolved. The first two times I used my iPod, it stopped playing in the middle of a swim at the end of a song and was hard to restart. I called and talked to a customer service rep who suggested I “restore” it in iTunes. That worked, and it’s been working perfectly ever since. Thanks!

  322. Simon

    Got the package with the basic earbuds and took them out for a quick 20 lap session. Shuffle was surprisingly easy to setup and a breeze to access my different playlists. The basic earbuds lack bass, but that improves when you are in the water.

  323. Mary Barron

    The Waterproof Shuffle I got for my wife helped change her life! My wife was bed ridden for almost ten years because of a botched back surgery. We started water therapy and she was slowly getting stronger, and her confidence was building. It involved lots of pain to do the workouts and wasn’t all that “fun”! Enter the Waterproof Shuffle! My wife loves that thing, it takes her mind off the pain, now actually enjoying the pool time, and looking forward to it. She also has turned into a great sales rep for the Shuffle, more and more folks showing up at the pool with the Waterproof Shuffle! Customer service is also fantastic, we had trouble with the first shuffle and was given a new one no problem! Thanks guys!

  324. Kirk Demars

    Hi I recently purchased the IPod shuffle and ear bud package and it love them. It was delivered in 3 days or so and i couldn’t be more satisfied with the quality and the great staff at underwater audio Ty ***** 5 Stars for sure

  325. Ken Coward

    I purchased the iPod as a gift for my wife. She loves it. It is easy to use and takes up no space. The ear bits fit perfectly and stay in her ears. In the past she tried the waterproof case approach, but it took up a lot of space and was inconvenient when the iPod itself failed

  326. juanluis.pardo

    I purchased my waterproof ipod shuffle through Amazon, it has arrvied today , i’ve already test it at the swiming pool at it’s wonderful , previously i had a sony nwz-w273 that gave me so many issues.

  327. John Wade

    I love to swim – but it’s inherently boring! I’ve had a long series of in-water music devices, most a housing for something else. The Underwater Audio product is by far the best and most reliable. No bulk, no drag, no concerns about getting a good seal on something. Make certain it’s charged and the content is to your current satisfaction, turn on, clip on, and let the laps begin. I love it!

  328. Lindsay Cox

    Love the product and am very satisfied with it. Love that i can swim and listen to my music perfectly!

  329. Roger Oldridge

    i have been using an underwater ipod for over three years now and it has completely changed my training habits. So often people will talk about how boring swimming is given you are staring at a black line for such a long period of time. With the underwater ipod, time goes quickly listening to your favourite tunes. 1500m to 2k used to be my standard swim, now it is 4k plus deep water running. The audio is crystal clear and while the headphones aren’t as heavy duty as the ipod, they do tend to last over around 8 months before the wiring becomes an issue. I have gone through around 4 or 5 pairs in 3 and bit years but given i swim every day, i look at it like paying to service the car you drive all the time. A top notch product i recommend to anyone. And have. Many friends and random people i have met at the pool have invested it one too and like me, absolutely love it.

  330. Paula Emelock

    My gift of a waterproof iPod shuffle with earbuds was the best gift for me, a devoted lap swimmer. I just recently ordered two more pair of water proof earbuds. Great products. My swimming is so much more enjoyable with my music to motivate me.

  331. Susan Clune

    Love to swim to music….makes 4000 meters fly by….love it

  332. Steve Guertin

    Great listening to music and swimming.

  333. Ian Smith

    I use this iPod while I wakeboard, even during contests, and it helps me ride so much better! I think that good music inspires you to try harder and allows you to perform at a higher level, and you can feel the difference when your out there jamming to your favorite songs! I also love the short cord on the swim buds because it doesn’t get caught on anything even when my body is flipping and spinning in all directions. And the little floaty sleeve is perfect for any sports in deep water.

  334. Cynthia

    LOVE THESE! I didn’t think this would actually work but they are awesome. Great quality

  335. Lee Encinas

    I was given a replacement set of ear buds even though I was not within the 90 day window for replacement anymore. Thank you for your consideration!
    I recommend the player and headphones whenever I can; they make lane swimming bearable.

  336. Robert

    Like the web site says, my Underwater Audio waterproof iPod with Excellent audio and superior fit of my Swimbuds headphones is the extra motivation that helps get me to the pool to do laps and keeps me there for a longer work out. Thank you Underwater Audio!

  337. John

    Outstanding service. Expedient delivery. Exactly what I was looking for.
    Thanks much.

  338. Adrian Trevelyan

    I needed the gift a very short notice for my wife’s birthday. I rang from the UK and received excellent service and a happy wife!

  339. Daniel (Dan) Shonka

    Underwater Audio is THE place for you to purchase the gear to make your swimming workout more enjoyable. As you stroke to the beat of your favorite song, you can’t help but smile. And it all starts with UA’s easy to navigate website. I like that there are even swimming workouts posted for people like me who don’t have a competitive swimming background. You can bet I pass on the good word re: Underwater Audio and their fine products.

  340. Jessica Metros

    This is an excellent product that enhanced my swim workout. Excellent customer service!

  341. Phillip Yancho

    The iPod and headphones work very well under water. Makes swimming laps much more fun. Would definitely buy again.

  342. Jack Parmer

    The earbuds and the whole system work great. I’ve had a few of the best swim workouts of my 9-year competitive swimming career since purchasing these bad boys. Thanks for the fantastic product.

  343. Kennerly Patrick

    The Underwater Audio Ipod and headphones is perfect for a solo swimmer. The products are well designed and easy to use. I was surprised how well you can hear the music underwater. Highly recommend.

  344. Thomas Venables

    Having music on while swimming has aloud me to spend a little bit more time in the pool each and every time I go. I’ve gotten stronger and I feel confident I will improve in my competitions.
    Thanks underwater audio

  345. Kathy Bronstien


  346. Jade Vega

    The website is awesome, sell awesome stuff very informative too!!

  347. Robert Saccocio

    It’s incredible how the iPod is waterproofed. There’s no visible casing – yet, it is completely waterproofed as I’ve been enjoying swimming/doing laps while listening to my iPod with no issues.

  348. Joel Gilmore

    I am not exaggerating when I say I couldn’t be happier with this product. I had been telling people that I would enjoy swimming more if I had a waterproof device to enable me to listen to music while I swam, like I had done when I was running. This product does exactly what I was wanting.

  349. McNair Evans

    This is a great little device, completely protected by the work of Underwater Audio, and totally transforming my daily pool work outs! Great job Underwater Audio.

  350. Karen Mayhorn

    This Waterproof iPod is wonderful. I am getting ready to order another one for a gift. Everyone who is a swimmer needs this!!!

  351. Mike Ewles

    Awesome product! Ordered the waterproof shuffle to be shipped to Canada and received it within 3 days. I have been using it in the pool while swimming laps and it has really improved my workouts.

  352. Ellen Newberry

    The underwater iPod makes swimming a joy! It works great, once you get used to working the simple controls without seeing them (since it is hooked on your goggle strap), and the array of ear buds is very helpful. Makes me want to keep swimming!

  353. Susan Gaudiello

    I purchased the waterproof iPod and earbuds based on a recommendation from my nephew. They work perfectly, once I got the hang of how to best fit the earbuds. It used to be hard to swim laps for longer than 30 min due to boredom; now I can easily swim 45-60 minutes or more listening to an audiobook.
    Shipping was prompt and ordering online was a breeze.

  354. Bryan Thomas

    The best part of getting into the pool to restore a semblance of fitness to my 73 year old body is “multitasking”: piling up laps while listening to audible books on the waterproof Nano. Once I got the hang of matching the right ear buds to my ear holes, the sound quality is first rate. Absence of boredom allows me to paddle a respectable time and distance.

  355. Vanessa Mazandi

    Only used it once so far but so far very very happy. Worked incredibly well during a 1 hour vigorous swim. Headphones stayed in, no crackly background noise and the iPod stayed clipped to my swimsuit submerged in the water without any issues.

  356. Theresa Midlikowski

    I have had my waterproof Ipod shuffle for 2 years and I love it!! It has worked beautifully and makes my swim workouts more fun! I recommend Underwater Audio to anyone who asks me about my Ipod!

  357. Lumira Oller


  358. Stephanie Titcomb

    I love my underwater audio. I didn’t think I would enjoy it so much. I can’t see myself swimming without it! Thanks.

  359. Donald Mayne

    Purchased an IPOD Shuffle Swimbuds bundle for Felicity (spouse for 30+ years). After the first time trying them on her lake swim, she exclaimed, “This ranks with the best present you ever bought me!” as she went to have a shower. After her shower, she then exclaimed, “Wow…Singing in the shower is a whole new experience!”

  360. Philip Patterson Jr

    So far I love this! I use it for running. I clip it on my visor and the shorter headphone cord keeps them from flipping around. Headphones stay in my ear. The shuffle deals with all of my sweat and the occasional rain. Wasted $150 on 3 previous regular shuffles when I could have just paid that for this one. Definitely recommend this to other people!

  361. Lori

    works like a charm! and keeps on working. i waited to write a review to make sure this would last.

  362. Eric Auslander

    I can not say enough as to how great this product is. I swim 4-5 days a week and and have my favorite tunes with me. Just bought one for my wife.

  363. Carlene Leier

    These products are amazing!!! Highly recommend for paddle boarding and ocean sports!!

  364. Mary Fisher

    Fast, easy and hassle free. I ordered a waterproof ipod package and had it 4 days! I have ordered replacement headphones from Underwater Audio before and the service was the same. I swim laps 3 times per week and I no longer want to swim without my ipod. I highly recommend Underwater Audio.

  365. Henry VAdie

    Great Customer Service, Great Products

  366. Kacy Adams

    I love my ipod! It has been perfect every time I have gone lap swimming. It is really cute, too. If you are on the fence trying to decide if you want to buy one, take the plunge and get yourself one! You won’t regret it!

  367. Elaine Tober

    I wear my waterproof iPod when I swim laps. I can not imagine swimming without it. The music keeps me moving and humming along, time passes so quickly! I find that I can be in a zone where it is me and the water and I am moving effortlessly.
    I would be wearing ear plugs anyway, so I can have music too!

  368. Rated 4 out of 5

    Lawrence Hasbrouck

    The product is still reliable and is performing well!

  369. Jessica McLaughlin

    I was very excited that the ipod was shipped the same day I ordered it. It was a gift for someone so I wasn’t able to try it out but will get one for myself someday soon.

  370. Valerie Thompson

    I used an H2Audio box for my previous iPod shuffle, and was happy with that, but this water proof iPod is so much easier to use. Just clip it on my goggle strap and swim! Swimming is so much more fun with music….

  371. Donald Sacco

    excellent experience, easy to order and the iPod was delivered very quickly

  372. Annelies Atchley

    Love your products, all of them. Thanks makes working out in the pool so much more fun and is very health.

  373. Barbara Mastman

    I am very pleased with the waterproof iPod and earbuds. I’ve swam twice now with it and I’m loving it! Hearing my favorite tunes while swimming is a dream come true. I think I’m swimming faster too!

  374. Gretchen Fuller

    I have been looking for something like this for a long time. It works perfectly, easy to use, great sound, and really makes people jealous that you are boogying to music while they are slogging away. I walk a mile and a half in the pool and it’s so nice to tune everyone else and go to the beat of the song. Great buy!!!


    This has worked perfectly as I swim and do water aerobics. I no longer have to listen to the music in the swimming area, but can work out to the music that I love to hear. It has been so easy to use and to upload both music and podcasts. I would definitely buy this for people who are exercising. It is small and attaches to your swimsuit.

  376. Kathleen Ruge

    Very quick response. Very easy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

  377. Jason McLeod

    Excellent product and super service.
    I am VERY happy with underwater audio. Highly recommend them

  378. Elizabeth De Herder


  379. Matthew Underwood

    The waterproof Ipod has made swimming so much more enjoyable.

  380. Douglas Roll

    My wife purchased this for me 2.5 years ago following hip replacement due to running. Told her thanks but I, most likely, will not use it. Now, can’t swim without it. Love it for 10,000 yards a week. Just purchased a new one as I overcharged the old one and it died. Wish I had this when I swam in college. Great product, Thanks

  381. Stacey Miranda

    Very satisfied with the service, shipping and the product is AWESOME

  382. Sandra Korba

    This was a gift for my daughter

  383. Christi Iwasaki

    Been looking for a water proof system for swimming since my last one ‘leaked’.
    Thank you!

  384. Dawn Blom

    Love my waterproof iPod. Can’t swim without it. It’s small enough to tuck inside my cap along with the extra wire from the earbuds, and if placed properly I can still pause/play through the cap.

  385. Lynette Wendel

    This is my second order with Underwater Audio in 3 years and as I was the last time, I am very pleased with the product and customer service. I have referred many swimmers and other athletes to Underwater Audio.

  386. Scotty Stiles

    I absolutely adore UnderwaterAudio’s iPod shuffle for swimming! I have one for myself and got one for my brother as well. I use it almost every day. It makes swimming at the pool a easy way to stay motivated while doing laps. Everyone is always shocked to see how I’m swimming with music and then I refer them to your website! I have also enjoyed listening to music while swimming in the ocean and exploring rock formations on the east coast. So many memories have been made while using the underwater iPod!My life has completely changed because of this product. Thanks so much!

  387. Sonja Fussell

    Excellent customer service

  388. David Banks

    Amazing swimming experience. Wish I knew about it sooner.

  389. Lori Holdredge

    I love my under water iPod!! As much as I love my iPod, I love this company! Their customer service is amazing! Anyone who swims should have this phenomenal product from this company!!!

  390. Joe Kelzer

    A bit skeptical as I have tried every underwater audio on the market but this one works great. No different than the Ipod shuffle I use while running. The ipod is working great tucked under my swim cap and I can change songs and volume easily by feel because I have used the shuffle for years. the ear plugs had me a little worried because I get swimmers ear very easily. With the tip of using the Vaseline on the ends and the specially designed ear plugs, I didn’t have any problems after 60 laps. I noticed that the sound quality was starting to diminish only on the later laps because I didn’t use enough Vaseline. Other than that the quality and ease of use is the best I have found on the market and way better than bone conduction. Also love the short wires to connect with optional waterproof extension.
    Very Happy, I swim faster now and farther and the clarity is the best.

  391. Carlos Tonda

    The service department did an out standing job I had I had a problem with my headset and they took care of the problem immediately couple of days later I have a new headset and was back swimming outstanding job Thanks Carlos

  392. Patricia S Ryan

    Love my waterproof iPod! I swim often and was looking for something waterproof and came across your website. I was skeptical at first but it’s amazing!

  393. Wanda Ohland

    I purchased a waterproof iPod shuffle for my granddaughter for Christmas. She loves it! It works perfectly and she doesn’t know how she ever swam without it!

  394. Shelby Yastrow

    Not only is the product wonderful, the service provided has been excellent . New orders and all questions Are respond to quickly and efficiently.

  395. Anne Schwartz

    Finally had a chance to try out my new waterproof iPod Shuffle. It is fantastic. Works great. No problems. I do pool aerobics and this was the best experience. Ear phones are the regular ones from Apple. Used the controller on the wire. Works perfectly. Thank you for this great product.

  396. Laura Walsh

    My Shuffle is the envy of the pool. Today I had 3 people ask me where I got it. I was excited to tell them from Underwater Audio.

  397. Jack Brooks

    Awsome product bought it for my wife loves it. Sound is great makes her workout amazing earbuds great

  398. Kim Rogers

    The waterproof ipod arrived quickly and “as ordered”. It works very well while swimming laps. I also ordered the special earphones that are designed to stay in your ears when you do flip turns. The information provided advised to use petrolium jelly to help them seal better. It worked great!

  399. Roger Oldridge

    i have been using an underwater ipod for over three years now and it has completely changed my training habits. So often people will talk about how boring swimming is given you are staring at a black line for such a long period of time. With the underwater ipod, time goes quickly listening to your favourite tunes. 1500m to 2k used to be my standard swim, now it is 4k plus deep water running. The audio is crystal clear and while the headphones aren’t as heavy duty as the ipod, they do tend to last over around 8 months before the wiring becomes an issue. I have gone through around 4 or 5 pairs in 3 and bit years but given i swim every day, i look at it like paying to service the car you drive all the time. A top notch product i recommend to anyone. And have. Many friends and random people i have met at the pool have invested it one too and like me, absolutely love it.

  400. Joan Kelley

    my daughter bought one last summer and loved it, so I bought one for another daughter and haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet

  401. Joe Ordonez

    My workouts just got that much better
    Me,thepool and my music youliterally have to drag me out of the pool now

  402. Gail Robert

    This is the second Underwater audio set I have gotten …first one was stolen(sigh). I LOVE it!!! I swim some decent mileage in a pool right now and though one could go longer, without my iPod…boredom strikes me after 50 lengths and I start devising excuses to stop…lol My music is loud and clear, the earbuds are comfy and I never have to “fiddle” with it during the entire workout:))) I tell all my swimmer buddies about this! If this one goes “walkies”…I dont hesitate to get yet another.

  403. Matthew Stankus

    I am very happy with the quality and I have already recommend it to a friend.

  404. Priscilla Berry

    Great product, smooth transaction, thank you!

  405. James Baudreau

    Actually bought this as a gift for my daughter. First time she tried it in the pool she LOVED it! Earbuds worked fine, and having some music to listen to while doing any long distance workout always helps. Now she has that while swimming! Really like the short cord on the earbuds as she clips it to the back of her goggles. Great job!

  406. Michelle Kleindienst

    So pleased to be able to kill the monotony of swimming laps with my new Ipod/ear buds bundle. thank you!!!

  407. Gavin Harrison

    Bought this iPod and my swim training has become a fun and easy event. The seemingly unending back and forth was soooo boring but now I listen to music, podcasts and books. This is really a great product and I have already recommended it to a number if friends and family.

  408. Jaclyn Harder

    Just got my iPod and headphones. I can’t explain how excited I am! Tried them out yesterday. The sound is awesome. So far, very satisfied.

  409. Mary Wiehardt

    I swim 5 days a week and I wouldn’t be without my iPod, reliability plus sound great and comfortable

  410. Diane Cabrera

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy my new waterproof iPod. I swim a mile everyday and it used to be incredibly tedious. Now with the addition of my own playlist the time seems to fly by. I would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys water sports as much as I do. It’s great! Easy to use, reliable and I can synchronize it up to my laptop.

  411. Anita Smith

    I’ve been using my underwater audio 2-3 X a week for two years. Love gliding through my laps with Phineas Newborn, Keb Mo’, and Jake Shimabukuro. It makes the time goes twice as fast and the sound quality is excellent- which is important to me as a musician. I also use the iPod with my Bose noise-cancelling headphones at the gym.
    And thank you guys for replacing my iPod totally for free when it finally coughed and expired within the 2-yr. warranty period. I’m a fan.

  412. Stephen O’Callaghan

    What a difference you guys have made my swim workout!! No more abyss, just powerful songs that drive me threw my workout!! Thanks so much!!

  413. Peter Taylor

    Excellent service, fast delivery, easy to deal with. Thanks!Great product

  414. Lynnette Hazard

    Very user friendly website and products are of good quality. I use my waterproof iPod and headphones in the ocean in windy conditions and it works perfectly.

  415. Samuel Cemaj

    Like your products

  416. Howard Thorkilson

    Purchased this for my wife as a Christmas gift. She has used it twice no while water jogging and loves it. She is the envy of her fellow water joggerss.

  417. Allie Seaman

    Very satisfied with my product !!! Got to me fast and customer service was excellent when I wanted to change the color of my shuffle ! Have recommended you guys to many people at my gym asking were I got my iPod from

  418. Patrick Canion

    The waterproof iPod Shuffle works perfectly – the sound through the earphones is loud and clear. Couldn’t be more pleased with the performance!
    Recommend to swimmers.

  419. James Dawkins

    I have only had the iPod for about a month and have probably only swam 15-20k meters with it, but am really happy with it so far. The sound took a little while to get used to, because you can hear yourself exhaling quite loudly, but that is only because your ears are plugged. The sound quality on the ear buds are not quite as good as I expected, but I would recommend the unit for anyone that trains alone. Very Pleased!

  420. Nancy Torres

    Underwater Audio is the best training friend you could have in the water. When you submerge yourself in the water and listen to your favorite tunes, it feels like you’re in your own little bubble. Makes me want to stay longer and train harder.

  421. Steven Waldman

    Wonderful product with a nice little guide. I swim 4 times a week and enjoy everything about my iPod shuffle, including the music provided. I highly recommend this product.

  422. Joseph Greenberg

    I love it & recommended it to my sister

  423. Michelle Cline

    I think I have told every single person I’ve come in contact with how much I love my UA iPod shuffle! I just started swimming in October, and I felt like I was treading water (pun intended) until I got my shuffle. I love music and swimming so now I can do both and I am happy as a clam who can swim for a long, long time. 🙂

  424. Jacqueline Bloom

    My new best friend!! I just LOVE my waterproof Ipod and aside from enjoying the great music, it keeps me swimming for three times as long without any extra effort. Once everything is uploaded it is easy to use on my sunglasses. It is GREAT!!

  425. David Horne

    Great product.

  426. Peter Santulli

    Easy transaction, great product

  427. Henry Tran

    Wonderful tiny ipod by underwateraudio.com
    Excellent services.
    Thank you.

  428. Linda Gallipeau

    Thoroughly enjoying my waterproof iPod. Makes being in the water so much better.

  429. Lawrence Fuldauer

    Great customer service. Waterproof iPod and earphones work flawlessly. I highly recommend them!

  430. Gary Koch

    The under water ipod Shuffle is Great! The sound under water is so good and it makes swimming so much fun.

  431. Madeline Elliott

    I love my new Ipod! Takes the boredom out of swimming laps…also love the workout downloads included with the purchase….quick shipping also!

  432. Lucille Cicero

    I love this product! The clarity of the sound under the water is amazing! Revolutionary!

  433. Olene Mccoy

    I used it first time today, 02-27-2017, i love it, swimming for exercise, and it works great, ty ty ty olene

  434. Suzanne Thgman

    I had an underwater ipod a few years ago and absolutely loved it until someone walked away with it. I am returning to swimming and decided to purchase another ipod and wow…there is just no other way for me to train. I love the ease of the process…from getting it in the mail to downloading the songs to wearing it for my first swim…smooth easy steps. Needless to say, I will be back in the pool more often now with the help of my new ipod

  435. Virginia Hudock

    I am very happy with the new Underwater Audio ear pieces and Underwater IPod shuffle. I love swimming and listening to music – it’s relaxing and enjoyable. I would highly recommend these products if you want to listen to music while you swim laps! The sound is clear and easily attaches to swim goggles.

  436. Michael Talley

    It was a great buy. It takes time to get used to in the water. I would buy it again.

  437. Christin Ballard


  438. Byron Bourg

    great site

  439. Helen Bauer

    Having Underwater Audio has given me a new incentive for my swimming journey. I am 68, starting swimming 5 years ago and could not do two lengths of a pool back to back. I now do one mile, albeit in 50 minutes, but with no fins. My waterproof Shuffle has made ALL the difference in my healthy endeavors!

  440. Belinda McKenzie

    I bought this product after reading some online reviews and I am thrilled to say it doesn’t disappoint. The sound quality is AWESOME!!! I swim laps every night after work to chill out and the waterproof iPod shuffle & swimbuds block out all the splashing and screaming of children and leave me in a tranquil water world to chill out. People at the pool have even asked about where to get one as they are surprised to see it is a real iPod shuffle. Thanks Underwater Audio 🙂

  441. Wes Paisley

    I’m a Triathlete and swimming was always the hardest, I should say boring Leg to train for. With your waterproof shuffle, that has ended and my time in the water has doubled.
    I have been embedded in the Apple ecosystem for some time and my choice for music is the shuffle. Whithin an hour of your unit arriveing I had my music downloaded and was swimming in the pool. It’s great! Thanks, Wes.


    My Swimming exercise changed by Underwater Audio. It’s so much fun w Music. I can’t swim without this anymore.

  443. William Scoville

    i just got my 2nd waterproof ipod because my old one finally wore out after more than 5 years. can’t swim without it!

  444. Roman Kosmos

    I am wery satisfied with buying from underwater Audio! Thx for fast delivery.

  445. Paul Fedock

    My new underwater iPod has made my workouts much more enjoyable. In the past when I was getting tired I might of called it a day. Now if I hear a tune that gets my energy level going I might swim an extra 15 minutes. Great purchase.

  446. Durree Kassamali

    I recently purchased the underwater iPod shuffle and water proof headphones. It makes my trip to the gym 100 times better since I love listening to EDM music and swimming. When you combine the two together (EDM and swimming) it just makes my exercise experience a lot more pleasurable. The I pod fits perfectly on my goggles and 2 GB of storage is perfect for me. I am able to listen to the music I love and it keeps me persistent at the gym and helps motivate me get my butt up and go to the gym.

  447. Jenna Aspeling

    I love my underwater audio! A friend that loves his suggested I buy one as I am taking part in a MS 24 hour Mega Swim through my company Lendlease and listening to music while doing my laps definitely make it more enjoyable! Thank you 🙂

  448. Eric Hoaglund

    The water proof Ipod and headphones are my favorite work out tools!

  449. Keith Rutman

    a whole new swimming experience. makes the time fly by!

  450. Ann Claydon

    Bought underwater audio iPod and swim buds . Excellent sound and swimming lengths is the pool flies by . A very good product .

  451. Nick Lammers

    My wife loves your product. Swims with it daily. And is more healthy because of it

  452. Michelle Guadarrama

    Very happy…takes the boredom out of swimming

  453. Rebecca McRae

    Love this product! Has changed my enjoyment of swimming laps also great for running and not worrying about sweat damaging your iPod. The iPod has survived chlorine, salt water and sweat without any problems. I have had to buy a new set of headphones after about 2 years but I have tested them pretty hard so have no concerns that they needed replacing.

  454. Lynne Pestow

    Love this. Makes swimming so much more fun.

  455. Angela Bradd

    I love my underwater iPod. use it when I swim and mow my yard. It is worth every penny I paid for it.
    I recommend it to everyone.

  456. Mark Waters

    Great product!! I was able to do longer swim workouts with the waterproof iPod Shiffle!!

  457. Patrick Kendall

    Underwater Audio products are fantastic. Makes a world of difference swimming! Just adds to the experience. Products are matched by outstanding customer service.

  458. Robert Booth

    Awesome product, I use for running, and swimming:
    Lightweight, easy to wear.
    Holds hours of music.
    Terrific Service.

  459. Collette Holland

    great product

  460. Carol Guardiano

    My waterproof iPod is the best thing i could buy to keep me swimming and Underwater Audio stands by its product.

  461. Lisa Byrnes

    Fantastic sound in the water. Little fiddly to initially work out correct earphone size but overall good: like the different sizes to suit different ears. Excellent product that allows me to listen to my Moana soundtrack and Under the Sea whilst swimming.

  462. Stephanie Delgesso

    Years ago, when I was going to college in Alaska, I would swim in the pool at the college. The first time I was in the pool, I noticed music. It was not the music that was playing in the facility. I asked someone working there what it was; she told me they had underwater speakers. I don’t know how they did it, but it was great. The music was nice, and kept me from thinking that each lap would be my last. When my husband found Underwater Audio, and saw the Ipod that I could use underwater, I was ecstatic. Now I can listen to my music, it will take my mind off how tired or bored I might be, and I’ll get healthy and shape that much faster. Thank you,Thank you, Thank you, for this super exciting invention.

  463. Grace M Beam

    This is my second iPod shuffle from Underwater Audio. (I lost my last one) I use mine for relaxing at the pool & doing laps. I am in no way a professional swimmer but I came back because my first one held up so well! I used it around 100+ hot, sweltering summer days for 4 years. I already LOVE Apple products and with Underwater Audio’s help making it waterproof, before loosing my first one, it had held up to some pretty awesome tests & came up on top. So when I decided to buy a new one, I had no doubts on where to buy. This time I wanted engraving so I went directly to the source. Even ordered over the phone. Overall experience 5 HUGE STARS! I recommend this to everyone I possibly can. Also, if your child can handle & take care of a normal phone or listening device & would like one, yes, it’ll hold up. Regarding the earbuds, because I don’t swim professionally or a lot, just a few laps a day, the earbuds that come with the product work fabulous! Lastly, the product com es with all the normal Apple stuff, like the box & original earbuds in case you want to switch, just remember those are NOT waterproof. The swimbuds DO take out quite a bit of ambient noise even if you’re just listening in the pool floating about. Obviously, I can’t say enough about this product, the company UA & my experience. -Would I recommend: YES! – Would I purchase again: In a heartbeat!
    Thanks Underwater Audio!

  464. Malene Ingram

    The website is easy to use. I swim regularly and being able to listen to music while I swim helps to reduce the monotony. Though I do have to resist the urge to sing along every once in awhile.

  465. Irwin Mortman

    I was excited last year when you had the “kick starter” program foe an advance waterproof reader.

    BTW, I use the underwater audio three times a week for one hour each time.

  466. Jody Payne

    Thank you! Buying was easy, loads of information, postage was super quick and I love it! Good job underwater audio!

  467. Kathleen Proscia

    I purchased a iPod shuffle and just love being able to swim to my own selection of music. The sound quality is excellent and makes the workouts so much more enjoyable. The staff at Underwater Audio are very helpful and kind.

  468. Ryan Davis

    Where can I buy one?

    • Customer Service

      Right here on our website, or you can find them a few other places online such as Amazon. If you’d prefer, you can also call our customer service team at 1-877-849-0750 and they should be able to help you.

  469. Michael Lindsey

    I swim for an hour every day, and Underwater Audio makes it so much more pleasurable with it’s iPod Shuffle and headphones. I can listen to any music in my iTunes library, and change my song lineup anytime I want. The products are reliable, durable, and just plain fun!

  470. John Carlisle

    I’m a fan of the iPod Shuffle with its clicky buttons, and if you ask me, there’s nothing better than a finely tuned, 88-bpm playlist clipped to your collar when spinning up Emigration. Music improves the running or cycling experience, but I’ve drowned a Shuffle or two in the rain during my bike commute. So when it comes to swimming, no music always meant an hour of gurgling monotony … until today. Underwater Audio’s Swimbuds iPod Shuffle kit ($165) makes me want to swim. It sings a siren song that lures me along for another lap, and it tricks me into kicking on the beat for faster splits. Since I swim with goggles, it’s easy to clip the Shuffle to the rubber strap and wrap its short wires to take up slack. The in-ear speaker plugs keep water from flooding my ears and killing the sound, and a little Vaseline on the earbuds improves their seals (the plugs must seal to work well). The stiff buttons don’t clicky click like an unmodified Shuffle, but that’s a small price to pay for aquatic bliss. UA claims that the buttons will break in with use. Don’t expect crisp, bell-tone highs and thumping bass underwater —you will also hear plenty of sloshing and straining as you swim, so expect ambient noise to seep into your audio bubble. Buy this kit if you swim once a month—you’ll likely swim more often.

  471. Barbara Judelson

    Product works great and the people are super nice and helpfu;

  472. Claudia Christopher

    I love my waterproof iPod. Now I look forward to swimming laps because I can listen to all my favorite music. It makes the workout go so quickly Many people often ask about my waterproof iPod. I always give them the online information so they can purchase one too

  473. Jerry Lynk

    Love my new waterproof iPod. The laps go faster and the sound underwater is great. So far I’ve only used it in the pool but am looking forward to taking it out on my paddle board soon. Thanks!

  474. Kathleen O’Connell

    I am very pleased with my waterproof IPOD. The sound quality with the waterproof earphones is excellent.
    I swim longer now that I have good tunes to listen to!

  475. Janet Blanco

    I love that I can have my music with my water workout. What a great motivation!

  476. Lorraine Barrie

    The waterproof iPod shuffle that Underwater Audio has created has given me back my ability to listen to music while swimming. The system is perfect — easy to use, totally waterproof, great sound. Years ago I had waterproof headphones that broke, the company went out of business, and I have missed my music!. So glad to find this little miracle!

  477. Kirk Demars

    Hi I recently purchased the IPod shuffle and ear bud package and it love them. It was delivered in 3 days or so and i couldn’t be more satisfied with the quality and the great staff at underwater audio Ty ***** 5 Stars for sure

  478. Raffy Mccowell

    I was very satisfied with my purchase. I am a returning customer due to an excellent first experience. Wonderful customer service as well. Thank you for the speedy delivery.

  479. Raffy Mccowell

    I was very satisfied with my purchase. I am a returning customer due to an excellent first experience. Wonderful customer service as well. Thank you for the speedy delivery.

  480. Marie Mickey

    My waterproof iPod changed my swimming routine from something I have to do to stay in shape to an experience I anticipate with pleasure! I’m 74 years old and swim 3 miles a week while listening to my favorite rock-roll oldies from the 60’s and 70’s. I know other swimmers wonder why I’m smiling!

  481. Steve Penny

    Waited nearly 12 months to write this review in case it packed up. I have unreserved praise for underwateraudio & my waterproofed iPod. I swim 3 or 4 times a week listening to music & it is a wonderful system. Thank you to everyone at unerwateraudio for immeasurably improving my swimming experience with such a quality product. Brilliant.

  482. Tim Overmyer

    I have used this product for 2-3 years. One side of my earphone gave out so I ordered a new one and I am back in business. Delivered in 2 days. This is a great product. I am a runner who runs without music but must have it for pool swimming…

  483. Charles Caplan

    Delighted not only with the product, but with the support. I was having trouble getting the earphone to have a waterproof seal in one ear, and the support tech patiently walked me through which tip to try and the right technique for doing so. Much appreciated!

  484. David Priest

    Extremely satisfied with the underwater audio iPod and it is a pure joy to break the monotony of lap swimming with music. Used the product approximately 5 days per week for 5 mos. Disappointed that one channel of audio was lost due to what was probably stiff wiring which developed a short in headset. Seems like short life.. but overall the product is superb. It is now approx 2 years later and swam my first iPod to death… not really. Used much and the spring broke… substituted with rubber bands and that got me a fed more months. Tired of replacing rubber bands… bought a new iPod from Underwater Audio…. I am a happy camper… err swimmer.

  485. Stephanie Mizzi


  486. Karen Roberts

    This is my 2nd underwater ipod, my first one finally died after 4+ years in the water 🙂 They are the best ! It was so hard to swim with no music while waiting for the new one to get here. I swim 5 + times a week and my music goes with me everyday. It is fabulous for those distance swims. If you like your music and you swim – you need one of these 🙂

  487. Matthew Miller

    I’m loving my Underwater Audio iPod Shuffle! It makes swimming much more enjoyable when I get to listen to my favorite tunes. Very inspirational and soothing as I grind out the laps. Service and warranty help have been amazing. Thanks Guys!

  488. Charles Allen

    I am very happy with my purchase from Underwater Audio. I even recommended you to a friend who I swim with and they too got an IShuffle and waterproof head set. Great Service and very little waiting for it in the mail!!

  489. Rated 5 out of 5


    the best fast

  490. Rated 5 out of 5

    Karen Ben-Moshe

    I love my iPod/headphones! I’m new to swimming and the headphones make it so much more fun. Easy to use and the sound is great. Highly recommend.

  491. Rated 5 out of 5

    Vickie Atanas

    After dealing with other companies that offer the same products I have to say Underwater Audio has the BEST customer service! Always quick to help get this made right if you are having any problems or questions. Highly recommend and will do business with them exclusively.

  492. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kate Campbell


  493. Rated 5 out of 5

    Melanie Magaziner

    Easy to navigate and fast shipping!

  494. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kandee Allen

    My daughter loves her iPod and people are constantly asking her where she got it, her sister was sad that i didn’t get her one, but i promised once she got to high school swim team i would get her one, underwater audio is an amazing company thank you so much!

  495. Rated 5 out of 5


    Got the iPod for swimming laps. Have had other devices but nothing compares to the sound of the iPod with he earbuds. Purchased a 2nd unit for a friend I was so impressed!!

  496. Rated 5 out of 5

    Thomas Spires

    5star all the way

  497. Rated 5 out of 5

    Renee D’Avirro

    easy to order and very satisfied with my purchase thank you!

  498. Rated 5 out of 5

    Maya Hahn

    I have been an enthusiastic Underwater Audio supporter for the past several years. I swim all year, at the YMCA in the Winter, Emory university in the Spring and Fall and at a private swim club in the Summer, and I don’t believe I’m able to swim without music anymore. Underwater Audio has been the number 1 choice for the swimmers at my club as well and more and more lap swimmers are plugging in with I Pods. Additionally, the times I’ve needed Customer Service, I’ve been completely satisfied by the prompt and helpful attitude of the Underwater Audio representatives. I wouldn’t dream of recommending any other such company.

  499. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dan Flynn

    The product and the company are great. I’ve had mine for about four years. The first one stopped working, but customer service was excellent and replaced it. If you like to swim and like music, get one. I love it.

  500. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christine Davis

    My workouts in the pool have increased by 50% since I can now listen to music on my awesome waterproof ipod!!! Thank you so much!

  501. Rated 5 out of 5

    Holly Kemp

    Love my underwater iPod! Ordered online which was easy and go them in two days which was awesome!! Thanks!

  502. Rated 5 out of 5

    Courtland French

    If you’ve been looking for an underwater iPod, you’re at the real thing. I bought two other brand of waterproofed iPod Shuffle’s on the internet and they lasted for less than a week. Underwater Audio is absolutely awesome! Super good sound, especially in the water and they are very durable. I look forward to my swims now.

  503. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jennifer Doll

    I am very excited to say how much I appreciate this product. I love swimming laps with my personal music choices. Swimming is now more enjoyable! The ear buds, short cord and small iPod shuffle discretely attach to my goggles and position neatly into my ears.